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Casey Anthony's Parents


8/10/2011 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Casey Anthony's parents attended a memorial for Caylee Anthony yesterday on what would have been their granddaughter's sixth birthday -- held near the spot in Orlando, Florida where her body was discovered in 2008.

During the memorial -- organized by a nationwide group for missing and abused children called "Bring Kids Home" -- George briefly spoke to the crowd of nearly 100 people.

George said, "Today it's for the other missing children out there that need to come home. Caylee is gonna be the focal point that's gonna bring [people] here but the other kids need to come home too."


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Unfortunately, Casey was not able to attend as she already had plans to be in a Hot Body Contest

1169 days ago


The SCAMthonys are media WHORES!!

1169 days ago


Caylee was never missing. George and Cindy had no right to be out there. Not only was Caylee never missing and the Anthony family wrongfully used up so many resources trying to find a baby that wasn't even missing, but they have been financially supporting the person who killed Caylee.

1169 days ago


Caylee was NEVER MISSING though. She was dead. Even if you choose to believe the defense's story, she was dead on June 16, 2008, and that family put her body in the friggin woods. But as we all know...she was MURDERED by her egg donor and thrown like trash in those woods. Again, which ever you want to believe, she was NEVER MISSING. George...get your story straight. Then rid us of the parasite you brought into this world.

1169 days ago


I knew I smelt BS with this so-called group....................The New Jersey-based nonprofit registered as a corporation in 2008. However, a Local 6 News investigation revealed that New Jersey officials revoked the group's corporation status in April because officers failed to submit annual reports for the past two years as required by law.
The founder of Bring Kids Home, Eric Segura, told Local 6 News reporter Mike DeForest that he was unaware he was required to file those reports. He said he was not aware New Jersey officials had revoked the corporation status until Local 6 brought it to his attention.
Segura acknowledged that his group has not done much fundraising prior to seeking $200,000 to build the Suburban Drive memorial. He insists the project is legitimate and will get built, as long as Orange County commissioners rezone the land to allow the memorial. If the project does not proceed, donors who purchase bricks will be refunded a portion of their donation, and other donations may not be returned, according to the group's website.

1169 days ago


These two IDIOTS make me sick. THEY are the reason their
murderous daughter went free. According to the jury
foreman...all the LIES told on the stand by Cindy, who
could not even keep her stories straight, and the LIES
by George, who denied having an affair, when there was
proof...made the jury realize they were probably lying
about everything. Good going your sick twisted
spawn can have more babies, and kill them too...along with
YOUR help. And were a SHERIFF..when you
picked up Caseys car from impound, and it smelled like
DEATH....WHY did you drive it and destroy the evidence
in the back of her car. You 2 will burn in he** with Casey.
She is the most hated woman in America...and you 2 are
right behind her.

1169 days ago


It's a shame Casey couldn't come out of hiding for her daughter's memorial service. Callie would be getting all her new school supplies for 1st grade about now.

1169 days ago


COME ON TMZ!!!! Stop promoting ANY of the Anthonys. We already know you paid for the photos of Casey walking around "supposedly" unaware in Ohio of the camera man.

They are NOT celebrities and all you do is keep promoting them so they can make that big blood money pay day for interviews........which by the way we hear YOU are looking to get because supposedly Harvey you can get anyone to talk. That makes no sense since you act like a moron when you host your show and try to one up your staff with some moronic rants about yourself or some off the wall comments. Yeah......right you can interview them.........we just won'*****ch.

It should be about Caylee...........not her blood sucking lawyers and family.

Happy Birthday to a sweet angel who died way too soon.

1169 days ago


Well, how could they could tear themselves away from the Dolphins in the Bahamas (On a private jet no less) with their photo-shoot smiles? They are in lockstep with the likes of Michael Lohan, The Kardashians, and that “White House” part crash duo. They are vile medial whores and for those who say they suffered through this trial better do a bit of research on these two. Disgusting.

1169 days ago


I just can't believe how mean people are on here. The grandparents did nothing wrong!!! They thought for 6 months their grand daughter was missing That is what their daughter had been telling them!!! They did a beautiful thing last night and some people want to tare it down!! Also if Casey really cared about Caylee she could have made a statement yesterday about her daughters birthday but she won't because she only talks if she gets paid and her defense team is her voice and they will not allow her to speak because there goes their money! I believe Biaz is the one who made Casey go againsr her parents and will not allow her to talk to them!!!

1169 days ago

Chun LI    

Don't be fooled people.They are famewhores of the worst kind.Trying to get publicity and money from the death of their granddaughter while secretly financially supporting their POS daughter.

1169 days ago


I can't believe someone would wish someone dead, as they do on here! Hasn't the death of this child been enough?! I, too, do not agree with the verdict against Casey, but it is what it is and she will answer when God says it's time for her to answer. I don't feel her parents are the total cause for everything and I sure am glad that they DID show up at the memorial site for Caylee's birthday. As parents sometimes we feel we are doing the right thing...sometimes we are not, but would never expect something such as this to happen! For those who want to behave like animals or third world countries and hunt down Casey and her family, I would suggest maybe moving from the US. This is so infantile and disgusting. It has been going on for too long. That baby died and no one has been held accuontable and it is very sad and very disturbing. Why not try to PREVENT this and WATCH out for it happening. This happens, unfortunately EVERY DAY! Make a statement by preventing this and doing something positive instead of spewing venom about this precious baby girl! Rest In Peace, Caylee

1169 days ago


what does George mean by "OTHER missing childer" HIS granddaughter was NEVER MISSING!!!!!!!!!!

1169 days ago


There are so many kids who go missing and are found dead all over the country and people are obsessed with this poor little girl. What about the other children? What is with people and this case? Let this child rest in peace. Pass Caylee's Law and let it go so the family can all grieve. I think the Anthonys are shady, sick people but I do NOT understand mass obsession about that little girl. It was a terrible thing and a horribly tragic death but what about the other babies, toddlers and children who are murdered, abused, kidnapped? Come on, people. Maybe focus on people who have ACTUALLY killed their children and it's been proven, not on a not guilty case.

1169 days ago

Studley Buck    

Beautiful, broken-hearted Casey Anthony wanted to attend this memorial service, but the media-instigated vigilante mentality still pervades Central Florida. Maybe next year...

1169 days ago
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