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Casey Anthony's Parents


8/10/2011 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Casey Anthony's parents attended a memorial for Caylee Anthony yesterday on what would have been their granddaughter's sixth birthday -- held near the spot in Orlando, Florida where her body was discovered in 2008.

During the memorial -- organized by a nationwide group for missing and abused children called "Bring Kids Home" -- George briefly spoke to the crowd of nearly 100 people.

George said, "Today it's for the other missing children out there that need to come home. Caylee is gonna be the focal point that's gonna bring [people] here but the other kids need to come home too."


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Casey is the one responsible for murdering her daughter and the only one who deserves all the back-lash!

1178 days ago

Dead Squirrels Walking    

Caylee was never missing and her "grandparents" obstructed justice, destroyed evidence and committed perjury! They had no right to be at the memorial.

1178 days ago


TMZ please stop talking about and showing pictures of Casey she is not a celeb . If you continue I will no longer watch the show or visit your web site . Please do the right thing.

1177 days ago


Did someone invite them to speak or did they just show up??? I agree with other posters, the defense said Caylee died, she was not missing, think the organizer's of the event should be looked at, someone doesn't know what is going on......

1177 days ago

Jim in Cali    

What a joke these two are. Especially George.

1177 days ago


The Anthony's have been thru a hell I hope none of us have to experience. They are only guilty of loving their dtr, manybe more than she deserves, but there is no doubt how much they loved/love their Caylee. I hope thy find peace of mind, and are able to stay together with some happiness.

1177 days ago


Well, here they are! Grandparents of the year! Everything is just hunky-dory isn't it, with dolphins and lavender ballons and all?

You got a woman here so concerned about appearances she would not get help for her sociopathic daughter. Her own elderly mother knew Casey was a bad seed and was pissed at Cindy for enabling Casey's thieving, lying lifestyle. Now they have a dead grandchild on thier conscience. Go figure.

1177 days ago

John T.    

These two lazy a$$'s make me sick. They went on SSI, and bought two new cars, sold every picture and video of that poor dead baby they could to make a buck. They don't want to work , just bleed the system and suck any $$$ they can off that baby. They are no better then the mother that killed Caylee. They covered for her lies and stealing etc. They knew she was no good, and did nothing. Nothing but fame whores.

1177 days ago


The Anthony's are nothing but Scam artists and in it for the money. They did the memorial for just show. They knew all along that their skanky daughter Casey aka "Whorseface" killed lil Caylee. Why do I call her cause she's a whore and her face looks like a horse especially with her huge teeth.

1177 days ago


*NEWS FLASH GEORGE & CINDY*...Caylee was never MISSING,her skanky mother knew exactly where she was all the time..on a side note:America will not foget how evil and cold yr hiding daughter is..78% hate her here in america,she'd be better off fleeing to mexico and signing up for the donkey show,thats about all i can see her qualified for based upon her past actions.

1177 days ago


Thank you TMZ for this picture. Ive been wondering when you were going to put it up as I saw alot of requests. What I cannot understand is some of these posts on here. This child has been dead since june 16, 2008. The grandparents as anyone who looses a loved one after that amount of time is able to hold tears back. And then to wish people harm, it shows us why this world is the way it is today. I wish nothing for the best for Cindy & Geoge Anthony. I dont give a crap what others think because everyone thinks what they will. This is a great picture. Keep them coming even the people that threaten to leave are still here from the last time you posted pictures of casey. Your in the bussiness and doing great. You guys know what your doing!

1177 days ago


Glad to see Cindy and George at their grand child memorial. Casey grief ended when she was set free. I am sure that everyday she sat in jail her thoughts were I am locked up b/c of that little brat Caylee.

1177 days ago


I just had to join as I can see all these insults on the anthonys. What a cruel world we live in and I pray to god these people wishing harm on others dont have kids. Our world is so violent as it is and people teaching there kids this is so very sad and a loss to our countries future. I love the picture and hope to see more in the future.

1177 days ago


Please sign the below petition to stop Casey Anthony from profiting off the death of her little girl.

1177 days ago


Rest in peace baby girl. no need to comment on anything else. we've heard it all before.

1177 days ago
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