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The Object of My Affection

4/8/2010 6:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's sexy 41-year-old former TV actress turned movie star Jennifer Aniston.

Jen Aniston

It's amazing what breaking up with Tate Donovan, Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn and John Mayer will do to a gal.


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firstly it's a pretty dumb statement to say "if she's hot how come all the men dump her"? firstly how do you know it's the men that dump her? do you know her personally? secondly being hot isn't a guarantee of not being dumped by someone, have all you people married the first person you met or something and lived happily ever after? geez you must be Soo Hot then going by that statement, people don't just stay together because the person they are with is hot. Prime example, did you know it was Billy Bob Thorton that dumped Angelina Jolie?, yest folks, she's hot too but not all her relationships worked out and he even alluded she was not hot in bed despite the fact that she is hot looking, he was the one that cheated on her too. Don't forget that Angelina was married once too and had other relationships that never worked out either. I bet you could think of a lot of hot people that have been dumped or cheated on etc.

1662 days ago



1662 days ago


Didn't like the suckling comment huh TMZ? Hehehehehe

Still makes me quiver all over...

1662 days ago


Posted at 11:13AM on Apr 8th 2010 by annebont

I knew as soon as I started to read your comments you'd have to bring Angelina into it. You are one of these Loons that really should pray to AJ over on Just Jared with all the other Brangeloonies! If you think JA is unattractive you must be sniffing glue. Speaking of drugs, AJ is drugged out on heroin half the time and looks like a scrawny shooter. Not only that she's a psychotic rabbit boiler. We know JA can’t act or pick a good movie to save her life but as far as looks go she’s a stone cold FOX!

1662 days ago

Kenny Huston    

Brad Pitt is sucha lucky M*****F****R! Well, I guess Jen doesn't have any kids - but, anyways. Mostly curious @ #16/Confidant's assertation . . . . . please give us a small hint on who your sources might be? Also, it seems like a logial explaination to me!

1662 days ago

C Dillon    

Why does everyone think she has been dumped by these guys? She showed Mayer the door, and he has proven himself to be a douchbag... quit saying such mean things about her.... LEAVE JEN ALONE!!!! WHAAAA! Sriously, I suspect that she hasn't found a guy who can satisfy HER. When given a shot with a woman so awesome, these guys are probably all reduced to two pump chumps.

1662 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Will Chinnifer ever get that nasty rat's nest out of her face? She has been wearing the same stringy hairstyle for years and always has it hanging in her face! I have a hard time watching Friends, because she is constantly fiddling with her hair and always pushing it behind her dumbo ears and it just HANGS in her face! Ugghh... with all that money you would think she could afford a hair clip!

1662 days ago

Thunder Thighs    


1662 days ago

399 Hollywood Teamsters    

Too bad no man wants to get between those legs more than once. She must be a totally frigid pillow queen in the sack, terrified to muss her hair or pancake makeup.
She will die alone with her cats.

1662 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

god damn id love 4 her to sit on my face

1662 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Too bad she can't hold down a relationship, must be something mental wrong with her.

1662 days ago


What I want to know is who makes those shoes and where can I get me a pair?? Love them!

1661 days ago


Those are great legs but there has to be a problem between them or guys wouldn't run like their privates were on fire to get away from her. Maybe she has an ice cube dispenser in there.

1661 days ago


She clearly takes very, very good care of herself.

As far as numerous guys "dumping" her, how many men has Jolie been involved with now?

1661 days ago


I'm going to work my legs out more, she's in inspiration to work out more.

1661 days ago
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