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Pabst Beer Heir

My Hot GF Has a Six Pack

10/24/2011 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Pabst Blue Ribbon heir Evan Metropoulos is a whole lot of man with a whole lot of money -- and he has the super hot, bikini clad GF to back it up. PBR ... a chick magnet -- who knew??

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a neighbor of mine is the widow of John Best, who was partners with the Pabst family, but he sold his half decades ago. It used to be called Best/Pabst. She even has really cool paintings and photos of the original Pabst mansion. Shes really cool and down to earth. She came to visitors day with me when I was in middle school and she wore a 7 carrot pear shaped diamond ring (her wedding ring) like it was nothing. Ha, shes amazing.

1061 days ago


More like a money magnet

1061 days ago


that is one MAGNIFICENT PAIR OF HOOTERS ... hers aren't bad either

1061 days ago


Come on, we all know she wants his money! Six pack? where? she needs to eat some damned meat!

1061 days ago


Ah, good times. Red necks, white socks and Blue Ribbon beer.

1061 days ago

Mrs Mesha    

She is attracted to his money....

1061 days ago


Only in the human female species could a knock out of a woman overlook a fat slob of a man. Money makes people accept something they would not accept otherwise. Since he will likely have a prenup, the only thing she will get is banged by shamu. Since he's a fat slob, the only way he would ever get any action is to pay for it; and boy, he will pay for it.

1061 days ago


Soooo nice to see the PBR Heir flaunting his money when years ago his family shut down the brewery and left ALL of their employees with out any severance packages, no insurance, and NO RETIREMENT Money... Such a nice Family that Pabst Family.. they have also bought a huge piece of land in Wisconsin to build Homes on.. and STILL NOTHING to the employees who worked for the company, some for 40 plus years.. This family is S***.. their beer is S***...their morals are S***... they deserve nothing, just like they left their employees with .. not a damn thing!

1061 days ago


Oh, friggin please and puke......have ya ever noticed that it seems women are willing to forgive {for lack of a better word} men with money of their awful bodies and looks? Men don't do this....just women. We don't see this with good looking men....they don't ever have some fat icky looking women with them just because she has money...only wommen do this...

Why is that? We see more good looking, 'hot' women with these gross outs. And gee, it is always becasue that gross out has cash. I hate to down my own sex here, but, these ladies just give themseleves away....I bet there are a lot of happy 'pool boys' who can't wait for the boyfriend/husband to leave. Because these gals are giving the gross outs some, but, you know they are keeping their eyes closed and dreamin' of the pool you suppose these guys know their women would rather not? I know no amount of cash will make me just lay down with THAT.

1061 days ago


Why couldnt i have been born rich instead of so damn handsome?!

1061 days ago


Can you say "GOLD DIGGER"....

1061 days ago


Question: Would those guys on TMZ say "good for her" if it was reversed and it was a rich fat chick with a gorgeous guy?
Not bloody likely.

1061 days ago


does anyone know her name?

1061 days ago


Maybe he needs to use some diet pills or maybe he's tried them and a lot of other substances and he hasn't lost any weight who knows.

813 days ago


maybe he should try some diet pills,if he wants to lose weight.He's probably used pills and a lot of other substances to lose weight and it didn't help? who knows!

813 days ago
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