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Lindsay Lohan -- I'll Move If It Makes Sam Happy

1/5/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends she had "no idea" her new badass beach house was right next door to ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson ...but she's ready to move out in order to "keep the peace."


Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... Lohan was aware Sam lived somewhere in Venice, Ca -- but she didn't know how close her new pad was to Ronson's home until family members saw the DJ pull in to the garage next door on Monday.

Now -- after Lindsay's father went through all the trouble of moving her in -- we're told Lohan is considering moving out of the place after learning Sam was "pissed" at the situation.

We're told Lindsay doesn't want to break the lease -- which would cost her big bucks -- but she also doesn't want to "ruffle any feathers."

Still, with literally millions of dwellings in L.A., we gotta ask ...



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#75 says, "if her daddy lohan really is the person to have rented this for her then he probably knew sam lived next door and did it for publicity."

That's an ugly thought and COMPLETELY possible. In fact, it makes a whole lot of sense. I kept wondering why Daddy Grab-bucks would let Lindsay move right next to Sam, whom he has publicly blasted in the past (He's sooooo religious and cannot stand Sam's sexual orientation.) And I'll just BET that Daddy Grab-bucks told Lindsay of his little "coupe" - "Guess what? You remember that nice little pad that Sam has? I got you one right next door! She's going to be so surprised and happy! Oh, and just think of all of the publicity you two will get from this! Isn't that great, my little pedal-shedding Rose?"

There is just NO WAY on earth that this was a coincidence in Lohanland. There was a reason - probably many (stalking Sam, good drug supplier, mountains of free publicity.) Well, at least they've managed to fulfill goal #3, free publicity.

1351 days ago


Isn't she supposed to avoid people and routines that would put her back into her old lifestyle? Beyond the obvious, that she knew Ronson lived there, I would think Betty Ford would insist she stay away from Ronson and all things that would send her back on her old path. Her obsession with Ronson was one of the many catalysts. Wasn't she crazy obsessed with Wilderama many years ago? Isn't this her pattern?
Sub-lease the awesome place to someone else and move. It's not the only place to live.

1351 days ago


i thought she was broke?

1351 days ago


This SAGA of Lilo's life is sooooooooooo tiring and nothing more than "HORSE MANURE"!!!!!!!!!!!

1351 days ago

pink glitter    

@ janet

I just don't think we know the whole story, and to me personally...Samantha Ronson, she comes, she goes, she visits, she texts, she calls, she emails, etc...what message does that send to lindsay, let alone the details of what she communicates to her. I find it bothersome that she so easily throws this sick girl Lindsay, under the bus every time the public is reeeeallly watching. ugh she makes me sick.

1351 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Why is there always drama where Lindsay is concerned?

AND...out of BF for two whole days. Lunch in Beverly Hills, gym in Hollywood, stay at upscale hotel in LA.

Has she seen her sponsor? Gone to AA? NOPE

Same old same old!

1351 days ago


She didn't know. ROTFLOL!!!

Damn, they both look hideous.

1351 days ago


See yet another example of how everything this girl does turns into some kind of drama. She can not even move without causing trouble for people.

Oh and out of ALL the places to move to in the state of California she just by chance moves RIGHT next door to her ex lol yeah ok and Elvis is alive and well.

1351 days ago


So how do they say Lindsey is broke but can afford Betty Ford and this apt for $7500 a month?

1351 days ago


Lindsay needs to quit playing the manipulation games, same old--same, old. And Sam, stay away from her==once and for all, even from visiting in rehab. That's what the people are there help her deal with reality and life as it is.

1351 days ago


Doesn't Vivid own the property? They have it all set for a Big Brother like porn experience of two low life lesbos in love. All the drama, clams and tacos, three ways and love for money bizarreness you can imagine! Great idea! The shower cams will be on all month just in case one of them falls into a shower accidentally. Linds and Sam are going global!

1351 days ago


Oh this is off topic but did anyone see Inside Eddition last night? Michael Lohan was on it and he had a possible cancer mole cut off the side of his nose and then Debra Norville revieled the results on air. LOL the Lohan's cant even get a cancer mole cut off their face without running to do an interview about it.

For anyone who cares he does not have cancer.

1351 days ago


Reports state Ronson visited Lindsay while in rehab. Reports also state Lindsay has said she wanted to live there for some time now. Has anyone consider Ronson moved there, didn't tell anyone, so that when Lindsay moved there it would look like Lindsay is stalking her? I think Ronson keeps the drama going on, because without Lindsay, Ronson wouldn't be in the news. I think Ronson needs therapy and Lindsay needs to run as far away from her as possible.

1351 days ago


who is sam kidding she knew she was moving in..this is nothing more than attention ploy..sam hates her so much yet she was photgraphed leaving betty ford after visiting lindsay the gig is up

1351 days ago


I was thinking, if Lindsay was truly smart, she'd sober up and she and her parents could star in a soap opera. For real. Lindsay could be the spoiled, narcissistic, lying, boyfriend-stealing ingenuie (makeup needed), her mother could play a lying, manipulative, ex-Crockette beyatch, and Michael could be the in-and-out of prison dangerous thief. Lindsay could make some serious $$$ for years to come - think of how long Erica has been on AMC playing the exact same part. I'm very serious when I say this. Each Lohan could make a good living this way, and they wouldn't even need acting skills to be convincing. And they'd be paid to basically live out their "fictionalized" lives.

1351 days ago
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