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Miley Cyrus -- We, The TMZ Jury ...

12/11/2010 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thousands of TMZ users have strong reactions to the Miley Cyrus bong video we posted Friday. Some people think she's a L.I.T. (Lindsay-in-training) ... others say the only difference between Miley and your garden variety 18-year-old is that Miley is wildly successful. 

So we gotta ask ...


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If makes any feel better... she barely got anything...
Shes like one of those tweens who drinks half a cooler and acts totally plastered... oh wait, thats pretty much exactly what she did.

1380 days ago


Miley, I hope you learned from this experience that the C**t filming this IS NOT YOUR FRIEND !

& seriously people get over it. she is 18, having fun with her life. don't sit there and act like your perfect, like you never did anything at all. hate on her all you want, but you don't know her and you don't know everything she is put through.
Also, she didn't even clear the bong, clearly she doesn't smoke saliva/pot on a regular bases. So for now, she is just experiencing something new. Lindsay Lohan is a coke whore.. BIG DIFFERENCE !

1380 days ago


Hey Disney.....STOP PUTTING HER ON PRODUCTS MARKETED TO LITTLE KIDS! How dare she still continue to market herself on millions of products for little little children who she obviously cares nothing about. Give me your money, then F you. You plaster you face on 10,000 different products for children, you have made yourself a role model like it or not. You want to be a sleezy stripper role drug addict and flaunt it right in the face of every parent who bought into your bs image, you are s***! Miley GO AWAY, Disney, hire another girl.

1380 days ago


First off, her friend is a bitch for posting this.. she even says in the video- "youre going to **** a brick when you see this".. Secondly, Miley is not a Lindsay in training in my opinion, she is just a teenager experiencing just because she is ALL over the media people have some mean things to say about it. Smoking salvia is legal there for who cares that she is doing it! ROCK ON!

1380 days ago


i wanna do whatever this is with her. like honestly she is 18, do what you got to do. work it miley, you live once and your teen years are your best years! make the best out of tonight and worry about it tomorrow! ;) shawty you dont even know how bad i want to party with you! lol damn shawty be snappin' love this.
and who gives two f****s what everyone else has to say!
ill always admire miley <3

1380 days ago


stupid retarted untalented and not funny ..must i go on? miley cyrus is flippin gay!

1380 days ago



1380 days ago


well say bye bye to yuor career miles, kinda knew it was gonna get to this, told yall

1380 days ago


shes such an attention whore and shes so god damn annoying. she only took one hit and was already saying "im on a bad trip" fame really has ****ed her up. rise and demise of miley

1380 days ago


ALL YOU PEOPLE ARE SHELTERED LOSERS!! this girl is a gorgeous, successful 18 year old, WHO HASNT partied when they are 18??? let the girl live her life, and have fun with her friends, shes giggling, and joking around... how is that out of control??. give your heads a shake! you are all waiting to see everyone fall. jealous, and sad that you live your boring life with your face stuck to your computer screen. the only excitement you have is watching other ppls lives on TV or online! besides, salvia is LEGAL! let the girl experiment, make mistakes, and have fun!!

1380 days ago


What teenager has not gotten ****ed up at least once? It would be weird if they didn't. Teenagers are supposed to be stupid and make mistakes. Messing with salvia and drinking a little isn't going to ruin your life. Most college kids party every night and still manage to graduate school and don't end up crackheads in rehab. This should not be that serious. Shes 18 now, Salvia is legal pretty much everywhere and it only lasts about 5 minutes anyway. Most teenagers are doing a lot worse. If you think they're not, then you're a dumbass. The only stupid thing she did was do it on video. Everyone needs to get the **** over it.

1380 days ago


For shame.. (on me, for caring)

1380 days ago


She's just 18, what did we all do with out a spotlight!

1380 days ago


sooo what she's doing that!!come on! now a days nobody is a angel
when are people going to get it that she's all grown up and She wants to do stuff that PEOPLE do

1380 days ago


LIKE OMG...... really come on now... ppl why dont you just get over it.. let her do what ever she wants.. if she thinks is cool.. what happens to the kids out there that love her.. they are going to be doing the something girl just like you.. be who are.. if this is what she likes doing more.. thin she will kiss her family good bye.. cuzs when u do drugs you do more thin that.. it will haurt you more not your family.. my mother did it and thin she let her boyfriend son rap me wall she was doing what she dose.. just be care full girl you dont want this to happy to your kids or self.. and waht ever you do dont hang out with the ppl that roe... ppll not cool at all.. i think you can fine better friends...

1380 days ago
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