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Bristol & Mark -- In a NYC Groove

11/24/2010 1:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

"Dancing with the Stars" third place rump shaker Bristol Palin was spotted with partner Mark Ballas hustling through the streets of Manhattan on Wednesday.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas

These two move quick.



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Why is she still fat? I thought people lost weight when they dance a lot?

1398 days ago

So What    

You did a great job girl. Do not let these ass holes of mean people get you down. Stand up for what is right and those ass hole will learn some day.

1398 days ago


Ugh, is she going to go away now? She grates on my nerves now the same way her mother does. And she might be starting to get fake.

1398 days ago


Goodbye? I wish.
The Disney-owned network will find another way to keep funding this non-celebrity.
She'll no sooner disappear than her annoying mother.

1398 days ago


Is this a story? TMZ just has to take jabs at a young girl every chance they get because Harvey feels threatened by her mom's politics. Shame on all of you for picking on a kid because you don't like her mom. I guess the fight against bullying only applies when it is someone you like?

1398 days ago


TMZ ... why do you have to be so rude? She lost, but had a pretty good run. Get over it.

1398 days ago


Why is she still fat? I thought people lost weight when they dance a lot?

You know, after two pregnantcies, it's still difficult to lose it.

1398 days ago


Love Bristol and anyone who has to put her down is just a jealous loser!!! People that have to insult others and put them down are just bullies who have nothing in life to be happy about,very sad!!!

1398 days ago

Cardinal Ximenez    

There is nothing lower, nothing more digusting than publicly attacking and insulting someone WHO LOST! Get over it. She's a kid and she's never harmed anyone or been arrested in Hollywood for a coke fueled binge like so many of your beloved.

Whether you like her or not, she showed up, practiced her ass off and danced on public television. She deserves credit for that. She didn't win, you can't blame her mother now, so move on.

1398 days ago


Who takes care of her baby?? i'm yet to see her hold her kid much less take him out for some air...yeah...real good role model this fat slob

1398 days ago

who dat    

To bad it's not goodbye to the entire Palin family. The fact that so many people believe her nutcase mother has any business near the White House is frightening. It clearly points out the dumbing down of America. No wonder the rest of the world is laughing at us.

1398 days ago


Shame on TMZ for taking jabs at a young girl.

The slams that are being thrown her way are disgusting.

1398 days ago


Get real, TMZ... this is hardly the last time we will hear from or about Bristol Palin.... and although she did not win the competition, she did win in my eyes with the achievements she has made along the way on the show... can't you guys ever saying something positive & give the girl props for ANYTHING?!?! GEEZ!!! Any chance to be *******s, I guess! BTW, since Harvey & his cronies are such big talker... WHEN WILL HARVEY STEP INTO THE BALLROOM?????????? Let's see what YOU got, Big Boy!

1398 days ago


#1 - Why is she still fat? Bristol is not fat - look at Kyle - why didnt you ask why he is still fat?

1398 days ago


Most of the dancers are professionals but not Bristol and she stuck it out and did a great job. .

1398 days ago
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