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Jaycee Lee Dugard Grabs Lunch

4/30/2010 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time since surfacing last August after being kidnapped for 18 years, Jaycee Lee Dugard was spotted in public outside a Subway sandwich shop recently.


The mother of two turns 30 on Monday.


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I agree... please leave this alone. The celebs chose to put themselves out there... she DIDN'T!

1602 days ago


Leave her alone!!!She has been through enough!!

1602 days ago


The photogs that took these pictures are bottomfeeders and whoever made the decision to post this, you ain't ****. No, I take that back. That's exactly what you are. I ginormous piece of ****. I hope the extra hits you get help you sleep at night. Exploiting a rape victim? Hope you make peace with your higher power, since you're going straight down when you die (hopefully soon).

1602 days ago


LEAVE HER ALONE!! She is not a CELEB she did not ask to be in the spotlight!

1602 days ago


Harvey you wont let your staff take pictures of you but you allow this. Shame on you. This is soooo wrong!

1602 days ago


She's not a celebrity, take the picture down and leave her alone!!!

1602 days ago


i don't read your website for info on her..leave her alone..she doesn't need to be hounded!!!

1602 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

I'll ask all who read this blog to NOT watch TMZ or do anything that helps TMZ as a form of protest against this unspeakable act from TMZ.

1602 days ago


TMZ, you have gone too far this time. Hasn’t this poor young woman been victimized enough? She’s asked to be left alone, deliberately flown below the radar, and she can’t even venture out to buy a freakin’ sandwich without the bottom-feeding paparazzi snapping her picture? It’s no secret that the perverted pedophile rapist bastard that robbed her of her innocence, her childhood, and her family has been trying to use his lawyers and public outlets of every kind to get to her. You know this, and yet, you still post her picture? Her location has been kept secret for a reason, you flaming idiots!

Harvey Levin, I hope you and your staff catch hell and go down in flames for this one. I hope you’re boycotted and driven out of business. I hope every victim advocacy group in this country comes gunning for you and hounds you to no end. Your actions are sickening, vile, intrusive, and downright despicable. I hope Ms. Dugard sues you and the vulture paparazzi that took her picture for every stinkin’ dollar that you have. You have crossed the line and I hope you pay dearly for it. I hope her legal team tears you and what's left of your so-called reputation to shreds.


1602 days ago


I have never posted a comment on here before, but I am now.
PLEASE TAKE THIS PHOTO DOWN! She is not a celebrity but a victim and was kidnapped. The LAST THING SHE NEEDS IS TO BE FOLLOWED AND PHOTOGRAGHED.
It's just gross you posted this, really gross.

1602 days ago


HARVEY! How could you do this to this woman. She did nothing to deserve being on this site. This is not a hack website, this is TMZ and supposed to be about celebrities. She is not one. She is a VICTIM and a SURVIVOR and the last thing she wants or needs, I'm sure, is a picture so everyone knows what she looks like now and she and her kids will have to go back into hiding to avoid being accosted by photographers. I'm truly sad this pic is on here...this may be my last visit to the site if it isn't taken down...and I LOVE this site for all the true celebrity scoop...Very disappointed in Harvey and whomever else at TMZ thinks this is OK. why not put a picture of EVERY rape victim up a victim/survivor myself, i couldn't imagine the thought of my face plastered for the world to see....

1602 days ago


She's asked to be left alone. As interesting as her story is, does she deserve some privacy? Please remove her photo!

1602 days ago

Jeff Portlance    


1602 days ago


TMZ I will join in that boycott unless you take this picture down and stop paying people to revictimize this poor woman-HOW DARE YOU~

1602 days ago


They allowed her out and about and she still didn't say anything and lied to cops when they came to help her. Something is off with her. Very wierd.
Posted at 1:00 PM on Apr 30, 2010 by Michelle

The poor girl suffered from Stockholm syndrome.She was kidnapped at a young age so she came to identify with her captor who was also the father of her children.But now she is doing well and she does not want to reunite with pedophile Phillip Garrido ever again.

1602 days ago
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