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Michael Jackson's Dad to be Deposed

5/7/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's dad will be deposed by Jackson's estate lawyers some time next month in his bid to receive an allowance from the estate.

Michael Jackson's Dad Joe Jackson to be Deposed

As we first reported, Joe Jackson filed a claim against the estate last year in an effort to get a monthly check from the estate.

According to documents filed earlier this week, Joe will sit down with Michael's attorney at a date to be determined "between June 1, 2010 and July 1, 2010."

Both sides will then go back to court some time after August 1.


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Wow, tlynn and you know all this how? The media has really painted Michael and his family in a bad light for years. First of all, if it would not have been for Michael's brothers taking Joe's guitar to play it while he was at work, and Joe finding out about it, there would have never been a Jackson 5. Yes Michael became the most popular out of the bunch, however the rest of the brothers did their own thing and were talented in their own right. Sure Michael worked hard to be famous but he loved his entire family very much. There are bound to be disagreements in any family. Their lives are more published because they are a famous family. What makes your family or my family any better?
Who are any of us to judge? For your information Katherine only has Michael's children living with her and how do you know they live at the compound? They don't. Kate is trying to keep those kids out of the media frenzy. As far as Janet, I believe if god forbid anything happens to Kate, Janet will get Michael's children. Do you really think Michael would want his fans picking apart his family? NO

1596 days ago


And then along came Joe....
One thing you can say for Joe is that he's resilient. But I have mixed feelings when it comes to Joe and the will:
1. IF the will is real:
Here's the thing, he needs to face the fact that he's not in the will so he doesn't deserve to get money from the Estate...and I wish he'd stop asking because he's embarassing himself. Someone already said it, but I'll say it again: Michael already provided for him and the rest of the family through the money that Katherine is getting. Come on now guys, we all know Michael knew how compassionate and giving Katherine is--if he really wanted to make sure the brothers and Joe didn't get anything, he may have left the 40% to Jermy, who would've had no problem saying no, the fact the he left it to her speaks volumes. Besides the fact that it tells us how much he loves her, it also tells us that he trusts her to continue to do what she's always done: take care of the entire family including Joe and be a guardian for MJ3.
Bottom line, the Estate should definitely reject Joe's claim and leave him at the mercy of Katherine who apparently still has feelings for him since she never divorced him. Thing is, I wonder if he'll try to divorce her now--he'll probably be able to collect alimony from her baaed on the fortune she has now.
2. Now here's the tricky part--IF the will is FAKE:
More and more I think it is fake--won't go into the details but there's plenty of research you can do online that supports my point. This story alone tells me there's something really rotten in Denmark. One minute we read that the Estate rejected his claim and now they're interested in a sit down with him? HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS. Could it be that he and Oxman have hit a nerve in claiming the will was fake, demanding to see hospital records and constantly questioning their every move?
Have to say, I don't care for Joe anymore than the next guy and think he's the worst sort of opportunist but I think for once, he's finally getting a few things right, in spite of his babbling. Obviously, the Executors feel threatened by what he may find out and are interested in working a deal with him in hopes of shutting his mouth. Branca and Co. are no fools...they aren't about to allow Joe and Oxman ruin the plan they set in motion years ago to line their pockets at Michael's expense...
BTW: There's talk on this board about Joe and what he did for his children--mainly Michael. Here's the thing, Joe simply had the sense to manage the gifts Michael had, but he wasn't the ORIGINATOR of those gifts. Think about it, all of the Jackson brothers and Janet were equally pushed to be successful. The difference in the measure of their success came from the fact that some were TALENTED, while others were GIFTED. TO clarify, all of the brothers and Janet are talented. However, Janet's success surpassed theirs because she apparently has a stronger drive than they do. Of all of the siblings, she spent the most time with him while he was scaling the pinnacle of success--maybe some of that rubbed off on her...she certainly told Oprah that she hoped to get to his level and maybe even surpass him...
As for Michael, I've said it before and I'll say it again: He was a child prodigy--a genius who was GIFTED not talented, and as he always said, those gifts came from above. Make no mistake, he worked and practiced hard to live up to those gifts, as anyone should, but the thing is, those gifts are not something you inherit, and they will show themselves with time. That's the reason why when Joe wouldn't let Michael join the group after he begged him, Michael bided his time and then entered that talent contest at school to SHOW them what God gave him, and the rest is, well, you know the drill...
No peace till Justice!

