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Lindsay Lohan -- AA All the Way

9/18/2010 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is struggling to bounce back from her failed drug tests. Sources tell TMZ Lindsay is now choosing AA over nightclubs.

We're told Lindsay attended an AA meeting last night and intends to hit up another one sometime today.

Never too early to start brushing up for an appearance before the judge.


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She will never beat this. Game is over. She needs to OD and get it over with, or move back home and live in obscurity.
Larry Rudolph wrote those tweets on her Twitter last night.
Everything she does is for show. And how exactly would you know she's going to AA tonight? Oh that's right, more "positive" info being fed to you from her team.
As I said, it's all for show now.

1499 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Too little, too late, Linds. Get used to the orange jumpsuit cause you're starting to look like a lifer.

1499 days ago


I'm sure she is only going so she will look good in front of the judge

1499 days ago


Ozzy Osbourne is a bad addict and looks at AA as a bunch of people with one leg who are talking non stop about how they lost there leg, just get on with your life you know.

1499 days ago


Nothing is going to happen to her (She's way too smart and she knows how to beat the system). TMZ will be reporting her leaving The Chateau M party next weekend. Time to move onto another scandal. This one is getting old.

1499 days ago


she's getting that bloated boozer face.

1499 days ago


Yep, she sure did fool those "experts" at UCLA and other clinics re. "she does not have an addiction." Seriously, she must have Jedi mind control over these star-struck doctors.

When I was caring for an addict, a clinical scientist told me adult drug addicts are identical to toddlers - they will lie/cheat/steal/manipulate/become violent to get what they want. They feel no remorse, no guilt; there will be no apologies. It is useless to try to make sense of their words or their actions, since their only goal is to obtain and use drugs. Everyone around them is collateral damage. Everyone around them is to blame, or so the addict says.

Lindsay's actions have exactly paralleled the lives of addicts I have helped in the real world. They are steam-rollers; they will run over everything and everybody in order to score the next high. Simple as that, and real as that.

Some commenters wonder why we are so tough on poor little Lindsay? Answer: Our lives have been broken by people exactly like her. She represents that evil. She is one of them.

TL;DR - Lindsay is vindication for all victims of addicts.

1499 days ago


Yup! Watching the adventures of an addict, with expectations of what she SHOULD do is really, really crazy. Welcome to the recovery world everyone. Enjoy, and keep enjoying, over and over!!

1499 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

I really don't care that this loser keeps doing her drugs. Her brain's been fried a long time ago. And she apparently is HIV+ as well. What bothers me is how the media keeps rewarding her. Lindsay's made millions off her drug busts. And not just from sleazy tabloids either. VANITY FAIR???? SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE???? What is going on? I bet if Lindsay went off the deep end and murdered someone (say her dealer or her father), she'd be banking billions of dollars. Of course the MOST money to be made is off of Lindsay's death. Let's make it happen!

1499 days ago

There's a problem here    

Didja ever notice how every worthless piece of crap on earth gets religion when they get busted? You can hit up an AA meeting every hour and a half, but I ain't buying it, Linds.

1499 days ago


Next stop for Lindsay is FORREST LAWN...

1499 days ago


Miss Lohan: Don't you realize drugs and alcohol steal your youth from you. What are you going to look like (if you live) when you are 30? Your looks are your career. Obviously your brains are not and never will be.

For all you namby pambies that think alcohol and drug abuse is a disease. IT IS A CHOICE, NOT A DISEASE! We are born with free will.

1499 days ago


She hasn't hit bottom and the law is too lenient on her to help her hit bottom. She will continually cycle through sobriety and her addictions until something serious happens. She kills someone while driving under the influence or Hollywood stops giving her paying roles so she starts going broke. Until then this behavior will continue.

Its sad as she could have one of the greatest careers and life ahead of her if the addictions didn't have such a strong hold. Her family and friends are also the wrong people to surround herself with but that will never change.

1499 days ago


It must be an awful feeling to be surrounded by people that could care less about you except what they can get out of you.

1499 days ago


This girl needs her ass beat. I cannot believe THE JUDGE, THE CLOWNS AT SINAI MEDICAL thAT LET HER GET AWAY WITH ALL THE CRAP SHE DID TO PEOPLE. She needs to go back to jail and do a 90 day. That the so called professionals at Sinai Medical said she wasn't as bad as anyone thought and she did 23 days??? And now she's snortin? Come on. No ONE SHOULD GO TO THAT MEDICAL CENTER FOR DETOX. That is not FACILITY THAT IS IN THE GOOD INTEREST OF THE PATIENT. So now she slides into AA and will attend hoping THAT THE DUMB JUDGE WILL LET HER STAY OUT OF JAIL. They should make her go back TO THAT WOMAN JUDGE SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING. THE DA WAS ANOTHER A.H.

1499 days ago
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