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Rebecca Black

Yanked Out of School

After CONSTANT Harassment

8/10/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rebecca Black Friday
Rebecca Black was getting made fun of at school SO MUCH after "Friday" came out -- that her mother decided to pull her out and began homeschooling the singer.  

Black just told ABC News ... students were constantly targeting her, explaining, "When I walk by they'll start singing 'Friday' in a really nasally voice ... Or, you know, they'll be like, 'Oh hey, Rebecca, guess what day it is?'"

Black's mom told ABC the move will also help the 14-year-old focus on her career.


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Khate sucks    

She must be a real pain in the A! Since the beginning of her NASALY sung song, she's been TORMENTED! She's awful! It's amazing that this has ONLY happened to her! Go away already!

1081 days ago


hi TMZ lots of years ago there was a Barbara Walters special she interview Michael Jackson and he say of his children if they want to be famous you have to think of the negative because there always going to be just giving an example.

1081 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Couldn't she just not go to school on Friday?

1081 days ago


LOL! Your kidding me. What career?!!

1081 days ago


Rebecca doesn't need these jealous school kids giving her a hard time. She is already very popular and easily the next Katy Perry.

1081 days ago


By helping her focus on her career, I hope her mom means a career in something other than singing. Because honestly, her parents continuing to encourage her to sing is probably meaner to her than what the kids are doing. If they don't realize by now that her fame came because the song was so terrible then I don't know what to say.

1081 days ago


then don't put your no talent lame ass kids on the gawd damn internet! Not EVERYONE is meant to be famous or a celebrity (hear that skanky anthony?)

1081 days ago


You know what the saddest part is? It was a YouTube video. She didn't make any money off of it. She is no longer anonymous, she'll struggle to release something that will never again come close to her debut's popularity, and maybe try out for a reality tv show 10 years from now. Right Said Fred, the French baby song, I can think of a ton of one hit wonders that are now grinding on the ears but at least they got some dough out of it before the few minutes of fame ended.

1081 days ago

Ben from Baltmore    

Just because you don't like her song, it doesn't give you the right to bully her. I see idiots online all the time, they think that if they hide behind online anonymity, it makes it OK because they won't get caught unless someone tells their real first and last name. I report bullies on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other sites all the time. Just click on the report button.

1081 days ago


career? preparing her for life on the d list is more like it. i rather spend an evening with Kathy Griffin then to listen to this girls nonsense of how she is a celebrity! 15 minutes is up.

1080 days ago


Glad to see making money off your child is more important than the child's education! Focus on her career ha.

1080 days ago


I feel sorry for her being teased.

But she really does sing like crap with a nasally voice.

Daddys money and the money she gets for that crap song cant buy her a good voice. Time for a lot of auto tune.

1080 days ago



1080 days ago


She should be yanked off of the f*cking planet.

1080 days ago


So what! Ignore them. How is singing nasally and asking what day it is harassment? When I was a teen kids said worse than that.

Kids today have no backbone and thin skin...they whine that everything is bullying and harassment because they dont' know how to be self-secure and confident.

1080 days ago
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