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Michael Jackson

Bedside Lined with Pill Bottles

10/5/2011 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson propofol bottles
If it wasn't obvious Michael Jackson had a drug problem before -- this oughta do the trick ...

According to an investigator for the L.A. County Coroner's office, Michael Jackson's bedside table was lined with a pharmacy's worth of prescription pill bottles.

Investigator Elissa Fleak just testified -- she inspected MJ's bedroom the day he died, and found the above collection of pill bottles beside the singer's bed.

Among the pills -- a collection of sedatives Diazepam, Lorazepam, Temazepam ... the list goes on.

Fleak says she also found a blue bag full of Propofol vials -- the same bag MJ's security guard Alberto Alvarez claims he packed on Murray's orders ... before calling 911.


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PRO US    

Dr. Murray in innocent. Iran's Achmadinejad and Turkey's Erdogan are now saying that Israel killed Michael Jackson.

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Jeanne Tutt    

so I was watching this as it was all being admitted today. While MJ is culpable of being a doctor and pharmacy hopper (look at the bottles, filled around the same time, different docs, 2 different pharmacies) those 3 doctors are just as culpable for not checking what the other doctors were prescribing etc.

I think this is a great lesson in that there should be a software that will catch refills of similar meds to different area pharmacies etc. so it will stop. I think also that Celebrities should no longer be able to get meds filled with alias'.

There should be a couple of laws that can come out of this, Anna Nicole, and a few others recent deaths.

1115 days ago


Feeling ,feeling his pain .Feeling his lonelyness. A prince with a golden heart with no home to call his own. All alone, alone with a loving soul. Standing there trying,trying so hard, so hard to make us see, see the world he tried to create, as an escape, an escape from pain. A lonley loving Prince with a lonely heart with a good soul.Trying, trying so hard to make up for something he so lost. Something lost so lost in the past. He never saw. He never had. A lonely heart. A good soul, a man with such a good soul. Trying so hard, trying so hard to find, find what was lost, lost faraway in a painful past.A Man with a golden soul so lonly an so miss understud.

1115 days ago

get it right    

K, JUST heard Oxman on HLN straight up SAY that the IV bag that Alvarez testifying to taking down per Consh*t's order - that he testified he was NOT wearing gloves when he did so - just blithely state that that bag had/has no fingerprints on it.

Now... I can'*****ch the testimony all day, BUT... was this established in court??.. that there are no prints on that bag??? I can't find anything online to substantiate it....

Hello... anybody that is able to watch the trial from beginning to end every day, hear testimony that that bag has/had no fingerprints??

BTW... Anybody else think the "mayor" in MJ's Ghost was intentionally made to look a hell of A LOT like Oxman? Wonder what MJ meant by doing that... LOL!!

1115 days ago


There is a system in place with pharmacies that cross reference patiens medications. But when a Dr. orders meds for general practic he doesn't have to provide a patient name. So they have no idea where the meds are going. The Dr. was sneaky and deceitful.

1115 days ago


TMZ said: "the same bag MJ's security guard Alberto Alvarez claims he packed on Murray's orders"

Check again the Cosco bag, which container the "Plastic Grocery Bag" that Alvarez supposedly held open while Murray filled is BLUE which we can see from the photos admitted into court.

Alverez testified he placed the "Plastic Grocery Bag" into a Brown coloured bag.

Video here:

This "Plastic Grocery Bag" was never logged into evidence by the LAPD per Elissa Fleak's testimony. The "Plastic Grocery Bag" was therefore also never fingerprinted.

Fingerprints from crime scenes have been identified on numerous items including plastic bags. Fingerprints on non-porous surfaces such as plastic, can last for many years if not exposed to water and if left undisturbed.

Neither the home nor the bedroom was sealed as a crime scene at anytime. Elissa Fleak attended the residence on the evening of June 25 and then again on June 29, 2009. The residence had been accessed before and after her first and before her second visit by multiple individuals including Jackson family members.

Is any "evidence" collected from an UNSEALED crime scene even admissible in a US Court of Law?

1115 days ago


Michael Jackson's Fingerprints Not On Any Propofol Bottles

As Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial enters its second week, has exclusively learned that Michael Jackson's fingerprints were not found on any of the Propofol bottles.

Dr. Murray's lawyers contend that when the Houston-based cardiologist left the King of Pop briefly on the morning of June 25, 2009, he grabbed a bottle of the drug, ingested it, and then subsequently died.

Dr. Murray's attorney Ed Chernoff told the jury during opening statements that Jackson self-administered an extra dose of Propofol and Lorazepam creating "a perfect storm in his body, that killed him instantly...there was no CPR, nor doctor, no paramedic, no machine that was going to revive Michael Jackson. He died so rapidly, so instantly, he didn’t even have time to close his eyes."

The defense might have a hard time convincing the jury of this, since there were no fingerprints of Jackson's found on any of the Propofol bottles. "Plain and simply, the Los Angeles Police Department didn't find any fingerprints of Michael Jackson's on ANY Propofol bottles or the Lorazepam bottles. There were no partial fingerprints of Michael's or any unknown prints on the medication bottles," a source close to the situation tells us.

It was a blistering week for Dr. Murray's defense team, as two paramedics, and the attending emergency room doctor all testified that at no point did Dr. Murray ever reveal that he had given Jackson Propofol. The first paramedic on the scene, Richard Senneff said that after Jackson was loaded into the ambulance, he went back up to the bedroom to quickly retrieve some medical equipment. The medic told the jury he saw Murray putting lidocaine vials into a bag.

Paramedic Martin Blount also took the stand and testified that when he arrived at Jackson's house, Dr. Murray appeared "agitated" and asked "for help."

