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Charlie Sheen -- Coast Is Clear for Divorce

8/3/2010 10:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller tell TMZ now that Charlie's criminal case in Aspen is over, the deck has been cleared to begin divorce proceedings.

Charlie Sheen Divorce
As we first reported back in June Charlie and Brooke signed a 43-page agreement -- obtained by TMZ --  that lays out who gets what in the event they divorce ... and Brooke has made it clear ... she's not going to get less than Denise Richards.

Brooke gets $55,000 a month in child support, plus various other expenses, but, according to the docs, "under no circumstances shall the child support paid by Charlie for Bob and Max be less than the child support paid by Charlie to Denise Richards for Sam and Lola."

Brooke waives spousal support but still cashes in.  In addition to getting a 50% cut on the baby photos the couple sold to Getty Images, Brooke gets several bank accounts and a lump sum parting gift of $757,689.70.

Charlie gets the house but has to buy Brooke out to the tune of around $1 million.

Charlie also gets to keep his $5.6 mil watch collection.

According to the docs, signed by both Charlie and Brooke, they will get joint legal custody of their two kids.  Brooke gets primary physical custody and Charlie becomes a weekend dad, getting the kids on the first, third and fifth weekends of the month from Saturday at 10 AM until Monday at 10 AM.

At the end of the document, Brooke agrees "not to disclose to any media sources personal information relating to Charlie's sexual affairs or alleged drug usage."  For his part, Charlie agrees not to talk about Brooke's alleged drug use.

Sources say they were holding off until Charlie's Aspen assault case was over, fearing a divorce would give prosecutors ammo in the case.

We're told almost from the beginning, Brooke has always wanted nothing to do with the case. And now that the case is over, we're told divorce docs will soon follow.

Craig Ferguson -- Chained Up With Sharks

Craig Ferguson loves good reefer -- and to prove it, the late night host donned chain mesh gloves and hand-fed reef sharks in The Bahamas ... all for Discovery Channel's "Shark Week."

Craig Ferguson - Shark Week 2010
But don't worry, Craig's in good hands -- the other guy in the photos is shark expert Chang Sein.

Dive in!

Kiefer Sutherland -- Mankini Strip Show

Kiefer Sutherland got into the swing of things by showing off his man-panties on a beach in Copenhagen on Tuesday.

Kiefer Sutherland Strip

When in Europe, flash your euro.


Hot Stars, Cool Treats

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ... some photos of sexy stars enjoying ice cream.


Bristol Palin Takes a Tripp to Target

Amidst reports that she's broken off her engagement, Bristol Palin grabbed her son Tripp and did some quality bargain shopping at a Target store in Wasilla, Alaska the other day.


With Levi Johnston nowhere in sight, Bristol and a female companion picked up some necessities -- water, milk, etc -- and loaded it up into her Volkswagen Jetta on Friday.

According to reports, Bristol isn't the only Palin who drives a Jetta -- Sarah has bragged about owning one in fire-engine red.

Celebrity Scramble!

Can you guess which pretty celebrity mug got messy little makeover?


Chelsea Clinton Wedding -- The Photos

Chelsea Clinton finally got married yesterday ... so we can stop talking about her until she gets pregnant or something.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures



No Avatar

Gloria Bruce    

When are these actors going to learn? They divorce, find another beauty and before you know it...married, problems, another divorce. Stop concnetrating on a beautiful face and figure, guys....look for a real woman...Someone who's not looking to make money off you after having a few kids...There are millions of women who are pretty or not...they would be faithful and make good wives. Clean up your act and stop seeking just a beautiful face to parade around. It'll cost you millions. Charlie and Mel are perfect examples of what not to do.

1544 days ago

bob parks    

Charlie, please marry me. I'll do anything for $55K a month. Your friend, Bob.

1544 days ago


It really upsets me that these people who are rich and famous get away with the stuff they do. Nothing the courts do is fair and just, I dont understand why. The fix all these days is sending them to a posh rehab time and again. What is fair and just in our court system these days when it comes to the entertainment industry and the people in it. The only difference between them and us, is they make more money and dont have a clue as to how an average person lives and has to pay their debt to the justice system when they go off track or make a big mistake.

1544 days ago

Dane Moser    

Love is hard, just try to be the best u can.

1544 days ago


Sheen must take to heart in real life the charactor he plays on his show. He's a pathetic charactor on TV so.......nuff said !

1544 days ago


WHAT A *******!

1544 days ago


WHAT A *******!

1544 days ago


Charlie Sheen the abusive alcoholic has the two very young children the entire week end three times a month.
Posted at 11:29 AM on Aug 3, 2010 by Bridget

So they are better off being with an abusive, alcoholic, druggie mother full-time?

1544 days ago


what is up with that stupid "puss" on Charlie Sheen.Why does he bother to get married! It's obvious he'd rather be single than deal with " the same old,same old'.I'm a married man,20 years+. I will be the first to admit that both sides have to compromise for the sake of the other. Realistically, not being "irritated" with one another is "day to day" endeavor.

1544 days ago

Winky Doo    

Who does Charlie think he is....Danny Bonaduce? What a dope. That's the most expensive piece of azz he'll ever find. Ooops....sorry, forgot about his first wife.

1544 days ago


Charlie You should have come north and helped me Now your just going to be a repete offender. But nice deal on the divorce You didnt get reemed like most. I'd like to tap Brooke just for the fck of it lol

1544 days ago

Donna R    

and all of you people keep watching that piece of crap show

1544 days ago


Charlie is a 'douche-bag', just like Mel Gibson, and Jesse James. A nasty man slut.., and an old one at that ! I can't stand looking at him makes, me want to take a shower ! lol

1544 days ago


Who cares? I'm tired of clicking on crap AOL to see useless stories about drugged out & drunken so called talentless hags called celebs. AOL for once in your miserable existence, try coming up with real news instead of trying to dumb down the ENTIRE population.

1544 days ago


He's a 'douche bag' just like Mel Gibson and Jesse James. Been around the block so much, it's gotta be nasty. Just thinking about him make me want to take a shower with lots of soap suds ! lol

1544 days ago
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