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Rebecca Black

Yanked Out of School

After CONSTANT Harassment

8/10/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rebecca Black Friday
Rebecca Black was getting made fun of at school SO MUCH after "Friday" came out -- that her mother decided to pull her out and began homeschooling the singer.  

Black just told ABC News ... students were constantly targeting her, explaining, "When I walk by they'll start singing 'Friday' in a really nasally voice ... Or, you know, they'll be like, 'Oh hey, Rebecca, guess what day it is?'"

Black's mom told ABC the move will also help the 14-year-old focus on her career.


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Wow, thats pretty harsh!
Singing her stuupid song, and asking her what day it is!!!??
Wow, must have been tough for her.
Makes all the other kids being bullied and beat up look such complainers!
They don;t know how harsh this poor girl has it!

1079 days ago

AL A TB    

Asking what day it is? No! How cruel! Really? Really? You can't go to school b/c people are singing in goofy voices and asking what day it is after you whore yourself on YouTube! Really?

1079 days ago


WHAT career?

1079 days ago


Career?? What career???

1079 days ago


Obviously Rebecca goes to school with a bunch of jealous little turds...just like some who make comments on this page.Good luck to her on her career..

1079 days ago


It is a pretty lame song. I wouldnt have wanted to sing it if I was her.

1079 days ago


Stupid parents having stupid kids. Stay tough Rebecca, you;ll be laughing ten years from now when they ask you paper or palstic and do you want fries with that.

1079 days ago


14 yr. olds need to focus on EDUCATION, not careers. Shame on the mother for thinking such stupidity...

1079 days ago

Glen lmao

Somebody really needs to tell her that she's the female, American version of William Hung and her career already happened.

1079 days ago


"Focus on her career"...LOL. Thanks for the laugh. I really needed that today.

1079 days ago


Ummm pulled out of school for being made fun of?? She's going to be made fun of in other places besides school anyway. This is the "career" move she wanted isn't it? I'm sure she looks at TMZ whenever her name is mentioned -- no relief from being made fun of here either. She needs thicker skin. Who wasn't made fun of in school?? Granted she might be widely known in her school for her "music" but again, isn't that what she wanted??

And after reading what is being said to her at school... big deal? She DOES sing like that.

1079 days ago


The real meat of this is at the bottom: to help her focus on her career. The rest is just excuses to jsutify making her go full-time showbiz

1079 days ago


My God! When she walks by students sing Friday in a really nasally (huh?) voice? No kidding? Uh...THEY'RE IMITATING YOUR SINGING! Please GO AWAY. Go away to another country and never show your annoying face or sing any more songs with your ANNOYINGLY NASALLY VOICELY.

1079 days ago


She truly has zero singing talent or acting talent. Jus*****ch her dumb ass video on you tube, they disabled comments because she was getting shredded. Sometimes the truth hurts, in this case the truth does not hurt as bad has her song, singing, video or overall life at this point. She had to push the mommy button on you tube to get the mean comments down and now she had to push the mommy button to get her out of school.. She more than likely told everyone in school that she was getting pulled out to head to hollywood, NY or where ever they are producing hits now. The reality of it is her parents completely failed her. They paid a company to write and produce the song even tho it sucks, hell it even sucks with all the auto tuning they have going on. I don't blame the company for taking the money, that is their job. Her family should not have forced this on her and she should give it up.
Maybe she will have a career in porn, she has a loud squeaky ****ty voice and bad acting that = porn career.

1079 days ago


If she can't handle girls her age harassing her and making comments, what will she do when the public gets a hold of her if she gets herself more out there in the public eye and make hateful comments to her? Good luck with that rachel. She is screwing herself for not being able to handle it now. Stay in school.

1079 days ago
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