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Death Threats Targeting Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas

11/22/2010 5:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas have received death threats and "Dancing with the Stars" has measurably heightened security ... sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

Bristol Palin Death Threats
We're told the threats began to come in last week, after Bristol and Mark made the finals.  Execs on the show told Mark to stop tweeting because it was inciting people.  Mark complied.

Sources connected with the show tell us extra security will be on hand tonight for the show.  And, if Bristol and Mark head to New York, execs are talking about breaking format and not doing their interview outside in Times Square -- but rather in the studio, where it's more secure.

TMZ broke the story ... a staffer on the show opened a "fan letter" to Bristol on Friday and white powder fell out.  Turns out it was talcum powder, but the FBI is investigating nonetheless.

As one source said, "Everyone is genuinely worried.  This is a dance competition, and it's just gotten crazy."


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Mark has been far too flagrant with his involvement with the ignorant Palin Family to gain further fame of his own since he is unable to make it as a viable musician here in his native born country. If any of this is true, i.e. not manipulated and incited by narcissistic Palin's PR team, Mark in his deepening lust for fame has found himself caught-up in Madam Black Widow Palin's spider web. Most of us simply see the truth with that ignorant fame-hungry family but then, again, there are crazy people who take their flagrancy far too serious like the mentally-ill man who shot his television because Palin's unwed daughter has unjustifiably made it to the finals of the show while sending home not only the last two contestants (who were capable and started at square one just like Miss Piggy) but the the last three contestants to feed her young and unwarranted ego. Mark, you and your family might want to rethink getting overly involved with dancing partners whose parents are lustfully and unjustifiably involved on America's changing political scene.

Message to John McCain ~ You are indirectly responsible for all of this and the reason you lost in the election and will never recover the independent vote in the future. Even your own daughter despises her pathetic ignorance.

1433 days ago


"Open minded" or patriotic liberals are just like unicorns and fairies- they simply don't exist. The liberal left in this country has ALWAYS sought the state's power in attempts to silence the opposotion. They have been using the same tactics for years against anyone who dares to call out the failing welfare state. The age old trick is to call conservatives "dumb" or "racist" which really makes no sense given that the democrat party stands for the 4 S's..
and they nominate insane people joe biden. But most of the moronic obamabot voters haven't ever opened a history book so they have no idea how terrible a person who could accurately be described as a chicago machine socialist was going to be.

1433 days ago


Man, it is just a reality show. People are taking this way too serious. Get a life people. If you don't like the results, then get a phone and phone. Oh, my probably can't afford a phone right now. Probably blogging on a library computer since it's free.

1433 days ago


it isn't that Bristle is on the show...but it is, she had a baby out-of-wedlock and mommy thinks she is so special because she chose to have her baby....Bristle is not even comfortable with her own sexuality in speaking as an abstinence advocate, she talks like she has marbles n her mouth and is obviously uncomfortable..not apprpriate to speak to young adults...she's a joke..

I'm sure ABC is receiving money from the KOCH brothers to keep her on...

The voting is way outa control, it's flawed from the start and the Palin supportive websites were openly telling peoople how to rig the vote, instead of reporting the issue to ABC...frauds...I guess Palin supporters have alot of time on their hands to vote for over three hours each to be sure Princess remains...

Bristle should do the right thing, admit the fraudulent voting and turn things back over to Brandy, and ABC should dump this season...obs Palin supporters took advantage of a flawed voting system. . . instead of doing the right thing

1433 days ago


Have the people reporting the voting "conspiracy" bothered to even look at the blocks of voters set up by fan clubs of the other contestants? They're all available to see if you google the other contestants names. Goes to show that people only report what they want to-not the whole story. I live in a small town that is very pro-democratic. Our town is supporting Bristol because it's true that she is the most likeable, along with Kyle. Jennifer is a whiner and Brandy had such an ego they were huge turn-offs. Kurt and Rick were great but I believe that MORE people are voting for Bristol because she has been treated so badly. The names she's being called are ridiculous! NO ONE LIKES A BULLY!

1433 days ago


I Think Dancing With the Stars Is a joke! This is not a dance competetion its a popularity contest they really need to change the title of the show because it shows you that people win by association and popularity than talent. They should throw talent out the door and just let people dance to be more popular but this is what America is coming too it's all about who you know and how much weight a person carry in this world. I can dance a little and I know talent and skill when i see it and Ms. Palin dont have it so how did she beat out brandy~~I smell a rat and it's not fair. America does not judge fair and if I had the opportunity to dance on the show I wouldn't and would convence others not too because its not about dancing but popularity!

1433 days ago


That explains why Mark is not responding to his twitter until after the show is over. I honestly do not believe any one wants to hurt Mark or Bristol. The people who actually dislike Sarah just hate her receiving more media attention.

1433 days ago


You people need HELP

1433 days ago


#5 is seriously crazy and needs some help

1433 days ago

Nena Simon    

It has been proven that the email votes were not legit!!! She wanted to be famous so here it is Bristol, it is part of the program.

1433 days ago


Good lord...leave Bristol alone! Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!

1433 days ago


Stop acting like Mark is innocent also. He dont care about no one but himself also with his lisp tongue. He needs to get those teeth fix and get a straight hairline. I hope he goes down a break a leg also

1433 days ago


People just realize how disgusting the family is. The palins are evil and trash. I guess someone wants to take out the trash. They all nothing whose trying hard to be something, but never will reached that level. Sarah is mainly the ring leader of the trash. She always running her mouth and talking about people. She needed to be dumped a long time ago. I hope Bristol loses and break both of her legs literally.

1433 days ago


Love all the liberal turds and left-nuts are up in arms about Bristol making the finals. Now you know how the Right feels about Odummy as our President.

1433 days ago


Wow...... people are cookoo cookoo cookoo

1433 days ago
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