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Mel Claims Oksana Self-Mutilated

11/15/2010 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva claims Mel Gibson scratched and bruised her during their January 6 fight, but Mel has an alternate explanation ... Oksana did it to herself.

TMZ has obtained a declaration from Mady Shany, Oksana's facialist. Shany says on January 12, Oksana came in for a facial, and she noted, "I noticed that there were scratches and bruises around her eyes and on her forehead." 

Shany says Oksana told her Mel "punched her and threw her on the bed while she had the baby in her arms."

But TMZ has also obtained a declaration from Mel, in which he claims, "...Oksana is emotionally unstable and suffers from Trichotillomania, an impulse control disorder characterized by the repeated urge to pull, and pulling, out ones own hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and other body hair."


In the declaration, Mel says, "During our relationship Oksana often had scratches and bald spots on the side of her head as a result of this disorder (scratches she is now, apparently, attempting to blame on me!)."

Oksana's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, tells TMZ, "I've spent over 100 hours with Oksana and I have never seen her pick her hair or scratch her skin. She just acts like a totally normal person."


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lol @ self mutilated

1401 days ago


oxy didnt shave her pubes
she pulled them out!!!!!

1401 days ago


Many people do this, it really isn't something to laugh about.

1401 days ago


This wouldn't surprise me.

She takes 30 pills a day according to her mother.

She seems like an unbalanced person.

1401 days ago


Mel is now totally jumping the shark. Have Oksana examined by a physician. They can check her scalp, etc. and give the court their opinion whether Oksana hurts herself.

I'm starting to think Mel is full on insane.

1401 days ago


Whoa...........I wonder if this is an official diagnosis she's been given.

1401 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

NOW this is Plausible! I said this way back when she made the claim! Burn this witch (legally of course) She needs to serve her time and get deported!
Mel Gibson AND Tim Dalton need to get FULL custody of their kids, then she needsto be DEPORTED to wherever the HE!! it is she comes from!
This B*TCH is the lowest of the LOW!

1401 days ago

Fidel's niece    

This is one f*cked up,sick bitch!

What a mental case!

Ok$a AND Horrorwitz too!

***Team Mel***

1401 days ago


Mel Gibson has reached a new low. He is almost to the level as his congregation.

1401 days ago


Its obvious to many people with her constant lying that she has some serious issues, not just of the gold digger kind.

1401 days ago


OH MAN, that made me hurt!!!!!!!!!
oxy didnt shave her pubes
she pulled them out!!!!!

Posted at 2:23 PM on Nov 15, 2010 by TMZgossip

1401 days ago



This douche is really grasping at straws here!

I slapped her not hit her but it was cause she was shaking the baby and now this BS.

Good god is nothing more then a coward.

1401 days ago


She has a full head of hair and when people self mutilate, they don't bruise and scrath their faces LMFAO. Honestly, he's just hurling out the most ridiculous crap LOL. I believe the facialist and Oksana in this regard. Poor Mel. He doesn't have any better defense than this LMAO!

1401 days ago


If this was an official diagnosis, she will have a physical record of mental diagnosis as well. I wonder who her doctor is and can they be called to give an opinion on wether Lucia is safe with her mother?

1401 days ago


no wonder she always wear her hair this way and always covering the side of her face with them. I always wondered if she had a deep scar around her face by the hairline and her eyes...

1401 days ago
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