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President Obama -- This Chili Dog Tastes Ironic

6/5/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The day after his wife unveiled a new USDA guide for healthy eating, President Barack Obama stopped at Rudy's Hot Dog in Toledo, OH and scarfed down two chili dogs ... with fries.


Do as my wife says, not as I do ...


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Gloria Unread 8 minutes ago
Pucket - @Allie M. - Honey, you've obviously mistaken us for someone who cares that about your raging jealousy. We don't.

Wow. You interpret that as jealousy?!? Typical. When people on the left can't make a logical argument, they resort to name-calling, or bitterly referring back to the "Bush is Evil/Hitler" standard that they've been clinging to for over ten years.

Newsflash Honey, everyone "is to the left of" people like you. Even your fellow Republicans that you want to run out of the party. Your an extremist and what is wrong with the Republican party, which is why i'm an independent today and not a registered republican.

you know what else is "typical" as you put it? That extremists like you immediately pigeonhole anyone who doesn't agree with them as being "lefties".

1200 days ago


he should eat them in private.
not eat two dogs after telling us
what not to eat..stuffing his face.

1200 days ago


GOD BLESS PRESIDENT OBAMA! And Mrs. Obama, keep telling these ignorant parents how to feed their children. They aren't very smart to begin with.

1200 days ago

Glory Bee    

Hi Puckett, to be perfectly clear, since you ask, the n word posting IS just as ignorant and hateful as those made by people who pull the race card every minute. NEITHER makes any sense. But hey, what are you gonna do? Freedom of speech, even hateful speech.

1200 days ago


dd 6 minutes ago
@HAMPTONDUDE, he is not Muslim @2 walk outside of the trailer park sometimes and you will realize that there are BEEF hot dogs and Kosher ones too...Live and Learn wake up from your ignorance! I bet that hot dog joint is going to make a bundle the rest of the year.


Yeah i skipped right over the Muslim comment, but got a chuckle out of the fact he assumed hot dogs must have pork in them. Maybe the crappy el-cheapo Wal-Mart fare he buys does...? lol

All beef hot dogs are all i'll buy. If i can't afford them i'll buy something else that's better before slumming for cheapo hotdogs with pork in them.

1200 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Come on TMZ. Michelle said that you should eat healthy, but never said that shouldn't EVER eat junk food. Sheesh.....

1200 days ago

I Was About To Say    


1200 days ago


IF the Obama's and the democrats want to cut obesity by 3/4 in this country there's absolutely one way to do it: STOP FOOD STAMPS. I wish Obama could have been at the mall I was at the other day. The number of 300 pounders was astonishing. Most of them young(ish). And 99.9% of them, Obama's brothas and sistas.

1200 days ago


It's obvious that anyone who doesn't approve of Obama is going to dis' this thread. He IS the president, either support him...or impeach him...but don't whine about him like an 8-year-old girl.

As to what he's eating...this guy probably burns more calories in one day than you do sitting in your computer chair all week. Shut the f*ck up!

1200 days ago


This guy is a waste of space. Get him out of office before we are all homeless and waiting in food lines. Tell his porker wife to stfu too please. Alot of people can only afford to buy hot dogs to feed the family because you won't create jobs and stole all of our money. Bring on 2012

1200 days ago

i said lesbians...    

lol Bearcat34 is a failure, its not a race issue, yet the guy 2 commentds above is spewing the n word and a guy right after is saying hes eating like this because hes black...gotta love ignorance! eat what you want when you want people. if it makes you fat or skinny, who cares, its your decision, plus isnt obama in pretty decent shape? morons.

1200 days ago


Thats how the democrat's roll do as I say not as I do. Maybe if he spends another $5Trillion he can get it rite. And maybe this time not blame Bush. Watch this photo will be Bush's fault somehow!

1200 days ago


Damn hypocrites.

1200 days ago


Oh and the people who voted for him are way stupid. You fell for all the hope and change b.s

1200 days ago

brown dynamite    

CountryGal about a minute ago

Oh and the people who voted for him are way stupid. You fell for all the hope and change b.s


Kinda like how we fell for voting for Bush twice. Stupidity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to politics.

1200 days ago
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