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18th Birthday Bash

An Adult Affair

11/23/2010 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today's Miley Cyrus' 18th birthday -- but she already got her adulthood on with an A-list only birthday party ... and some dude sucking on her neck.  Yeah ... they grow up so fast.

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Aren't there self-help books out there that tell us the damage we do to our children by telling them everything they do is special? Someone should have told Miley a long time ago that if you pay a PR person enough money to market your so-called skills, anyone can make it? Look at her and the Hiltons, the Kardashians, etc. All no talents.

1428 days ago

Susan Fuller    

First of all, she doesn't look "into" what is going on in the photo. It looks more like the guy is being theatric. It is also a P-A-R-T-Y for a new 18 year old...........Give her a break. While myself nor any of my 6 kids are a fan of hers, it appears she is behaving like an 18 year old! Do you see her nude? Do you see her performing or receiving a sex act? Do you see her drunk or drugged? Is she braking any laws? NO!!! She is cutting up and having fun. She is a show biz KID. Like it or not, they behave a little differently than your small town kid. She had a parent there and lots of folks around. You know what? Some of you are jealous and have dirty little SECRETS you are hiding. I don't see this young person hiding or being a hypocrite. She did not ask to be a "role" model for your kids. In fact, she had the good sense and presence of mind to vacate her role as Hannah Montana so that kids would not be effected by her right to grow up and experience life. My 2 cents have been spent. Get a life all you haters. Enjoy your youth Miley. It is short. Happy Birthday by the way...............

1428 days ago


all you ppl up that keep calling miley a whore and slut are so hypocritical... i bet you, you all have done something like that in your teens and so have your kids... so don't go around and post something about other ppl and criticize them, cause i'm sure you don't want ppl judging you for being a damn teenager... and telling your kids not to watch this "slut" anymore well only make them think what kind of a role model you are... so think about what you are doing, is it necessary?

1428 days ago


I agree she needs to show a diffrent view for her public but what about the guy did he not respect her enough not to do this.....The girl is not always to blam!!!!! Looks like she is pulling away from him and the look in her face is not a plesant look!!!!! So judge not lest you be judged!!!!!!!

1428 days ago


It's rediculous how arrogant parents are and how their "little babies" will be doing the exact same thing, getting drunk as **** and doing whatever they want. Only thing is these kids arent going to have cameras on them.

1428 days ago


Wow really ppl? she is 18 years old! tell all you little gripers were goodie goodies at 18... i'm sure at least over half of you went out to the club on your bday at got wasted...UNGERAGE. stop trippin and let the girl have fun!

1428 days ago


Sooner or later Miley Cyrus will come crashing down like Lindsay Lohan and that other Disney girl who also recently turned 18 and went into rehab.

1428 days ago


If you rear your children correctly ,they won't follow in her footsteps.

1428 days ago


Either it is twelve and thirteen year olds saying that this is ok on here or really sad parents. Why not hold your daughter or children period to a higher standard? What ever happend to mothers telling them (less is more?) Men find girls that dress like this easy and cheap nothing to bring home that is for sure. Stop treating your body like a meat market and have alittle self respect. Parents that say this look is ok leave her alone....your child is probably gonna be on the next MTV's 16 and pregnant.

1427 days ago


i am 16 and i know a lot of SIXTEEN year olds doing this. nothing not normal and slutty about it. take a look around shes not a baby anymore.

1427 days ago


just because shes getting kissed in the neck dosnt make her a whore shes 18!..i bet that many of you have done worse things in public just let her be and enjoy herself as a young adult !

1427 days ago


I'm 18 and have done worst the only difference is I'm not a celebrity. I agree partially with some of the negative comments only because she is a "role model" for very young girls, my little cousins worship her and that doesn't mean their parents let celebrities be their role model but simply because they admire her. And this kind of behavior is unacceptable for her because she is a public figure.I'm not a public figure but I still know how to conduct myself around my younger cousins because their always watching(listening, looking for do's and don'ts)!I'm not taking shots and making out in front of them.

1427 days ago

J. Ray stouten    

wtf she is not one day 18 and is is already ****ing a dude she hardly knows

1427 days ago


Finally legal! How long before we see the sex tape?

1427 days ago


I agree it's fine now cus she's 18 and if guys can do it girls can, However there's something wrong with her, she was oversexualized early. She was doing stuff back when she was a tween. Her parents obviously let her do what she wanted cus she's the big breadwinner of the family. They let her grow up too fast and experience stuff too early, remember the gorgeous male model that was living with them basically when she was still underage?

1427 days ago
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