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Presidents Clinton and Obama

Hitting the Links

9/24/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former president Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama played a round of golf at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland today.

Obama’s chief of staff, William Daley, and longtime Clinton adviser Doug Band rounded out the foursome.

Clinton, foursome ... too easy.


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I can't believe how stupid you people really are. Obama is the best thing to happen to the US in a long time. He came in after that moron Bush destroyed the country and now he is stuck cleaning up his mess. How soon you forget that Bush LIED about almost everything. Obama wants to give all you people health care that you don't have to pay for. For that alone you should be jumping for joy. He also has a great plan to get you out of all that debt that Bush put you into!!! Use your brains here and actually listen to what you President has to say.

1132 days ago


Doesn't P. Clinton look like he's in great shape now?

1132 days ago


What a pair of jerks. Treating the American people like their personal peons.

No wonder the economy is sinking into another deeper recession. This man cares nothing for America. He only wants to protect his Chicago thuggery and big time union bosses.
I came to that conclusion after carefully watching him travel to foreign lands and apologizing for America. The same America who saved Europe from fascism and the Pacific rim nations from Japanese dictator and war lords.

1132 days ago


today?? weird.. since he is in California to talk at LinkedIn in Mountain View on Monday... just sayin

1132 days ago


My only problem is that he has the most important job in the world... And to me that means he SHOULDN'T have time to play golf or do alot of other "fun" activities. You are only in office for 8 years max so work your ass off to save millions of people. I want a president who is working 24/7...

1132 days ago


two idiots doing what the do best

1132 days ago


I can see the scorecard for these two now. 111111111

I couldn't tell you which one of them is the bigger liar.

1132 days ago


What is sad about this picture is that past presidents usually do not flaunt there down time as much as this president. While people die for this country and others suffer from lack of jobs. He should wait until he leaves it is a short period in his life you would think he would show respect.

1132 days ago


Former President Bill Clinton is starting to age.

1132 days ago


don't get me started on politics! I can go on for days about that maybe even years.

1132 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Obama has done some stuff while in office that I reallly don't like, but I have to defend him on one thing. It frustrates me to no end that people think Obama caused this economic crisis in our country. My husband worked in the construction industry in Calif. and we started feeling the recession probably two years before it really hit. If we knew something was going on then, so did the people in power at that time, they did nothing to prevent this disaster.

1132 days ago


I don't blame Obama for what is happening now, I blame him for sitting with his thumb up his butt, not doing anything to try to fix the situation. I also must say, I am sick of hearing that Obama "got" Bin Laden. He didn't, our intel men and women got him. Obama sat around for eight months with his thumb up his butt, waiting until it was politically expedient to "get him". It just so happened that he was in office when the intel came in, a trained seal (NO PUN INTENDED) could have signed the paper saying to "get him". Kudos to our men and women in intel. THEY are the heroes, THEY are the one's that worked their a$$e$ off to get Bin Laden. Anybody that thinks any differently is politically ignorant.

1132 days ago


this isn't a social outing....Obama is desperatly picking Clinton's brain on how to redeem himself in the eyes of his supporters to win the next election
after all Clinton called himself the 'Comeback Kid'
he and his team mastered spinning his public personna as a disgusting, lying philanderer so well that he became a second term president - which is exactly what Obama wants/needs to do
at this stage
it's more about getting re-elected that it is about actually solving the country's problems
if Obama spent his campaingning time actually working maybe he'd accomplish something to get the country back on it's feet before it becomes worse- he'd probably get re-elected automatically without really needing to campaign much at all
I know too many decent, hard working people who have been unemployed for far too long
I'm sure plenty of you do too- I'm just fortunate I'm still employed!

1132 days ago


who knows
Clinton may be telling him to replace Biden with his wife on the next ticket in order to capture more women voters and in return he will gather up the members of the Clinton machine and start them working

1132 days ago


And another thing, isn't Clinton the one that was getting his cigar smoked in the oval office, letting Bin Laden get away? I call that picture, Dumb and Dumber.

1132 days ago
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