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Fake Canadian -- Worst Travel Tip Ever?

5/6/2011 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One frosty-tipped TMZ staffer confesses he pretends to be Canadian when traveling abroad ... and all HELL breaks loose. Brace yourself for OUTRAGE and debate in the newsroom! 050511_TV_louis_still

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Saw a rerun of Jeopardy recently and a contestant admitted to doing the same thing. I understand the logic but come on.
Be proud to be American. God Bless the USA!!!

1265 days ago



sadly so true in many cases
when the world is watching and seeing how we treat some of out own, that may be one reason we don't get the same amount of respect as Canadians do abroad
less acceptance of differences in a lot of cases

examples- Canada was fighting in WW2 long before the US finally decided to join in-so Canada showed more of a Global concern

and the world knows about race relations still being not what they should be in the US
they know that Canadians encouraged encouraged the slaves to escape there to freedom with an amazing network of underground railways as they called them

in US immigrants are pushed to adopt all things US when they immigrate and join the "melting pot"
in Canada they assimilate while keeping their culture to a greater extent so it is a more accepting "mosaic" of a country

don't know about you but if I had to flee to another contry becasue of the strife/starvation in mine, I'd want to hang on to and honor some of my US customs/heritage/religion and so on..
so it's not fair to demand others relinquish theirs when they swear allegiance

1265 days ago


moG 18 minutes ago
He is absloutely right. Americans are a disgrace around the world. You are all loud mouthed and obnoxious. You figure the whole world should do what you do. You go into a restaurant in Italy and you want a burger and iced tea. Where ever America is ruined..BECAUSE YOU WANT IT YOUR WAY!!! Stay home.


This is so true!! I travelled with an American friend overseas and all she did was whine about it not being the same as the United States!! She was unwilling to accept a different culture and spent the whole time she was there miserable. I on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed myself. I loved trying new foods and checking out the difference in the countries. People treated her terribly because she was such a whiner, when they found out she was American it made it worse. I am Canadian and trust me, I was pretty quick to point out that I was! :D

1265 days ago


I am in the travel industry, and YES plenty of Americans do pretend to be canadians especially after 9/11. The world sees americans as bullies. those who actually travel OUTSIDE the USA can see that is true,

1265 days ago


He is completely right!! I've lived in Germany as a military brat and the Americans are taught to wear little Canadian pins on their backpacks or jackets and tell people they are Canadian when they travel to receive better service and treatment. It's a sad thing to have to realize about yourselves as a country but unfortunately it's ALSO TRUE.

1265 days ago


well I live in Canada and the American culture is not something totally understood up here...because you guys have toddlers in tiara where 3 yrs learn all the important value (..) and Miley Cyrus is your children`s role model but as soon as she dare be a kid herself you call her all the names in the world...parents are in such a hurry to put their kids on the spotlight so they can be on the spotlight themselves...not saying everyone is like that, but from an the outside, you guys don`t look good ....;)

1265 days ago

Home Skillet    

I traveled to Costa Rica for work. I wanted to take a few days off to explore the local culture, countryside, etc., really get to see how true Costa Ricans live. So, I signed up with a highly-recommended tour that left from the San Jose hotel where I was staying. There were approximately 25 people on the tour, and from all over the world. There was a newlywed couple there on their honeymoon who were loud, obnoxious ... and from Kentucky. I had no desire to sit with them, so I didn't - but that didn't prevent me from having to hear, from them, about what they like, what they don't, what their opinion of Costa Rica was, what they liked about Costa Rica, what they don't like about Costa Rica - NONE OF US CARED!!

Anyway, we're cruising along on our tour bus, having to listen to those two yap, on our way to a small village where a traditional Costa Rican breakfast that was being prepared solely for us. The husband of the American couple says, "If I have to eat one more piece of fruit, I am going to vomit." Then, the wife chimes in, quite proud of herself, "We had Pizza Hut for dinner." WHY would you have Pizza Hut when you're in Costa Rica?

My point is this: Americans, when you step outside our borders, be cool. Don't be azzholes. Recognize, enjoy and embrace other cultures, ways of life, belief systems and maybe you'll learn something. Clearly, the Ugly Americans among us have given us all a bad name.

1265 days ago


This is nothing new. I have seen this time and time again; Americans pretending to be Canadians. I have travelled to many European countries and can spot an American a mile away, they are usually the loud, brash and in your face kind, stupidly thinking that the country they are visiting should be more like America. I actually saw on man look at the food on the table and say, what is the bull****? Oh yeah, you are going to win lots of friends the world over with that kind of attitude.

1265 days ago


Oi mate , Australian's don't hate Americans people just hate people who act arrogant like you :)

1265 days ago


Thank All you wonderful polite, Canadians for bashing your neighbors across the border on this a American internet site...I know how polite and well liked Canadians are...just ask the poor waitress in the reststop in Corbin Ky, off I75 how polite Canadians are..they call them Canadian Geese down their and they ssooooo look forward to winter in Canadian when the Canadian Geese are flying down I75 on their way to Florida which by the way is in USA and stop off for coffee and run the waitress poor legs off with their demands for a hour or more then leave without so much as a tip for her efforts ...Just like a flock of geese honking their way thru the sky going south for the winter...then again in the spring...

And yes Canadian was in WW2 before the Americans but then America wasn't a territory of the Britch Empire like Canada was since we had our independance for her 200 yrs before..and if it wasn't for the US supplying the Canadians and British with supplies , munitions , planes and yes even men, you wouldn't have lasted very long....
But bash away Canadian , but remember this "God forbid" your nation ever faces a naturel or man made disaster I garenntee you this, these same UGly Americans you are Bashing will be the first on the ground with help and relief for their neighbors to the north...

1265 days ago


I have spent time in Europe and when asked if i was american i would politely let them know i was canadian, and you better believe i would get a big smile and better prices, i don't think it's all political it's partly because quite frankly a large amount of american tourists i have come in cantact with don't handle thier booze well...which leads to loud a-hole's bragging obnoxiously about the states being the best country in the world,how much better than everyone else they are, it doesn't make you very popular with people who live and love the country YOU are a guest in. Just saying, p.s. most people can spot a fake canadian Sorry Dax

1265 days ago

Home Skillet    

** We're all looking at you, Conservatives under the age of 40 / drunk Southerners / frat boys / Springbreakers / and Americans with less-than-average-sized penises **

1265 days ago

Jannelle Wiens    

I'm from Canada and proud of it. Ten years ago my son needed to go to Mexico for three weeks to graduate from highschool. He was told straight out to make it clear that he was Canadian. That was ten years ago!

1265 days ago

Jannelle Wiens    

Ketjo: Yes, it's true we are part of the British Empire; however, you can't say that about the Newfoundlanders. They were not part of our country and that time and they went out in droves. That's the kind of people we are. I'm not from the Maritimes nor have I had the chance to visit that wonderous area of Canada. We also did not have conscription; we volunteered.

1265 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

if you weren't stupid enough to vote for bush twice and if you didn't so mindlessly applaud yourselves when you don't even question 9/11 then you probably wouldn't get so much grief about it. just sayin'

even John Kerry admitted that WTC7 was brought down by demolition yet you keep chanting USA. this is what USA is. drenched in evil.
see John Kerry admit it:

1265 days ago
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