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Gary Coleman's Ex -- Unwanted at Private Memorial

6/17/2010 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614_gary_coleman_EX_TMZ_05Gary Coleman's closest friends are arranging a private memorial for the actor -- but TMZ has learned Gary's ex-wife and his parents will not be invited.

TMZ spoke with Kent Emmons and Anna Gray -- two of Gary's good friends whom the actor had selected to help execute his will.

We're told Emmons and Gray are organizing a private memorial for 15-20 of Gary's closest friends -- including Gary's "Diff'rent Strokes" co-star Todd Bridges.

We're told the group plans to honor Coleman with a night of "telling fun stories." The event is expected to go down in California sometime in the next few months.

As for why Shannon Price and Gary's parents won't be invited -- we're told Emmons and Gray don't feel it would be appropriate.

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No Avatar


really...who cares? Good riddence to a nasty, bitter, inefectual man who was at best a mediocre child actor. While we're at it let's bawl our eyes out over Dana Plato too.

1555 days ago


is ms garret or mr drummand going?

1555 days ago

Gwendolyn Lee    

Gary, God loved you and so do I. May your soul rest in peace.

1555 days ago


i hope Gary IS in a better place but, if he did not accept Jesus into his life as his personal Lord and savior, he is not in a better place. I hope he was a Christian but, i don't know and for that i can make no judgement of waht kind of person he was or the people who surrounded him.

If any of you want to accept Jesus as ur personal Lord and savior, repeat this prayer from ur heart, get in a good Bible believing church, pray, read ur Bible and hang around like minded people.

Dear Lord, please forgive me of all my sins. Cleanse me of all unrighteousness, come into my life and make me a new being in Christ Jesus. I believe Jesus died on the cross for me and I believe He rose 3 days later. I accept u n2 my life and now my name is written down in the Lambs book of life and I will reside in Heaven with u for eternity. In Jesus name, Amen

1555 days ago


It would surprise me not in the least if a comprehensive investigation revealed that the beyotch threw him down the stairs and killed him. And why should his parents be invited to the memorial service? He was estranged from them for many years, and how do we know they're telling the truth about "always having a place set for Gary at the table," hoping he'd turn up. And we also don't know that, once he gained fame and fortune (after being pushed into show business by them), they didn't squander and live off his fortune. Todd Bridges and Gary's other representatives are doing the right thing by honoring Gary's wishes regarding the memorial service. Bless his heart. After short-lived fame, he led a tortured life.

1555 days ago


Bury the midget APE and get it over with. Who cares?

1555 days ago

beverly bates    

I love,GARY he was very funny, R I P you will be miss very much

1555 days ago


let gary, rest in peace,don't worry about the past ,now he needs to be put to rest so do it ,and forget all the crap about his family & ex wife , they are living and they know the worst thing is they can't ever see him again this is not the time to make a lot of money on his misfortain of dyeing hisfriends will be relieved. thanks a j.j.

1555 days ago


I am not sure what the Utah law is, but in my state-failing to render aid is punishable up to 20 years. Regardless of their past-she obviously forgave him-and even if she didn't she wouldn't have been there...NO ONE deserves to lie in a pool of blood waiting for their death while their "loved" one stands by and does nothing. You're sick to think anyone deserves that. Stop and ask yourself-if it were you, would your loved one do whatever it took to save your life? If the answer is yes, then ask yourself did she take those same measures..

1555 days ago


I think that's sweet and appropiate.I'm remembering Gary as a descent human being that was so very adorable and talented whom did the best that he could with what he had.

1555 days ago


His wife or parents should have been decent enough to give him a memorial service in the first place. Since they did not, there is no sensible reason they should be invited to his private memorial service given by outside non-relatives. It doesn't matter how often Bridges or whoever was around Coleman. If they are willing enough to show gracious respect to a friend or former friend then let them be. I say leave the private memorial service for the people who actually care!! Whatchu talking bout WILLIS???

1555 days ago


He had nothing to do with his parents as they stole most of his money from when he was underage! He had the right to be angry! Then ONLY to get married and she took him for yet ANOTHER ride? I guess when you are really down and out you find your TRUE.........friends to pull you back out of the mud!!!!!!!
As far as the X in the hospital.........that was before they had evidense. She took the picture ONLY knowing she was able to make $$$$$$$$$$ off of them! That is how selfish people is all about ME!!!!!!!!!

1555 days ago

Jackie Hutchins    

May you RIP, GARY COLEMAN. And at the end of the that's still his Mother& Father, and that is so wrong for his birth parent not to be able to attend they owe son furneal. WOW THAT'S SOME DEEP ****!!!!!!!!!!!

1555 days ago

Dee Greim    

They were not his birth parents. They were his adoptive parents.

1555 days ago



1555 days ago
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