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Fake Canadian -- Worst Travel Tip Ever?

5/6/2011 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One frosty-tipped TMZ staffer confesses he pretends to be Canadian when traveling abroad ... and all HELL breaks loose. Brace yourself for OUTRAGE and debate in the newsroom! 050511_TV_louis_still

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The worse part is that people in other countries are going to start to believe that us actual Canadians, with flags on our backpacks, are really Americans in disguise.

1235 days ago


I cant believe people are posting that Germany hates America! After they killed 6 million+ in the camps and millions more fighting the war - exactly who are they to hate anyone?

1235 days ago


@Ketjo. I don’t know where you got the idea that I was bashing the Americans; I was just telling you how it has been in Europe for the last 66 years, and the reason why. I am speaking from what I have experienced when it comes to the Netherlands. They understand a lot of Americans say they are Canadians, when they are not so they ask questions only Canadians would know the correct answer. I by the way… my family is straight from the homeland of Holland.
I think you need to get your facts straight though. Canada did not enter the war because England entered the war. We declared war on Germany 5 days after France and England declared war on Germany. We did have a dilapidated military at the time, but we built our military in one short year, and Canada supplied most of Britain’s supplies. Approximately half of the British Army's transport requirements were supplied from Canadian manufacturers. Canada also produced its own medium tank, the Ram. Though it was unsuitable for combat employment, many were used for training, and the 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment used modified Rams as armoured personnel carriers in North-West Europe. In addition 1,390 Canadian-built Valentine tanks were shipped to the Soviet Union. Approximately 14000 aircraft, including Lancaster and Mosquito bombers, were built in Canada. In addition, by the end of 1944, Canadian shipyards had launched naval ships, such as destroyers, frigates, corvettes, and some 345 merchant vessels. But perhaps no Canadian contribution to the Allied war effort was so vital as that made by the metals industries: half of Allied aluminum and ninety percent of Allied nickel was supplied by Canadian sources during the war.
By the end of WW2, the British land forces had about 60 percent Canadian made small arms, such as rifles, Bren Guns and anti-tank weapons. The Royal Air Force had 100's of Canadian made aircraft, such as Hurricanes, Spitfires and Mustangs, which had been built in Canada. The RAF heavy bomber units had about 40 percent Canadian built Halifax and Lancaster aircraft. Canada supplied millions of rounds of rifle, machine gun and pistol ammunition, as well as 75mm tank gun rounds, 25 pounder artillery gun rounds and naval torpedoes and anti-submarine depth charges. All of this production was sent to Britain by ship from Canadian manufacturing plants, mainly in Ontario and Quebec. The western Provinces contributed agricultural products like flour, bran, beef and pork which was butchered and canned for military rations, and to feed the British people. Butter and honey was also sent in cans and so was sugar, made from sugar beets. Canada also made military uniforms and wool blankets for the British armed forces, and flotation life jackets for the Royal Navy, as well as silk parachutes for the RAF. Canadian lumber was sent to build new military bases in the UK , and we also provided steam locomotives for the British railways to help move more supplies around. Trucks by the thousands were built in Canada and supplied to both the British and Indian armies for moving men and supplies.
So, Yes, Canada made a huge contribution to the winning of WW2, not only in terms of manpower for the fighting units of the Canadian Forces, but also in terms of material goods and food stuffs that helped to feed the British people during the war.
Canada also to this day celebrates VE day. Just in case you don’t know what that is Ketjo…. That stands for Victory in Europe Day. Yes now, I am bashing just you! Our military does just fine, and can stand on our own two feet. Canada after all took care of business in Afghanistan when the States moved most of their military to Iraq. It’s because of that attitude you displayed… is why Europe hates Americans. Which is an absolute shame, because of boneheaded idiots like you ruin it for the rest of the Americans who don’t have an axe to grind with anyone.

1235 days ago


awesome facts-did not know a lot of that info
thanks for breaking it down that way

a lot in the US tend to underestimate Canada because of the population being maybe one tenth of the US -but they have been/and will make valuable contirbutions to the world

1235 days ago


Harvey, you travel, so it isn't that....oh yes you are wealthy so you pay for that kind of respect overseas :-) !!! The rest of us have to keep the fact that we are American a guarded secret when travelling.


