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Khloe on Nip Slip

At Least It Wasn't My VaJay!

6/8/2011 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian says she's "not embarrassed at all" about her nip slip on "Fox & Friends" yesterday ... and last night, she told TMZ, "At least it's not my vagina, who wants to see that?" 060811_khloe_k_still_v2


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She planned this. No woman wears a blouse like that without anything under it and not expect that. It was a stunt. This is how they continue to get in the light. Great stunt. It's working!

1233 days ago

Patrick W.    

Someone as fat as this pig, I would recommend rolling herself in flour, and when she sees that wet spot ... that's her 'vajay'. fat, useless, whore.

1233 days ago


She does have a point. Unfortunately, she doesn't realize we don't want to see her breastages, either.

1233 days ago


She looked good, and in Europe, no big deal. There are European clothing that show off a woman's beauty like this.

1233 days ago


It's a shame she didn't wear something appropriate to the interview with Fox and Friends. With her being a bit overweight why would she choose to wear a see through blouse in the first place, nevermind wear one without a bra. I just don't understand these women. Khloe has complained about people giving her crap about her size and weight, yet she dresses like that and has a nip slip?? If she wants people to respect her she first has to respect herself!

1233 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Ah ya see? At least it wasn't her vagina. What's the big deal? It's only a nipple. Anything goes these days, right? I mean, if it's no big deal for Janet Jackson, why should it be for Kardashian? Why's everyone getting so uptight? Why shouldn't we be able to flash any body part these days eh? How about we go on prime time when (all together now) our children (gasp!) are watching. We're not prudes like our parents & grandparents right? Why not show hardcore porn on primetime? We have the right, right? Guess what, your anything goes attitudes just turned around & kicked you in your hypocritical faces in the form of a plump classless famewhore as opposed to someone pretty, where you would deem it *no big deal*. You like watching people acting like pigs (you don;t get to pick what they look like)? Check out internet porn. Keep your filthy crap to yourselves.

1233 days ago


I'm just glad it wasn't her ****!! Poor Lamar--waking up to this Sloth.

1233 days ago


What a fat pig. Disgusting. Complete boner shrinker.

1233 days ago


Wow just read all the comments and am speechless..

1233 days ago


The Kardashians make the Mueller Family look like virgins.

1233 days ago


i <3 Khloe.

kim on the other hand is an idiot. atleast Khloe does take thing too serious. unlike her slutty sister

1233 days ago


Whatta Stupid Fat Cow.... the ugly Nip was bad enough!!

Show us the VJ and the world will Vomit in sync!!!

1233 days ago


i meant doesnt.***

1233 days ago

Big Daddy    

Do we have a wide angle lens?

1233 days ago


Patrick W., You're an AHole. She is nowhere near fat. Why is it if a woman is not rail thin, she's "fat" And if she WAS rail thin, people would call her anorexic. (I know because I am 5"4 110 lbs and had a 200 lbs friend who would call me anorexic behind my back. Beside I think Khloe is way prettier then her sisters and a little more down to earth then the other two also.

1233 days ago
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