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Chris Brown -- The One Woman Pity Party

3/23/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He smashed a window ... he ripped off his shirt ... he acted like a total a-hole ... but there's at least ONE person who actually FEELS BAD for Chris Brown ...

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He's a weakstick.

1310 days ago


I hope this jackhole is sent to prison where he can be someone's bitch. Maybe they will even beat the tar out of him-one can hope...

1310 days ago


He should be in jail. His anger management classes and slap on the wrist obviously did nothing for his temper.

1310 days ago

sean dell    


1310 days ago

PRO US    

Window laugh at Chris Brown? Chris Brown show window who boss. Who laughing now?

1310 days ago

PRO US    

Blonde hair for reason, dogs. Check it out. Chris Brown audition for role of Kim Novak in remake of Vertigo. Word.

1310 days ago


Just leave the guy alone already, this is the only media place that continues to bash him, guy cant catch a break from TMZ! He made mistakes but not as bad as Charlie Sheen's and TMZ is thinks Charlie is funny and even travel to his house to do***ent the mess! Chris Brown's incident happened a long time ago, he was trying to promote his new record, why bring up Rihanna?

1310 days ago

Hey Girl Haaay    

He should just die already. His career is over. If he was such a "changed" guy he would have been like "that was a crazy time and I've grown from that. I'm excited about my new album, I wish Rihanna the best..." even if you do HAVE to say it over and over in every interview. Why? Because this is the business you enter. Act as such. He is a complete jerk and I WISH Rihanna was related to me. I guarantee Chris Brown would have been beat the hell up by me and my brothers. NEVER EVER HIT A WOMAN. His mother must be so ashamed.

1310 days ago


I enjoyed the scripted (edited & V/O commentary) on this article, humor and law and sexuality and television

1310 days ago


Chris Brown: Beeatch Made. Beeatch Bred.

Needs to be sent to the corner and stand for 30 minutes cause he can't control his temper tantrums.

1310 days ago


What do you mean He can't catch a Break???
The guy should be arrested for the Violent act he did.
He can't control his Rage. Not only did he cause Vandalism, Property Damage, he scared the staff enough to call security and others on the sidewalk below and/or in the room could have been hurt by the ****tered glass.

Anyone else and they would have been thrown in the Slammer.

1310 days ago

Sad sad    

I see why she feels bad but her tune would change when he goes bat **** crazy and pounds her face in. TMZ can you make a punching game with Chris Brown and Michael Lohan's face? It would be fun fun fun. Or better yet Have Chris throwing a chair out the window trying to aim at Michael on the ground. The most glass shards win.

1310 days ago


evidently he didn't want to talk about that situation it happened let the past stay in the past didn't nobody really start talking about the rhianna thing again until his new album came out. I am not saying he is right for exploding like that but if everytime u turn around someone is asking u about that it gets frustating. Chris Breezy keep doing what u doing but just tone the temper a little bit

1310 days ago


Chris Brown, always a punk. Get lost woman-beater.

1310 days ago


funny hair and inked this chris brown or dennis rodman??-
good luck with getting a girl friend or selling CDs again--

1310 days ago
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