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Corey Feldman -- One Helluva Mourning

3/22/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A week and a half after the death of his best friend Corey Haim, Corey Feldman found the comfort he needs at an L.A. nightclub this weekend ... in the arms of 2 platinum blonds.

Corey Feldman: Click to watch
Feldman hit Voyeur nightclub Saturday night ... where he mustered up the energy to leave with two very supportive women.

At least they were wearing black.


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1647 days ago


Do you really think Haim would want Feldman's life to stop. They were friends for a long time. I'm sure it it was Feldmen that died Haim would be the one leaving the night club with to blonds.

1647 days ago


So he couldn't make the funeral but finds time for a club. Those girls are idiots to be seen with him. Embarrassing.

1647 days ago


these leeches look old enough to be his older sisters or something. They're so old this is the best celeb they could claw onto.

They seem more embarassed and annoyed that they're going to be talked about today. And they're right!

What some women will do to get a free drink or line of coke in this town. tsk tsk tsk

1647 days ago


For Feldman to have been Haim's 'best friend,' I think I am more upset over his death than Feldman ever was. I think that if Feldman had died first, Haim would have been at his funeral no matter what and grieving for a while - at least more than 2 weeks. I think Haim wanted to be best friends with Feldman for real reasons and Feldman just wanted the illusion of best friends for what it brought to them. Wonder what Haim would think of his best friend not even giving a flip about his death, except to gain some attention to himself. I can't stand Feldman at all.

1647 days ago


Just another hollywood douch bag.....

1647 days ago


Nothing wrong with that IMO.

Hot blonds are always a good way to get over some bad times.

1647 days ago


Woo Wait.. Isn't he in the middle of planning his best friends memorial? When is that again? He didn't even go to CH funeral! I am so disappointed in him, a*shole.

1647 days ago


You guys sound like a bunch of bitter nellies who's gf's dumped you to go see Dream a little dream. Jealous much? SOrry all the girls loved him more than you. Get over it.

Fame whore? Hardly. He's not jewish and only jewish people were allowed at the funeral. His wife is an attention whore and dumb as a brick.. glad she's gone but she's waiting for money so hasn't officially divorced him yet. She's already SOLD her story to radar online a few times this week!!! Corey did ONE interview.. maybe a bad decision but he was trying to defend his friend.

Corey is still hot and always will be. I'd like to see what YOU 40 year old jealous nobody's look like..

1647 days ago


This schmuck doesn't give a frogs fat ass about anyone but himself!

1647 days ago

nelly forbush    

I love how Corey Feldman has been using the death of his "best friend" Corey Haim as publicity campaign for himself. The truth is, I could give a rats ass about either of them, but I can still smell a ruthless opportunist a mile away. Saw him being interviewed on Larry King and it immediately turned into a; Lets promote me, Corey Feldman, interview. It was amazing, every question Larry asked about Haim, Feldman turned it into a long rambling diatribe about himself. He did everything but pull out a top hat and cane and start dancing on Kings desk.

1647 days ago


I've been waiting impatiently for info on this Memorial he is supposedly planning for Haim so I can book my plane ticket, etc., and he is out partying instead of working on this Memorial??? Grrrrrr - at least confirm a damned date its happening!!!

1647 days ago


He's not trying to hide his face. He's leaning his head forward and giving a thumbs up.
And, not necessarily sticking up for CF, two people react the same way with grief, stress, etc.
And I agree with what someone else posted. Corey Haim wouldn't have wanted CF's life to come to a screeching halt because of his death. As a recovery addicct himself, CF has to deal with things differently than most people do. He has to deal with things in a way that helps him remain clean and sober.
That being sad, we could possibly be seeing CF beginning a spiral down of his own. I would hate for all of his yrs of sobriety to be thrown out the window because of this. But, it does happen. He may not be the perfect person, but he doesn't deserve that either...and I'm sure SOMEONE will say they hope he does. But, I have a little more compassion for humans than that.

1647 days ago


TACKY! Corey has NO Shame NO Brains and NO TALENT!

1647 days ago


Corey if you're reading this, and I know you are, do all these comments not open your eyes? I don't get it. You are embarrassing yourself to no end, and you don't even see it? Just like your 'best friend',I guess you'll also never change!

1647 days ago
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