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5/27/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's 36-year-old supermodel Kate Moss.

She hasn't gone two-pieces yet.


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1608 days ago


Age hath no mercy.
We will all suffer, at some point in our life, from the same affliction. Pity hers showed up sooner, but what with the ridiculous scrutiny of the paparazzi and obviously our voracious appetite for viewing it, we are able to judge while sitting comfortably in front of a keyboard. Hmmmmmm.............

1608 days ago

Disappointed Fan    

Before she looked like she needed a sandwich. Now she looks like ET with a smaller head. Poor girl just can't win.

1608 days ago

buxxy I don't feel so bad. All the fat seems to go to the same place on women after a certain age...I'm still trying to deal with it!!

1608 days ago


Who gives a rats ass what she looks like. Seriously. Women's bodies change and most her age look like utter ****. Hell, most women in their 20's look like crap. It's not difficult to look great in your 20's. It's a stuggle for every women (and man) in their 30's and 40's. All you complainers are probably going to be fat pigs BEFORE mid life, so STFU!

1607 days ago


She looks terrible. Guess this is what a hard partying lifestyle will get you! And buy a swimsuit that fits! She isn't FAT but she might want to try some exercise instead of her cocaine diet! Not pretty!

1607 days ago


More proof that the word "Supermodel" is WAY too overused.

1607 days ago


My Goodness, I wished us girls (back when she started out) saw this photo taken back then. What a difference it could of made! It makes me physically sick to think that I once made myself ill and idolised that woman. Us girls being led to believe that having a little weight was a bad thing. Shying away due to thinking that we were over weight and had to look like a matchstick! I am SO glad that I came to my senses!

1607 days ago


This doesn't belong on the internet and we have no business commenting on her body. With all the things going on the world right now (like a catastrophic oil spill) who really gives a crap about what Kate Moss looks like naked. Seriously.......let's move on to something important. I'd really like it if TMZ started follwoing around BP executives. Now THAT would be news worthy.

1607 days ago


Everybody try to be nice you are accountable for your tongue.Lucky for some of you Jesus still loves you!

1606 days ago


I think this is funny, she thought some remarks made about her a few years ago....someone said she looked to skinny, ill, unhealthy she said that it was "jealous,fat people" saying the nasty remarks. Now she looks saggy, unhealthy, and old.

1604 days ago


Why have a problem with her? She is enjoying life and leave her alone. Usually the ladies that is easy to comment looks like whales themselves

1604 days ago

valeria zamora    

she is beautiful

1432 days ago
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