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18th Birthday Bash

An Adult Affair

11/23/2010 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today's Miley Cyrus' 18th birthday -- but she already got her adulthood on with an A-list only birthday party ... and some dude sucking on her neck.  Yeah ... they grow up so fast.

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Mommy of 3    

So all you people who have negative comments, you must of all had cake and a Jolly jumper at your 18 Birthday right? Not!! Are you all really that conservative?? She did her kid time on Disney let her grow up people, as long as she is not getting her neck sucked on Disney! Role model?? Parents should be the role model not other peoples kids!

1428 days ago


MILEY IS TURNING 18 YEARS OLD!!! HELLO!!! Can we say ADULT! So what if she got kissed by a guy on the neck? She is an attractive young lady. At least she isn't doing drugs or getting arrested...she is having fun. I feel so bad for some of these young teens these days getting harrassed by jerks who are jealous of their lives...I definitely do not envy them at all. I doubt she said, "oooh, ok, I am going to have this guy kiss my neck go take a pic and put it on the internet"...LOL. For those of you who keep putting her down and calling her a slut or a whore...I'm sorry but can we say "jealousy"? Either you wish you are the one being kissed in that way or wish you were doing the's pretty sad that you need to pick on those that get that kind of attention. All I see is a perfectly beautiful NORMAL 18 year old having a good time...grow up and leave her alone.
Oh and Miley....Happy Birthday!!!

1428 days ago


please people give me a break, this is mild compared to what young people are doing these days, let her be a teenager, she was having fun with friends and family, if she wasnt rich you would never know about it, so get over yourselves and stop being jealous of her, its not like she is laying in a back alley, drunk with 5 guys on her. She is 18 and has a decent head on her shoulders and parents that care and guide her. Let her enjoy her life! Oh and by the way, what is your teenager doing when you are not around? So dont throw stones! Happy birthday Miley!

1428 days ago

Kay Marie    

So not a slut! Her show is coming to an end for all of you parents out there. She was having a good time on the big 18. I'm sure you would want your child to have awesome birthdays as well. Her Mom did awesome for what Miley's going through with the divorce. And there is nothing wrong with a birthday kiss!

1428 days ago


Its true that not all 18 year olds do this. I didn't and I still don't do this. I have a group of friends who wouldn't do this either. And we're not saints or anything by any means. We just aren't desperate for attention. So just because Miley does slutty stuff, don't stereotype others who are her same age, and think they do the same exact thing.

1428 days ago


wow people lay off,she has a right to live her life,its not like there were 7 year olds at the party.shes not doing anything that most of us weren't doing when we were 18.Geez am 44 and still remember what it was like to be young and wanting to grow up, and for most of us sex is a big part of being grown up.Shes old enough to go to war shes certainly old enough to make out with a boy.

1428 days ago


She's a slut before turning 18 anyway what's new? my kids once told she doesn't act her age. My kids hate her before and what more now? Too much fun will end up like the next Linsay Lohan, Paris Hilton etc.., It's gonna be the next big thing if she doesn't stop to be a slut...

1428 days ago


I think the whole problem with our country is we care too much about petty scandals in hollywood than we do about the real problems. You all need to lay off of the celebrities and focus on the real issues I'm tired of this country and how we pollute ourselfs with this paparazzi filth and buy into it. You all need to grow up and help make this country the best it can be and in order to do that you need to forget about Hollywoods problems and focus on the nation's problems.

1428 days ago


Come on people she is an adult now. She has her clothes on and is just kissing. It is not like she is a drug addict athlete or rapper getting arrested, of course that would be ignored. It is not up to her to teach your children morals it is up to you.

1428 days ago



you're going to tell your kids that you watched a video of someone spying on their beloved hannah montana while she was flirting with a boy on her 18th birthday, so you don't want them watching that 'slut' on tv anymore?

YOU are choosing to expose them, not Miley.

1428 days ago


As long Miley is outside the US jurisdictions, she can legally drink in the UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia. Over 88% of the world’s drinking age is 18.

1428 days ago


Really, what did you expect people? She's a popstar in the limelight.

1428 days ago


disappointing. teens have urges, trust me i would know, but you can't act on everything you want. there are limits in life and i don't think miley understands them. she needs to stop before things go too far... no wait, they already have. :(

1428 days ago


Careful...that's where babies come from.

1428 days ago


Are you guys serious? You have never been with another person and have been affectionate? Or maybe it's perhaps you have never gotten it photographed by someone trying to make a quick buck from TMZ? You all play into it so easily, that's what keeps them in business! She's 18 and an adult! She is no longer that little girl you are keep trying to keep her at! Leave her alone and let her go on with her life! Why not be your childs own role model and quit trying to make her one for your kids! If you don't like it don't watch it...but stop bashing people! We are all different and live our lives the way WE see fit! ENOUGH ALREADY!

1428 days ago
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