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The Situation Accused of Artwork Heist

12/15/2010 1:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's no "Thomas Crown Affair" -- but The Situation has been accused of jacking a painting of himself via the Internet ... and the artist behind the image is ballistic. 

The artist -- Celeste Gillis -- tells TMZ she contacted The Situation on Facebook last month to tell him she immortalized him on canvas -- and he could either have it for a price ... or credit her art website on his FB page.

Gillis claims The Sitch posted the moob-tacular image on his FB page without doing either (above) ... along with the adding-insult-to-injury caption, "THE MAN THE MYTH THE LEGEND."

Gillis tells TMZ she never asked the Sitch to take down the pic ... because she didn't think he would understand copyright laws. 

No comment from his people.


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What is that paint by numbers? Its ugly.

1354 days ago

Master Po    

Bigger picture of this mess of a painting

1354 days ago


the two of them should rub their one collective brain cell together and work it out. Better hurry though because Jersey Shore's 15 minutes is getting long in the tooth.

1354 days ago


yeah she's "struggling" alright. struggling to keep from laughing at her own hideous,lack of talent!!!

1354 days ago


lmao @ his pecs looking like c cup boobs

1354 days ago


If I were her I'd be more embarrassed about letting the world know I made that painting in the first place!

1354 days ago


#13, u idiot, u can paint what u wanna paint.

1354 days ago


good point Carl (#23). Nothing says serious artist like making a painting of a reality show stooge. Her so-called career has nowhere to go but down.

1354 days ago


wow, i was right, u all are pathetic wanks. quit posting here and get my order ready at McDonalds, quit posting here and bag those fries fools. harhar

1354 days ago


The artist is a friend of mine who painted The Situation goofy on purpose. She also did a beautiful painting of Snooki which Snooki's father purchased as a birthday gift for her. You people are idiots if you can't figure out that The Situation painting is just a silly characature not meant to be taken seriously.

1354 days ago


She's not that talented, in my opinion. I think he should have maybe not used it at all. Maybe she should take up another profession.

1354 days ago

pigs in zen    

Posted at 8:59 AM on Dec 15, 2010 by dd:
> She has no right to use his image to make a living...

I don't think I've ever seen a more stupid comment than yours, dd.

You're on


The people who run this site make their livings off of his image and every other celebrity's image that they put up here.

Seriously, are you *that* stupid, dd?

1354 days ago


She has more talent than he does apparently : )

1354 days ago


No. 5 and 6 That is completely untrue facebook does not own the image once it's put on there and once an image is on the internet does not make it okay for someone to use it with out your permission. Luckily he didn't make anything off of it so she can't sue him for all the proceeds. She also probably did not send in the copyright form for the image, which she will have to do in order to sue anyway. Although all images are copyrighted from the moment of conception, you can't do anything about someone stealing it unless it is registered.

As far as using his image to make a living she can because he is a public figure, however, the photographer of her reference photo is the one who would be taking her to court if he had actually paid her.

I don't think this girl has no talent, but she definitely needs a lot more practice. I would say she is high school level, maybe freshman in college.

It's also very clear, if not by the painting, then by her behavior she is a complete amateur. It's very rare for a professional artist to give a painting away for publicity. At least it used to be, I'm sure with the upcoming generation though it will happen more and more. That's just what happens when tacky is in.

1354 days ago


The artist is just trying to make an honest living, but made a HUGE mistake in drawing the "SITUATION" and believing that he would pay for the picture. Poor judgment call. I find nothing attractive about him or his overrated abs. My advise is when you want to paint beautiful men with great abs I suggest, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, LL Cool J and Brad Pitt. I am sure I forgot to mention others. I totally agree with (lissalissa25) response. Mike is getting toooo much attention for nothing.

1354 days ago
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