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Charlie Sheen

Bombed in Detroit

4/3/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen got heavily booed and people walked out of his show in Detroit tonight.

According to multiple people inside the Fox Theatre ... the majority of the audience heckled not only Charlie, but his buddy Simon Rex, who came out and started rapping.

We're told Charlie started the show with a Q&A session -- answering audience questions about everything from fave porn stars to crack cocaine (see the crack joke here). Then Charlie played clips from a network interview he did and ripped it apart.

At one point, Sheen tried to deflect the angry crowd by pointing out that he had his own app ... and they didn't (see video above).

That went on for about 30 minutes ... and the crowd was initially cheering for Charlie. He even sent out a twitpic of the enthusiastic audience.

But then the crowd got ugly.

We're told Charlie called on Simon Rex for backup ... sending him on stage to rap -- and when that backfired they played the new track, "Winning" ... which Snoop Dogg recorded for Charlie. 

We're told that got the crowd fired up ... but when neither Snoop nor Charlie came out on stage they started booing again.

At that point most of the crowd started walking out -- and the house lights were turned on.

We're told Charlie did come back on stage briefly and invited the people who stayed to move up closer to the stage ... but then he started complaining about his audio and walked off the stage.


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Jess Lan~

sing for us

1207 days ago


Ksis go suck his small co c K and feed him coke before his show and let people talk without you butting in, mmmk.

1207 days ago


he should of just talked about drugs, hookers, and strippers. what else did he need talk about....

1207 days ago


ksis - thank you for illuminating your response to me - here's where I find the difference in our thought patterns -

You seem to have taken everything spoken by Charlie as absolute truth with no verifying response back from his employers.
I take his response with a grain of salt - there are always two sides to every dispute. I've yet to hear the other side.


Not exactly. I also read the termination letter from his employers, but I have always trusted people who stand up and say out loud what they have to say. Did we hear any statemtn from any of his employers? Nope.


As for the Vanity cards which I have now read more than half of them - Mr. Lorre takes alot of shots at himself - they seem more like the musings of a creative mind to me and very much like thinking out loud - or in this case on screen.


Taking shots at yourself is abit different than taking them at someone.


Here's where you and I part ways - I will defend his right to be whatever he chooses to be in his private life as you do, even to his own detriment - but when he impacts the lives of others by his actions I will call him down on that.


The point is, that I truly don't see his actions as effecting in sucj a terrible way the lives of other people. There is a perception that he is the one to blame for all that and everyone else gets off with no blame whatsoever. He accepted some of it publically. Did anyone else involved do that? Nope.


Posted at 2:50 PM on Apr 3, 2011 by angeleyes

Anyway...We agree to disagree on some points. It was good talking to you.

1207 days ago


I do not at all underestimate his intelligence. No doubt he is extremely smart. The arrogance that I refer to is the arrogance in claiming that he is a winner because of the lifestyle he lives and that he is "special" and that the rest of us are just jealous trolls. If he truly believes these remarks and if he truly believes that his webcasts and his performance last night was "winning" material, then he is not only arrogant but delusional. However, if he is simply capitalizing on all the publicity and taking everyone's money, then we are certainly underestimating his intelligence. Anyone who thinks they can use violent language and hurl insults the way he does is an arrogant jerk. He has made references to violent acts on children and he thinks we're supposed to find this entertaining?? You are right, he is focused but I am not so sure that what he is focused on is going to bring him any real respect or happiness. He certainly isn't focused on putting on a good show. I guess we all define success and winning differently and the bottom line is I do not agree with his definition of winning. We all know Hollywood doesn't really care how their stars behave, its all about the money and it seems that a lot of attention, good or bad attention is all that is really needed to be a star these days.

Posted at 2:49 PM on Apr 3, 2011 by Kathyo


It's not "the rest of us" that are trolls. Just the ones that are out there to screw up his life and family, and those that openly support them. I don't particularly like people who do that to me either. LOL
And it doesn't really matter what he is focused on. He NEEDS to be focused to stay clean,

1207 days ago


Jess Lan~

sing for us

1207 days ago


Oh just give it up, Loser. Yes, I can see that. You cracked the case. And I was never hiding to begin with. So what exactly are you going to do now that you have my twitter name? LMAO! Just get a hobby.

1207 days ago


?? :(

Supporting the cause!!

1207 days ago


This is a hilarious video of what people said as they left the theatre last night. Enjoy!

1207 days ago


You know Ksis, I THINK I get where you're coming from. I do not think that you are necessarily a huge Charlie fan. I think that you are just looking at this from his point of view. You see a guy who was doing a job and living a controversial lifestyle that his employers never had a problem with and then it seems as if suddenly they did have a problem and BOOM, Charlie exploded over the hypocrisy of his employers and he's just been letting every bit of frustration and every feeling he's ever felt coming pouring out and it has come out in a "language" that no one has ever heard before or expected and it had heads spinning and maybe your point is that why should we fault someone who is essentially just ripping the lid off a big box of hypocrisy and he's being honest about who he is, porn stars and all and he's basically saying, Why the big fuss now when it's been this way all along?? He's saying, yes my show sucks but you bought the tickets! He's saying I may not be the best role model for my twin boys but Brook isn't much better so why am I the fall guy here, why am I losing my kids?
In this sense, I guess he is being totally honest and putting it all out there and screw anyone who doesn't like it because whether the show sucks or not, whether his career sinks or not, he at least has been honest about who he is and how he rolls.
The problem with this for most people is that they don't have millions of dollars to fall back on so they can't go out into the world and be totally insulting and irresponsible with our words and actions and continue to make millions and maybe this is why people get pissed off when anyone tries to defend Charlie's actions because IT'S JUST NOT FAIR, LOL.. I'm saying the last part with a chuckle!! Bottom line is the majority of the world could never get away with what the Charlie's and Lindsay's and Paris and Chris Browns get away with and they're fed up with it!!

1207 days ago



1207 days ago



Yeppers. To be honest, I haven't seen HALF of his movies. I don't support him as an actor. I support him as a man who, in MY opinion, has been screwed, and who makes points that I agree with. He is not being a hypocrite and speaks out loud TO the people that screwed him and ABOUT them. Going against the norms? Sure. But why the hell shouldn't he if has the guts? Many of us would want to do it sometimes, but we rarely do.

As for the millions of bucks...Sorry but attacking him (and I am not referring to you of course, because you are one of the most objective posters I have met here) because he is so damn rich and they are not, makes no sense, since Chuck, Les Moonves and all the WB white collars earned the money mostly thanks to him, that HE will probably never see.

1207 days ago



1207 days ago


Oh and I would truly not compare Chris Brown to Charlie. No one has ever seen one single bruise on Brooke or Denise. He explained the situation with Brittany Ashland, and since I have not heard her version of the story, I have no reason not to believe him.
We all have seen Rihanna.

1207 days ago


Who is more Psychotic...Sheen or the Fools who paid to see an out of control Buffoon? Clue: It ain't Sheen!

1207 days ago
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