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TMZ's "Defend the Show From The Charlies" Game

2/26/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is on the rampage and the fate of "Two and a Half Men" is in your hands!



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oh yea i have been on the z all day, i dont watch the show dont give 2 s ***S but i am TEAM CHARLIE uh bb i can roll with the crew i can run ya damn crew. oh and that other crew well screw them they will just go 2 doors down to some other bs. ::))) rock on bb!!!! gotta love a person who isnt a aheeple ::))))

1297 days ago


my bad on typo that is sheeple. im in the CHARLIE moment, and i guess that is politically incorrect. lmao but i feel like a friggin WINNER ::)))))))))

1297 days ago


Whatever with the game, Charlie wins! Go Charlie!

1297 days ago


Ummm, do the math?

Charlie took a ten million dollar bath so far this year, and its not even March!

Thats not what I call "Winning" - however he will likely win that Darwin prize he has been chasing with the AddictoMax 3000 CrackBong sometime though, and then we can read all about his short pathetic life story and have another good laugh.

1297 days ago


That was actually a pretty fun game. Good job to whomever made it.

1297 days ago


Dear charlie

I have enjoyed your work over the years and am disapointed to have to say this.

You sir are a complete wack job.

Today I had to take a friend to the hospital because he was spouting non-senical ramblings as you seem to be. I ask you to please get help.

If you didn't have the family background with the money and recognition that that brings, you would be institutionalized.

Please don't let your gobs of money bring you to an end. There are many of us (I'm a disabled vet living on VA benifits) who are struggling with our problems but we are brave enough to get the help we need.

I know you don't think you need help and that your life is bitchin and awesome, but many of us "Real" people see a man struggling with his own demons but is too arrogant and selfish to get the help he desprately needs.

I wish you would get some help, but if you don't, good luck to you because your life will be short and without meaning. You may think your children gives you a legacy, but all they will remember is a sad little man who was too selfish to get the help he needed and died and abandoned them, and they will hate you for the rest of their lives.

I imagine your daughter will have daddy issues growing up and some dude will use her like you have been using women. A sad end indeed


1297 days ago


I AM DIZZY with the endless publicity about "Cholly." I like the comment by, GOLLY, #6.

1297 days ago

Karen Larsen    

He is a LOSSSSSSSSSSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I mean, really I have no money, live from one day to the next. I would NEVER EVER under any cir***stances write a book, about anything I know about anyone! Thank God, I have no friends like Charlie, the back stabber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs to just go away! I have never seen his show and would NEVER, EVER watch or read anything he writes! I hope he loses all of his money AND his families money. Then and only then, he might be faced to have a look at who he really is. He has to be one of the MOST SPIRITUALLY BANKRUPT MEN on his planet! He was never taught RIGHT from WRONG! It is easy, Charlie, just do the "NEXT RIGHT THING", which is not writing a book about others, or blaming others for your life!

1297 days ago


Man, if I was one of the crew members I'd sue Charlie Sheen. Who cares about the executives - they were all stupid enough to hire Sheen's drug-addled a$$ to begin with. And, they all made a bunch of money. But the key grips, production assistants, etc. are different.

1296 days ago

He's too screwed up to do the show.

1296 days ago


I LOVE the show but, it IS just a TV show, Charlie!
You are not a god. You are in need of help and if I was in your "crew" that is what I would be focusing on.
I wish you well, Charlie.

1296 days ago

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