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Chely Wright -- She's Coming Out

5/2/2010 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the big "coming out" announcement planned for this week will be ... country star Chely Wright.

There's been a big buzz over the last week as to which celeb was announcing he/she was gay ... we knew it was going to be unveiled in PEOPLE mag next week.  But now TMZ knows for sure.

Wright has a book coming out this week as well -- it's called, "Like Me."  And she has a CD coming out too -- called "Lifted Off the Ground."

The 39-year-old singer scored a #1 country song back in 1999 with "Single White Female," when she was named Academy of Country Music new artist of the year.

Wright is the first major country artist ever to come out.  She has been romantically linked to a number of celebs, including Brad Paisley.

This is a big deal in the country world.  Chely is rolling the dice on her career ... it's unclear how traditionally-conservative country fans will react.

Interesting ... she lists Howard Bragman as her publicist, who was the mastermind behind the Chaz Bono story. 

Mystery solved.


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she's not the first major country singer to come out..KD Lang folks..and her career didn't suffer a bit..she actually went on to do more things (tv and movie roles)

1581 days ago


Why do these stars feel the need to make a public announcement about their sexual orientation ? They feel they need to for what ? to get publicity ? Or maybe they do it to let other gay stars its a free invitation to come date me, and lets be gay together.. Nothing towards gays, but this is getting ridiculous.. do you see hetero stars making headlines saying Hey . im straight and married and have kids, and loving life... Nah that good headlines.. How about .. So and so is coming out.. lets all be amazed by someones Private life.. Get lives people.

1581 days ago


Homos and liberals need to climb back in the closet where they belong... and STFU in the process.

Okay liberal sheep, you can start your nazi propaganda...


1581 days ago


****ry Music is Gay.....Waay Gay !

1581 days ago


Just to settle the people calling her a one hit wonder she did have other hit on the country charts, just no major hits.

Til I Was Loved By You -#48 - 1994
He's A Good Ole Boy - #58 - 1994
Sea Of Cowboy Hats - #56 - 1995
Till All Her Tears Are Dry - DNC - 1995
Listenin' To The Radio - #66 - 1995
The Love He Left Behind - #41 - 1996
Shut Up And Drive - #14 - 1997
I Already Do - #36 - 1998
Just Another Heartache - #39 - 1999
Single White Femal - #1 - 1999
It Was - #11 - 2000
She Went Out For Cigarettes - #49 - 2000
Never Love You Enough - #26 - 2001
Jezebel - #23 - 2002
Back Of The Bottom Drawer - #40 - 2004
The Bumber Of My S.U.V - #35 - 2005
The River - #61 - 2005
C'est La Vie (You Never Can Tell) - #75 - 2005
Broken - 2010

There's all her singles and peak positions and years. Argue away with the relevant data.

1581 days ago


I guess she HAD to do something to gain a little attention. God knows her music wasn't doing it. When was the last time she even made the charts? I don't care who she sleeps with. It's not going to change the fact that she plain can't sing. American Idol would have turned her down, and they let Sanjaya on their show.

1581 days ago


She should release a sex tape instead of being gay to promote her music career which hits a dead end.

1581 days ago


kenny chesney you are next.

1581 days ago


k.d. Lang was the 1st to "come out"

1581 days ago


She is beautiful, graceful, great song-writer, great singer, and she is the entire package.

Who cares which side of the fence she hangs out on???

1581 days ago


Always interesting is the timing of these things:

-When the career needs a boost
-When they need money
-When they want/have to beat others to the punch

But they never come out when they become famous or recognized... Hmmm... Real courageous ones never hide it from the start.

I don't expect anyone to be more prone to buy her record because she's a lesbian. More exposure, but comes down to song popularity. My guess is that it's going to backfire, bt she'll get more dates.

As for the one who listed her songs: she's good but not major material.

1581 days ago


From Dlisted-com:

Gawker, Queerty and TMZ are all pointing their fingers at country singer Chely Wright. Or as 99% of the population know her as, WHO???!!!? Seriously, they could've at least given us Kenny Chesney!

Chely's publicist is Howard Bragman and she has a book, Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer, and an album, Lifted Off the Ground, coming out on Thursday, so it all makes sense that she will be the one declaring her love for vagina on the cover of People this week. And nothing gets you noticed like a bunch of conservative country fans asking Walmart to ban your CD because you've got "tha lesbiansessual sicks." Although, I don't even know if they're going to care.

I wonder what the headline will be for Chely's People Magazine cover. I hope it's one of these four:

1. Chely Wright (Google her, you dumb ****!) is a lesbian!
2. Chely Wright (Yeah, we don't know either) is a lesbian!
3. Chely Write says: "I'm Gay!" Mariah Carey's response is: "I don't know her"
4. Harpo, who dis woman?

Anyways, congratulations to Chely for sharing her gayelleness with the world, even thought it is a publicity stunt.

1581 days ago


let her eat w-h-o- c-a-r-e=s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1581 days ago


I knew about this many years ago. The whole dating Brad Paisley back some years ago was just a cover up. Sorry Chely but some of us knew long ago....

1581 days ago


Pretty sure Chely is neither a major country music force, nor is she the "first" to come out. Many years ago K.D. Lang "came out" and was pretty much ousted from country music. Too bad for the music world since she is one of the most talented singers of the century. For proof go listen to her sing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."

1581 days ago
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