1235 days ago


I'm Canadian, and have run into numerous Americans with a Canadian flag on their luggage/backpacks. Mostly in Europe but some in Asia. Usually find that out when asking where in Canada they're from. This isn't a new travel tactic and I don't think Dax should have been attacked. I'd be happy to endorse him as an honourary Canadian. Lighten up Tee Em Zed.

1235 days ago


I just came back from Australia. People would assume I was from the states but I was like "no, Canada" then they would be like o just checking...People honestly don't like people from the states because they are way tooo outspoken and don't think about others.

1235 days ago


I'm Canadian and when I was overseas, they thought I was American, until they saw the Canadian flag on my backpack. The locals were a lot friendlier after that and some actually apologized for assuming I was from the US. I was surprised it made that much of a difference.

1235 days ago


The obnoxious American tourist stereotype has been around for decades. The only travel I did when I was younger, was into the U.S. (from Canada) and I always thought that it was just an unfounded stupid stereotype because most people I had met in the U.S. were salt of the earth types that I was glad to have met. It wasn't until I started traveling abroad and actually experienced being treated better once people found out I was Canadian rather than American, and also encountered many of the living stereotype American tourists (who are admittedly hard to stomach). But every country has their arseholes. Perhaps it's the standard of living and wealth of the U.S. that allows more citizens per capita to travel than other countries, so there's a larger percentage of the arseholes getting exposure? I dunno. But those are the ones that truly give a bad name to the rest of Americans.

Also, it's sad that human nature is such that the bad sticks with us more readily than the good and that the negative becomes more newsworthy or worthy of storytelling than the positive. It's this reason that the negative American tourist perception thrives.

1234 days ago


@Sloane. I am seriously not trying to put down Americans in any way, but I come from a proud Canadian military family, who are proud of the work that we have done. At the same time... I am from a proud Dutch family. My Grandfather was a part of the resistance in WW2 while they were living in Holland at the time (my dad was alive at the time who remembers the liberation of Holland). So I am lucky to have the facts of both side. My Grandparents saved a lot of Jewish families from the concentration camps, and they almost died at the hands of the gestapo... for doing what was right. My husband is also a member of the Canadian military... so we carry on the tradition with pride.

1234 days ago


Thank you, TMZ, for the biggest laugh I have had all day. PS: I have decided that I should work for you- I'm a shameless gossip, I love celebrities, and I have an English degree, which I'm pretty sure means that I'm supposed to be able to put a sentence together or something. Think about it...

1234 days ago

dutchess k    

I went to Thailand a few years ago and my travel guide a family friends friend told a cab driver we were from europe and not America. I wasnt sure why but after they talked it was mainly cause i guess they didnt like Americans much either so i had to play the European part. I guess they rip Americans off more and dont really like Americans. I dont mind playing the part of a non american just so i dont get harassed. Im very proud to be an American but im not going to risk my life overseas in another country flaunting being an American. I went with it and had a great time and everything went well. I know of a lot of countries that dont like Americans and i can understand why he said he was Canadian when he was there. A lot of countries dont like us but im not gonna try to get killed or robbed there over it. If you want to go to those countries and tell them your from America you go ahead and let me know what happens. All i know is i definately will listen to family and friends about their country. I want to live and not be robbed so i back the guy up who works for TMZ. He loves his country and so do i but we wanna live and not get beat up and robbed cause of where we are from.

1234 days ago


well it's no wonder, We Canadians aren't looked at the same way as Americans are. Everybody wants to be Canadian don't ya know, eh? LAWL

1234 days ago


I worked as a technician for GE (jet) engine division for 25 years and I have traveled all over Africa, Asia, Europe and points between. I would often take vacation days in Bangkok, Brussels, Saint Petersburg,Istanbul,Lagos,Vientian,Cape Town, Rome, Paris, Frankfurt, Ho name it, and I would always hear the same hard questions about US foreign policy and why some Americans act arrogant or lack curiosity with international matters, geography and such BUT - there was one common global-rule amongst the various people I met...With an American (tourist) you might have to suffer a loud or occasionally intoxicated big-tipper, back-slapper with the heart of a lion...But with the Canadian, you always had to put a security watch for the safety of the children.

Even today, some 10 years after retirement, I hear this repeated on every continent. Keep an eye on that quiet Canadian...

Anyone else experience this?

1234 days ago



You're hilarious eastcoastchopper!

1234 days ago
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