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Bristol & Mark -- In a NYC Groove

11/24/2010 1:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

"Dancing with the Stars" third place rump shaker Bristol Palin was spotted with partner Mark Ballas hustling through the streets of Manhattan on Wednesday.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas

These two move quick.



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Johnny you really need to keep the loathing of Bristol Palin from rolling off your pen. It continually amazes me how your type love to hate a young lady simply because your close circle of friends hate her mother for unknown reasons.

I would think you would be better than that, but I guess I would be wrong, wouldn't I?

1408 days ago


Hey #78...

Obama was a Senator for less than 3 years and to top it off he did not do much as a Senator.

and as far as Change, what change??? The country is getting worse day by day. We need a different agenda in the White House.

The Democrat and Republican parties need an overhaul. Nothing will ever change because the Government is only out for each other and their friends. Not the regular Americans like you and me. They could care less about the American People!

P.S. - Bristol is HOT and so is SARAH!!!

1408 days ago


I can't believe Bristol stood there lookin dissappointed that she didn't win when she had no business being there in the first place. I loved her trash talk about the haters and how she worked so hard to be there each week ...well guess what Bristol you are missing the point ..everyone worked hard but that doesn't mean you can dance any better you can't dance dear you SUCK. Nobody hates you, plain and simple you can't dance bottom line and you did not deserve to go that far. Sooooo happy you lost.

1408 days ago


Get over it Laura!

1408 days ago


I guess the majority of people would love to see FUGLY Chelsea Clinton on Dancing with the Stars and if she won no one would say a word about it.

1408 days ago


TMZ - Really? You have nothing better to write about then putting down Bristol Palin? I see a kid who made a mistake in her life and has taken responsibility for it and has encouraged other teens to NOT follow in her footsteps... which is something to be admired. I see nothing admirable about most of your website. Most of it is pretty trashy - which is why I have had enough and will not be returning -and will encourage friends and family to do the same. Not sure what Bristol has done to you other than possibly being Republican... but if thats a reason to hate someone maybe you would feel better in a communist country.

1408 days ago

feldmans enemy    

And i Am so totally not like this to attack. i rarely speak but after seeing the right get so protective of such a trivial issues- DWTS Bristol I just lost it a little - yes married - yes bi- yes conservative - yes happy with family and children that raised with good ethics - they do not see behind my bedroom doors- love the bible - hate the ones that actually believe it - great to live by though - so am i a conservative left wing agnostic - guess so - but hey - i am happy! and so is the ones i come in contact with daily - and daily we all seem to learn a little more and be open to a little more than what the genious in 1417 that thought about the flat planet.ok done- peace and happyness to all the busy beeez - swarming for this is wasted energy- oh guess you dont believe in greehouse effects either- geez mankind- mans not kind.,dats da problem

1408 days ago


I just noticed, all the pro-Palin comments are not at all clever and are littered with typos. Quite a demographic you got there.

I, for one, congratulate Bristol. She did the impossible and something no one thought she could...she was able to gain weight during her stint on DWTS. I'm pretty sure she's the first contestant to pull that off. Way to go Brisket!

1408 days ago


Hey #92... That was CLEVER!!!

1408 days ago


#92... I bet you are the Smart Democrat that uses Spell Check!

1408 days ago


The only thing Bristol accomplished was GAINING weight (thereby being the only constestant in history to GAIN weight during the show) and show the world through her hip movements how she got knocked up. A role model....what are you people smoking? It's shameful that people refer to her as a teen activist when she didn't even bother to vote in the last election. And shouldn't she be raising her kid instead of dancing poorly??? Such priorities.

1408 days ago


Wow, do you people use these same mouths to talk with your Mother? I didn't think Bristol Palin deserved to be in the finals either, but why the extreme vitriol? It seems to be just they way men and women keep women down - by passing judgements, making rude comments about weight & appearance and using crude terms/names about them. Why aren't there all the extremely hateful comments about Kyle Massey??? He is much heavier than Bristol. If your Mother, wife, daughter or sister was in this postition, would you want them berated in this way?

1408 days ago


Bristol is a strong and charming lady; she had fun and took it all in her stride...also, the mean-spirited attitude from some didn't ruffle her feathers.

1408 days ago

Diane Kelly    

It's Thanksgiving be nice. She's a young kid, this could have been a maturing experience for her. She got to see and interact with many different kinds of people. She probably never would have met them otherwise and hopefully learned that people who are different than you are still wonderful!

1408 days ago


#94...thank you for capitalizing Smart and Democrat. Sounds like you are finally understanding who's important.
And the comments section here spell checks for you dimwit...the Palin supporters just ignore it like every other bit of sound advice. I guess it's just a difference of expression. For instance, you call Bristol 'unwed mother'. I call here 'knocked up teen'. See the difference?

1408 days ago
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