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Big Ben -- Sing Us A Song You're a Quarterback

2/4/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's not the most controversial drinking night in Ben Roethlisberger's life -- but his boozy pre-Super Bowl outing this week sure did brew up a good argument ... and some serious karaoke.

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This is just bad reporting and whoever made this story is an idiot. TMZ should be ashamed to have even made this a story. Who cares if Ben went and had a drink with his O-line? He's not on house arrest. This is such a non issue. You guys are idiots and are retarded. Fire whoever made this a story.

1360 days ago


I feel bad for the women he attacked and never got charged for. He is a menance to society and in particular women! He's a alcoholic who can't seem to keep his hands to his self.

I always thought our professional athelets were to be our heros. Someone to look up to.

When did things go so terribly wrong when we allow someone to continue in their profession, playing a sport, after being accused of sexual assaults, drug charges, dog killers, gun charges, sexual harrassement charges, and whatever else that's criminal to be our national heros?

It would have gone either way this season with the teams, we could have had Michael Vicks playing in the Superbowl or this piece of crap Ben Rothesinberger playing in the Super Bowl. I don't either one should be playing any professional sport, never mind a Super Bowl Game.

That's a tragedy! One of these days Ben, your Karma will catch up with you, unfortunately at the expense of another victim....

1360 days ago


So going out to drink 5 days before the superbowl will definitely make the Steelers lose huh? Wonder who at TMZ is putting money on that one? lol.

1359 days ago


He is s***!

1359 days ago

TMZ sucks    

You're a bunch of morons. He's been accused not charged. The first accuser was a proven nutjob and the second is questionable at best. So he takes his offensive line out on a Tuesday night, who cares? How many posts do you need on this non-story. Stick with the Hollywood gossip TMZ

1359 days ago


1st of all, anyone who considers sports figures 'super heros' and 'role models' needs a swift kick of reality !! 2nd of , all,feeling sorry for the girl in milly ville' ? Why? becuase she was voluntarilly in the VIP room with Ben, drinking shots of tequilla with him, discussing what her DTF tag meant? then crying 'assault' after she obviously lead him (to the bathroom) AND to believe that she 'wanted his ***' ? then not pressing charges because she apparently realized that she was the instigator? feel sorry for that ???" and 3rd... the only 'argument' this 'piece of sh...t news story' raised was " how much of a moronic, stupid, piece of crap news feed TMZ is" ...Hey, and "Barbie doll", yeah, Ben's 'karma' is catching up with him right now....he lead his team to the SUPER BOWL !! GOD obvsioulsy is looking out for him !! so go bite yourself !! HAHA !!!

1359 days ago

fioo hoos    

BEND dover is dover sned green bay right over to the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.He can`t keep it tupperware and he will throw too many bad passes yet again on feild and off.

1359 days ago


you know what else is not fun? getting your ass sued for reporting complete and total bull**** as fact.

he was there for barely 2 hours..taking his offensive line out to dinner on Tuesday night just as he has done every Tuesday night all season long.

Do you see a drink in his hand in the video? Hell no you don't.
Tabloid Tv...TMZ is a joke.

1359 days ago


you people are full blown idiots! anything for a story, really, boozing his face off... you ought to be completely ashamed of yourselves for this story, is Big Ben supposed to become a hermit and never go out, he's allowed to live his life and having some drinks with his O Line should not qualify him to be crucified like this. He bought everyone drinks and left a $200 tip for Gods sake!!! If any other football player did this everyone would be saying what a great guy, this crap needs to stop! I wish you'd get sued for this but that won't happen because no one, including Coach Tomlin thinks this is a the big deal you've made of it. Resorting to this kind of journalism is low life, right up there with the National Inquirer but I suppose your proud of that..........

1359 days ago


Worst, Story EVER!!!
how dare a human being be social with people...we should put down any person whos ever gone to a bar after 9pm EVER!!!
The guy wasn't even out of control. He was just chillin at the table. Maybe this is a Superbowl Tradition for them? U know because they have been there 2 times in the past 6 years. Maybe they have rituals.
TMZ is really going down hill here..

1359 days ago


only time will tell whether ben has made a true change in his social behavior. but, cut the guy a break, he's young and single and hits the bars like thousands of other single men in search of the same things. check over the police report, it's available on line, these girls were 19 and 20 years old in atlanta and were wearing name tags that had the letters "d.t.f.". which according to their sorority sisters means "down to f---". don't go to bars under age, follow a guy to three different bars. were on your sleeve what you are out for that night and then scream it's all rothlisberger's fault!

1359 days ago


Wow. Do you think these guys stay at home and read their playbooks, then the Bible, and go to bed by 9. Never heard of this site until it was quoted, and just got on to say you are all a bunch of hypocrites.

1359 days ago


suzyQ... i love you oh so very much. THANK you!!

1359 days ago


nice reporting...you guys know a lot about football! that was the most misinformed group of people I've ever seen in my life. you do realize (or maybe you don't) that Ben has 2 rings and is the youngest qb to ever win...to think that going to a piano bar and singing-what? piano man??? what ever would posess him to pick that song? is going to affect his play on sunday? none of you idots are atheletes so how on earth could you possibly know?

1359 days ago


This is ridiculous. He's not doing anything wrong at all. He takes his o-line out every Tuesday, and they are just trying to keep things as normal as possible during the craziness of Superbowl week. TMZ knows NOTHING about sports...

1359 days ago
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