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"Celebrity Rehab" Star

WEED Should Be Legal

8/8/2011 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


One year after Eric Roberts completed a stint in "Celebrity Rehab" for weed "dependency," the actor is back on the pro-pot bandwagon ... releasing a new video in the hopes of legalizing the green stuff.

Back before he sought treatment last year, Eric's wife Eliza explained how the actor "quit drugs and alcohol in 1995" but still had an "interest in weed."

At the time, Eliza said, "He uses marijuana as a medication. He has a prescription ... however, a dependency is a dependency and he doesn't want to be dependent on it anymore."

Now, in a new video for, Eric is making the argument that if booze is legal, weed should be too ... saying, "Alcohol has destroyed whole civilizations whereas pot has only made a few hippies happy."

He adds, "Pot remains illegal because no one has figured out how to make it profitable for the government yet ... it's political, not protective."

So we gotta ask ...


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Rogue Warrior    

Yes it absolutely should be legal!

1174 days ago

Texas Gal    

"one last dance with Mary Jane, one more time to kill the pain"

1174 days ago


There's no such thing as weed dependancy. I hate idiots like this guy who are screwed up to begin with but blame all their problems on that joint they smoked back in 75. Now he's on the legalize it bandwagon. Morons like this give the legalization movement a bad name as it makes other folk think all smokers are unstable losers like he is. Sit down and shut up f*ck head.

1174 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

It should be legal but should remain illegal if you are a moron. Basically, make it legal for the 50 million people in this country who are not morons. Morons ruin the fun for everyone.

1174 days ago

Jennifer Brangers    

God just legalize it so we don't have to hear these stupid stoner arguements anymore! IDC what happens when they decriminalize weed as long as these potheads don't have anything to talk about anymore.

1174 days ago

Jim Deen    

How much of a joke has "Dr." Drew become? Seriously, how "celebrity" addicts has he f'd up?

1174 days ago


Most emphatically...make it legal. I won't necessarily be using it, but I would very much like the option.

1174 days ago


Team Eric Roberts......and Team Snoop Dog

1174 days ago


Worst idea ever to legalize.. govn't will tax the **** out of it and it probably will be horrible & won't even get you stoned.

1174 days ago


I'm sorry, but most of the people who want weed legalized are just potheads who want to be able to smoke it without the risks of getting caught. I know there's an argument for medical weed, but most of the people who need it for medical reasons, already have it... legally. It's those that smoke it recreationally that want it legalized and mostly it's just so they don't have to worry about getting pee tested at work and failing, or being busted with it and getting a charge on their record.

Even if they did legalize it, all that would happen is the government would charge outrageously for it, tax it and try to make up some of the debt. They'd put more rules and regs on it than ever before and people would STILL try to grow their own (which the govern would never legalize cause that would take away from them being able to control it) and they would still be selling it from their basements.. probably cheaper than it would cost to buy it legally anywhere.. so really.. what is the point of this LEGALIZE IT MOVEMENT?

1174 days ago


There's a great new book out called "Marijuana is Safer: So then why are we driving people to drink?" It's a fascinating read and thoroughly enjoyable. It's on Amazon. And the arguments for pro-pot legalization are arresting.

1174 days ago


why is the voting ability screwed up yet again?

1174 days ago


Hey, where I live in CA it practically is legal, and the repercussions are all positive. It is bringing in jobs and revenue in out state, and no one is being hurt by it. Best of all, local growers are selling to dispensaries instead of Mexican gangs. Legalize it, get with the times!

1174 days ago


You put that very well Eric. From your lips to gods ears.

1174 days ago



‘The Union: The Business Behind Getting High’

It explains how harmless weed is and the myths about it. More importantly it explains how the pharmaceutical corporations are the ones that don't want it legal. If you can grow your own medicine in your back yard that cures over 200 aliments how are they going to make their money?

1174 days ago
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