Dr. Richelle Cooper, the emergency room doctor at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, who treated Jackson, told jurors on Friday that he was "clinically dead" on arrival. She will resume her testimony on Monday morning. will continue live streaming the trial, starting at 8:45am PT today.

1115 days ago


If the Propofol was found under the glass table - as the investigator stated - then that pretty much proves that MJ did not inject himself. Because for anyone who has recieved the drug for a procedure knows - that you do not just wake up and pop up. You fade in and out for several minutes. Plus, with all the other drugs in his system - he would have been like a drunk. Had he tried to get out of bed to get the drug to self medicate - he would have collasped and odds are knocked the chair slightly out of the way and the stands and everything on them. They would not have been neatly placed. Also, had he collapsed or stumbled or whatever - Murray surlely would have heard the noise and returned to the room. So the self injection theory is BS! Besides, MJ was afraid of needles!

1115 days ago


mj slurred his bullcrap lecture about protecting children.
he boasted that he helped nice people. is that why he bribed murray with millions of dollars and cried when he was prevented from bringing gavin arvizo and other thieves to his beds? he didn't pay murray but he rewarded chandler, joe francia and arvizo. what a coincidence.

1115 days ago


Can someone clarify - In his testimony K Ortega said that the meeting on Satuday 20th of June at MJ house was attended by Murray, MJ, himself & DiLeo? But in the phone call recording today - dated in the a.m. on Saturday the 20th - DiLeo says "It's Saturday - I am cutting short my trip - returning tomorrow" Tomorrow? Meaning the next day Sunday? Was he (DiLeo) at the meeting or not?

1115 days ago


If it wasn't obvious Michael Jackson had a drug problem before -- this oughta do the trick ...
Trick is Right! This is not news to anyone with functioning brain activity. Michael went into rehab years ago for his addiction to pain medication. Murray lined those bottles up beside the bed. What addict takes the time to line up bottles at his bedside or any place at all? Michael wouldn't lift a finger to go get his own breakfast. That was Dr. Quackazz Murray's job. Enough already. Murray is the killer and he murdered michael jackson...,

1115 days ago


I'm sorry – don't want to offend anyone here – but it is BEYOND ALL REASON that all these drugs were lying all over the bedroom of a home where 3 children lived. The fact that a medical doctor (CM) & a parent (MJ) allowed bottles on the floor – pills on the nightstand? – everything out in the open? & all over the place? Are we to believe this room was locked at all times? Beyond the description of RECKLESS & CARELESS regardless. Where children are living any medications -prescribed or otherwise – should be in a cabinet under lock & key. Are we to assume that the children NEVER saw their Dad upstairs or went in their Dad's bedroom? I pray not.

1115 days ago


According to an investigator for the L.A. County Coroner's office, Michael Jackson's bedside table was lined with a pharmacy's worth of prescription pill bottles.
Investigator Elissa Fleak just testified -- she inspected MJ's bedroom the day he died, and found the above collection of pill bottles beside the singer's bed.
Among the pills -- a collection of sedatives Diazepam, Lorazepam, Temazepam ... the list goes on.
Not again......please spare us!! this is going nowhere. murray tampered with the crime scene........
oooops my bad, murray only cleaned up and packed away bottles in michael's room.

Murray would never "line up" several pill bottles by michael's bed. not even to save his own sorry lying behind...right? please murray set everything up.

Pleaszzzzz the coroner's report covered this, including the old dates on the bottles, as well as the number of UNUSED pills remaining in ALL of those bottles. Imagin that...a suicidal addict with old unused medicine sitting at his bedside.....still unused all nice and neat......and did I say unused already....

I think I'll say it again, all of those bottles contained old unused medication.

Give it up TMZ, some of us can actually read and count!

1115 days ago

get it right    

Linda: 19 minutes ago

I have watched this trial daily from the start and have heard nothing about fingerprints at all as yet! I do know that after the preliminary hearing when they started this accidental death by MJs own hand a request was made to fingerprint everything.


Thank you, Linda. I was thinking that if that were the case it would have been on blast by all these pundits that have commentary going on in the evenings.

So .... OXMAN, as usual, running his idiot mouth. How would HE know anything about the details of there being prints or not for him to even start running his mouth AS IF...

I was hoping that today I would hear reports of the Judge slamming on Consh*t for running his mouth about the case, to his barber... especially since Judge Pastor made it clearer then clear HOW MANY TIMES to STFU and KEEP it shut directly TO Consh*t??

Don't even get me started on TMZ "running into" this POS like they ALWAYS do... AT THE MALL. Right. "broke azz" Consh*t with TMZ all up each other's azzes "running into him' BUYING $200/ea. TIES for court.

Uh huh... WHO'S PAYING ANY of them - including Harvey and Consh*t. Bet the house their 'checks' are signed by the same entity. "Birds of a feather" and all that 'back scratching' and fetch boy Harvey and the rest of his dumpster dwelling 'writers'. I'd buy a vacation home with the winnings on THAT bet. Bet on THAT. lol

Oxman, and his dumbazz mouth running, as usual. Wonder who's paying HIM. HLN? And who's paying THEM? Remember now, JJ and JClan is as "broke azz" apparently as Consh*t.

Maybe MY definition of "broke" just isn't the same as theirs. MY definition of broke means NO shopping at Malls every other day let alone mani, pedi, hair cuts and UBER expensive accessories, no trips to Disney, no trips to NYC or ability to finance WHORING AROUND with strippers. Paying $2,500/month RENT for his ho, but not pay up child support. But, maybe that's just me.

Oh wait... that's right... JUST after MJ died he was able to totally pull his house out of foreclosure AND pay up all his back child support. HELLO.

1115 days ago
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