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Barack Obama

The President of Comedy

5/2/2010 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama isn't worried about his approval rating here in the United States, because he's still well-loved in the country he was born in. *RIM SHOT!!!

Barack killed at last night's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner -- even lobbing a few grenades Jay Leno's way.

Afterward, we got Scarlett Johansson as she made her way through fans and autograph seekers -- where our camera guy threw out a pretty interesting wager ...


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Bobo Frog    

Wow....did you see how badly Jay Leno's first few jokes bombed at 17:00. I didn't watch the rest of him because Leno is comedic cancer.

1602 days ago

Mickeylou has an interesting tidbit about our prez & an alleged affair. Interesting that the so called elites & tmz are so quiet about this little tidbit!

1602 days ago

Bobo Frog    

MickeyLou...the national enquirer? LOL, I bet that's where you get all your news. I hear Bat Boy is running for the senate.

1602 days ago


Did you watch it or just hear reviews? Obama and Leno fell soooo flat. The correspondents had to force themselves to laugh. He was funny last year as many other presidents before him have been. I'm no supporter, but I always like these dinners. Last night was painful.

1602 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

He's great and I'd vote for him all over again. At least someone cares

1602 days ago


President Obama is on Team Coco!

1602 days ago


Bobo frogs
The national enquirer was the first to break the Edward's scandal.
It'a funny that a gossip newspaper has beaten the national news agencies several times.
You have to admit Obama is a great speaker (like him or not) but than Palin can make a speech with a few notes written on her hand; no need for a staff of writers or teleaprompter (like her or not.

1602 days ago


Now that the party is over, how about getting back to the problems in this country. Do we need to remind you of the oil spill? How about the attempted terror attacks in this country? If that doesn't work, let's discuss the economy.

1602 days ago


I want to hear about the Latest National Enquirer Story about him Cheating. Where is that Story TMZ?? They broke the John Edwards Affair. Everybody discounted that story at first also.

Obama is a Worthless turd who has Never done anything. IMPEACH THIS CLOWN NOW!!! As the Oil stilll leaks out, he is making jokes! If thats what you call those

1602 days ago


Osama loves to see himself on television as well as his ugly, angry wife. He needs to spend less time loving himself and more time on managing this country.

1602 days ago


If he had sucked, would TMZ really tell us that anyway? Really, would we see the headline 'Obama bombed'?
TMZ, do you have to ruin it by always reminding us of your liberalness? I know you're liberals, but I choose to ignore it and skip to the celeb stuff.
Yet again, you had to remind me that you would put you're head right up Obama's booty even if he finally admitted to you that he believes rich white people, like Harvey, should have to serve time in gulags and he would not consider undoing DOMA in a million years-

Wake up liberal dummies, Obama is a progressive, which means your fringe groups will be the first to go down in his master plan-Just like Republican Teddy Roosevelt and Democrat Franklin Roosevelt, Obama would love the opportunity to practice some degree of eugenics, some degree of stripping individual rights-Which means the gays, the handicapped (hell, Obama wants to kill the handicapped before they take their first breath) and the minority community will become slaves to his will.

1602 days ago


Obama Blows!! He knows it. Vote all the bums out in November!!!

1602 days ago

South Beach    

Obama was great, Leno a complete snooze.

And McCain is busy denying he was ever a "Mavrick" and heading up the "If you're any shade of brown you'd better be able to prove you should be here" bill in Arizona.

So, the Alzheimers has set in, only a year after the election. Darn good thing he WASN'T elected.

1602 days ago


Why is Scarlet so obsessed with him? During the 2008 elections she was going around calling him her boyfriend. She's mental.

1602 days ago


obama is a fraud= blackity black black
i hope he fails at everything (btw if he fails, you fail, dumass!)=get this ****** out of office, black
People get over yourselves. You hate this man that much that you want him to die? what kind of conservative thinking is that? He's black, okay...and? stop trying to stand apart and stand together. calling people idiots because they vote for something that works for them and their community. idiots? you all need to figure out how to work together on things instead of opposing everything just because he's not the same color as you.

1602 days ago
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