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Lookin' Fly

1/12/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 32-year-old resurfaced on something called MySpace, looking well.

Dan was nominated for two "Young Artist Awards" for his role in "Lord of the Flies."

Pipoly played kid #3 in "Three Ninjas Knuckle Up."


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Why are you all so ignorant. Seriously do any of you know him. Leave him alone. If any of you making these comments about him are adults your just as bad. Isnt this called bullying, except your not doing it to his face. Freckin grow up. Nice example your showing your kids.....

1346 days ago


How sad you all are. I hope he doesn't see any of this.

1346 days ago


Such a coincidence! I just started reading this book yesterday. Pretty good so far :)

1346 days ago

Dan Pipoly    

Don't worry, he just did. Thanks for the comments, in whatever way I get them.

That picture is at least 5 years old. Check my "Facebook" profile for a couple newer pictures.

1346 days ago


Ahhhhhh the ignorance. People have such an obsession with looks. And I am sure none of you a-holes here have a bad photo that was taken of you anywhere floating around. I am sure they are all perfect, cause you are all perfect. HAHAHA
Having had the pleasure of meeting and hanging with Dan, I can say he is better looking then all of you jokers here putting him down. Why, cause he's a decent person.

1346 days ago


I see little Piggy grew into an enormous Hippopotamus.

1346 days ago


Glad to see the human race at it's best here. Make fun of Dan all you want, he's a much better person than all you s***bags ever will be. I've also met him. I'm sure you're all feeling so high on your horse making fun of someone you don't know, but I bet 95% of you losers wouldn't have the balls to say something like that to his face! Realize you're all ugly INSIDE and that's all that matters! Have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your hate-filled vile existence! :)

1346 days ago


You guys are lame Dan is my cousin you can all kiss my ass he lives a happier life than all you tools.

1346 days ago


God Bless Him......

1346 days ago


i enjoyed reading the hateful comments about dan from the TMZ community. i see that their followers are just as refine as the show. i would not have gone here if not for a friend who sent me the link. i know dan and he's pretty awesome. too bad you can't see that from some lame photo taken from myspace.

1346 days ago


Ooooo. That's not gonna end well.

1346 days ago


I'm sure all of you that have negative things to say make your parents proud huh? If it makes you happy to belittle someone else, please don't ever reproduce! Danny is an awesome person, with a great heart and lots of personality! Even if he wasn't my cousin, I'd still be friends with him because he is who he is! He's got more charm and personality than 1/2 of the people posting crap on here!

1346 days ago



I was expecting a slimmed down version. Ick Nast.

1345 days ago


so the tmz fans are showing their lack of class. my nephew is a great guy, and his performance was fantastic in that movie. it must be nice to think so highly of yourselves. not everyone can be a cover model like all you foul mouthed beautiful people.dont waste your time commenting on other peoples appearance. get back to your mirror and stare at that image you all hold in such high regard.maybe you like what you see.. look a little deeper, see what i see.. ugliness to your core. the person that said to hide your chidren , i hope your kids are brighter than you. idiot.

1345 days ago

Black Magilla    

Eh, it's so easy for people to bash others anonymously. I've never figured out why people take the time to make negative comments, I mean ... what a waste of time!

I had the pleasure of meeting Dan a few months ago. He is a charming, donwn-to-earth, interesting guy. Plus, he was frickin' amazing in that movie. You go Dan! :-)

1345 days ago
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