1595 days ago


Look at that picture of Wacko Jacko! Oh my Dog!

1594 days ago


I don't get this!! If i deliberately leave someone out of my Will, how the courts even entertain that person's request to be included in my Will?? If Michael had wanted to give something to his father, he would have put it in his Will.

1582 days ago


Most of you may not agree with me and some of you may, but Mike and his dad made up many years ago (over 20 to be exact) What people are doing is simply relying on the media's view of Joe. Yes, Joe was a hard-nose, but he had to be in this "show business' world. One may say what they will about him, but if it had not been for Joe busting his butt for his son and family in the early days, none of them would have been who or what they are today. YES, I agree that Michael was a super talent, and God showered him with grace and mercy, but Joe DID sacrifice for his children- maybe a little overzealously, but at any rate Mike would be the first to say that his dad was a genius when it came to teaching them how to be showmen on stage. Mike has always given his dad the credit for that. In the latter years of MJ life, he trusted only his dad. Of course the media would never show that, but he knew that his dad knew some things. Right before he died, Joe and Mike were to meet with some of the producers of "This Is It" and discuss fair payment. Don't believe most of what you hear and only half of what you see. Mike and his dad got along quite well. If you'd look at some of the pictures during Mike's trial, you will even see Mike and his dad smiling, laughing and even hold hands at times. MIKE loved his dad. And as for money, all of the brothers will tell you, including MJ, that Joe did NOT steal and mismanage their money. Read any of Mikes books and he will tell you this. Instead he invested their money for them and when they were of age, they had their own money to do what ever they willed to do with it. Joe did NOT take it. The bottom line is that in the early years, Mike was very angry with his dad for cheating on his mother and vowed to make him pay. He did hate him for a while, but realized that he could not teach and sing about love if he had hate in his heart, so he asked his dad to forgive him, and he forgave his dad (Read his books, Oxford University speech and letters). He would also say that many of his beating did not come from being terrible on stage, but because he was strong-willed and defiant like his FATHER. (LOL) Mike admitteed that he was more like his father in some ways(when it came to business) than any of the other children. The reality is that Mike and his dad clashed so much because they WERE so much alike. As for money, Mike always gave money to Katherine and she would manage the household and help the family,so that it would not be wasted. He had no intent for Joe to be "leftout" but that through his mother, the family will be sustained. Now what's wrong with that? Michael Jackson has helped people all over the world. Is it so bad that he would help his father and family. It would be a shame if he did not. Joe paid his dues. If Katherine, Michael and the family can forgive him for something he did over 30 years ago, who are WE? God? C'mon, let's live in love.

1579 days ago


The last words of Michaels concerning his dad was in This is it, and it's on tape and it was "God bless Katherine and Joseph Jackson", so I say give him some money. If Michael forgave him then who are we, who don't even know him, to judge him? He paid his dues and worked hard to bring his boys to stardom. He didn't earn a retirement for himself through a job because the Jackson boys were his job, now give him his retirement, and let him live out what little life he has in peace. Why should everyone else make money off the estate but Joe. He earned it long ago.

1561 days ago


Hey, did you guys hear about the Michael
Jackson special, Gone Too Soon, that TV Guide Network's airing June 25th?

1558 days ago


just let him rest and let his wishes be respected damn what did his dad do to earn that nothing ya leech go back were ya came from.

1556 days ago


Michael was a great man.

1512 days ago


Dude Joe doesnt deserve a dime. Give some money to MJ's brothers and sisters just dont give even a penny to Joe he doesnt deserve it. He abused his children verbaly and physically so now its time for payback

1326 days ago
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