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Rebecca Black -- Which Seat DID She Take?

7/21/2011 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Friday" singer Rebecca Black finally answered the burning question EVERYONE has on their minds ... all without saying a single word.

The 14-year-old called shotgun after some retail therapy at Fred Segal in L.A. yesterday -- but sadly, the singer tells us, she still hasn't heard a peep from Justin Bieber.


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Chef Jack Tripper    

Could you pick a more unflattering shot of this kid? The gossip sites have made picking unflattering pics into an art.

1167 days ago

The Love Sponge    

First You Sissies

1167 days ago

who cares    

I am still waiting for her 18th bday party invite, 4 more years before she is legally bone-able or is it 16 if she consents? I am still shocked Disney hasn't offered her a sexual exploitation contract yet, ops I mean a entertainment contract.

1167 days ago


WHY do you continue to post about this girl? WHY are you trying to MAKE her famous? WHY do you guys always b!tch about her but then post LAME **** ALL THE TIME? This girl is NOTHING. She is NOT famous, she is NOT someone we need multiple posts about, she NOT anyone we care to read about. She is a chick who posted a stupid song on YouTube that got f'n lucky! STOP TRYING TO MAKE HER FAMOUS HARVEY!!! YOU are part of the problem continually forcing who YOU THINK is "famous" when in actuality, most of them we wouldn't give 2 cents about! Jershey Shore, Rebecca Black, Lindsay Lohan, Casey Anthony, etc. STOP SHOVING THESE IDIOTS ON US!

1167 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

People have lost the ability to search out good music. Ill go a step further and say many can't even distinguish between good and music these days. I know for the most part music is a subjectiove thing, but crap is crap. I bet a lot of people now wouldn't know it if they stepped in it. I blame the parents.

1167 days ago


Best. Headline. Ever.

1167 days ago


Ok why are people talking about her still??? She CAN'T SING!!!! My cat can sing better then that, oh wait my cat can sing better then most "Pop" singers anyway. People who can REALLY sing and write/play their own music can't get notice but untalented teens/adults are making MILLIONS every year.

1167 days ago


@Jack Tripper. Agree 100%. Real musicians cut their teeth touring constantly, playing sweaty clubs where you only get paid in beer, and maybe 300 bucks to perform. This chick NEEDS TO WORRY ABOUT FINISHING SCHOOL. 14 yrs old, haha. KIDS THESE DAYS ARE IDIOTS AND KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WRITING MUSIC AND LYRICS. KIDS JUST PLAIN OL SUCK. I CAN'T STAND THESE WANNABES.

1167 days ago


I'd love to know if these paparazzi were asked to be there, as part of this segment being filmed of RB.

1167 days ago


I don't get it. And I'm no*****ching the video neither. Leave the famewhore to go away.

1167 days ago

Rob Base    

I am a big fan of her music. I think she has a great career ahead of her. She has a real pretty face. If she could lose some weight that would really help her career's future. I guess there are some overweight artists out there but I know it is tough. I wish her all the best!

1167 days ago


JB is to busy crashing weddings

1167 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

JB knows not to get involved with this pathetic famewhore. It would be a complete embarassment for him which is why he is staying away.

This RB girl looks about 23 years old - she's already got lines on her neck. And a chubby 23 year old at that. And she can't sing. Rebecca Black, go home and take a secretarial course. SMH

1167 days ago


Holy crap! look at those horse lips!

1167 days ago


Rebecca Black, don't you mean Rebecca Brat

1167 days ago
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