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Hilary Swank

Cleaning House After

Chechnya Blunder

10/30/2011 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Swank
Hilary Swank got serious backlash after appearing at the birthday party for a murdering warlord ... so she's reportedly firing the people who put her in that position.

Swank attended a concert in Chechnya for president Ramzan Kadyrov on October 5 and immediately took heat from human rights groups ... probably because Kadyrov has a section on his Wikipedia page devoted entirely to his alleged human rights abuses.

Swank apologized, but according to The Independent ... it's her manager, Jason Weinberg, who is sorry now. The paper says he was let go last week and two of her agents at CAA, Amie Yavor and Josh Lieberman, are next to go.

Not among those getting the boot -- her agent/boyfriend, John Campisi.

Emails to Swank's camp (what's left of them) were not returned.


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James R. - Los Angeles    

Jewish agents in Hollywood? Who knew???

Where can I get one?

1088 days ago

Mary P    

And Beyonce performed for Gaddafi's son. So what? Condemn all the "stars" or say to hell with it and let them do what they want.

1088 days ago


Jewish agents in Hollywood sending a movie star to a Muslim country run by Russian installed government who is massacring them for decades, I'm not surprised.

1088 days ago


The woman is obviously ignorant with what is going on in the world. She doesn't need a manger tell her to go or not to go, she should know that she shouldn't go. The russian installed government has been massacring the people for decades now.

1088 days ago


isn't the agent mostly responsible since they set up this crap?

too funny that everyone else took the fall

1088 days ago


Maybe she can get Linds' ex-manager. I hear she's not doing anything.

1088 days ago


Firing people? Why? Does she not read newspapers? Follow the news around the world? You can't blame other people for being ignorant. The Russian-Chechen war had been going on for years. Chechnya has been the main source of terrorism in Russia. Only last year there was a deadly subway blowup in Moscow. She should be filmed in the Geico's "Do you live under a rock?" commercial.

1088 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

yeah right, these celebrities will say we let them go for putting me in the situation. How does any one know it's true? Hilary you're at fault also. Who goes to a country and not do research? When I fly I do serious research on the country and if I see something that doesn't seem right in that country I just don't GO.... But in your case it was about money so yeah right you could say that you didn't know and you could try to convince people that it was your peoples fault you already have the money. If you care so much send that murderer his money back. I still will no*****ch any of your movies....

1088 days ago


скоро вернуться, Хилари

1088 days ago


Apologizing, firing people - how about returning the $1.5 million dollars or donating it to a non-profit? Maybe that would be taking a little too much responsibility.

1088 days ago


I would like to get the agent's side of the story.

1088 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

She looked scared when she gave her speech Hilary take a look at yourself in this video doing your speech. Now tell us why did you look scared or tense? Umm, maybe because you knew that this man was dangerous and because you knew that you're in a country that will kill anyone for saying anything wrong? In all honesty you looked SCARED of something while doing this speech....

By the way you were invited to a country not just a city. On 2:36 you were probably feeling the spirit of those that were murdered by this man. 3:00 You pay so much attention to details that you supposedly didn't know that this man was a killer... 3:22 You love to travel and you love to see the world, since you love to travel aren't you educated that you should get educated on the countries that you traveling to? And from your statement 4:27 you said that you read and you do your research? Liar! You do so much research that you got paid a 1 mil to go to a country where the leader is a murderer and supposedly you didn't know. Hilary said in her speech> 4:36 wow they really do it up here they are even more formal and beautiful thn the people in New York City. How embarrassing she goes to another country to put the New Yorkers down. What a twit! but thn again they paid her 1 mil she has to make them look better thn the new yorkers....

1088 days ago


Wow, what a bitc-h! so three people lose their jobs because this twit can't take 5 mins to check out the people or places she is visiting?

1088 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

these celebrities get paid to do this all the time...Beyonce, Usher, Mariah were also paid mil's to perform for Gaddafi son. This has been going on for a long time, most people don't know about this because the celebs do private party's which are not aired on tv.

watch the videos below...

1088 days ago


What did she do with the big bucks she was paid for attending the event?

1088 days ago
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