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Lindsay Lohan

Exit Through the

Coroner's Gift Shop, Please

11/11/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan can do her community service and her holiday shopping down at the coroner's office ... which has it's own gift shop!! Let's just hope inventory doesn't get crossed up over there.

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Ellie G    

Since she is really really REALLY serious this time I am sure she has gone every day to CS. Lindsay wouldnt lie about being serious would she?

1009 days ago


It will be interesting to see the Cover of Playboy now that I have seen the Maire Claire cover with Kim Kardashion....because until someone pointed out the fact that that was Kim K on the cover I would never have recongized her...she looks completely different I though it was some french model I've Now that I see how much they can photoshop Kim I can't wait to see the work they will do on Lindsay.....I bet it will be "beautiful and quite unrecongiziable as the real Lindsay."
Wonder how much they would charge to to a headshot portait of me for the back of my new book....Hell I want the works too...make me looked young and fresh...and 35 !......

1009 days ago

AGENT smith    

Did you read Lindsay's TWEET last night about what a great dancer Dina is and that she should be on next seasons Dancing With The Stars?

1009 days ago

Ellie G    

Well it only took me 6 months to figure out how to put a pic on my profile. YAY ME!

1009 days ago


Here is the link to the report that clearly states that Lindsay did go to the coroners office on Halloween. If she didn't, then she got someone to lie for her...***ents/1102_lohan.pdf

1009 days ago

AGENT smith    

CNN is reporting that Lindsay has been cast as a comic book character in a comic called Infamous 2

1009 days ago


I'm with Andy on this, this twit has done ONE measly day. I really thought her ignoring the judge would come between the Dec. and Jan. dates. With Xmas and New Years with Vikram, I mean WO, those are the days she would 'visit family' for the 'holidays'. If she shines on her CS this month, they'res nothing to look forward to. . . except a very short jail stint.

1009 days ago

Red Cloud    


I think Lindsay did the right thing by posing in Playboy. It's a major step in a positive direction because it improves upon her image as a hottie. Take a look at the list of some of the respectable actresses who have posed. A few have won Oscars.

Vorlon and others,

Accept reality. She got more than 900K for Playboy and a few hundred K for Plein. If she got much less, the media would have gotten wind of it. It's like her appearance on The Tonight Show. If there was no audience, it would have leaked by now. So many haters cannot accept the FACT that there was an audience that applauded and whistled and yelled. There are no flashing signs that say whistle and yell.

gone, gone, gone...............

1009 days ago


Here's a link to the comic book. There is a slide show... next exactly flattering, but pretty funny! Even Paris's dog doesn't respect her...

1009 days ago

AGENT smith    

1200 Lindsay lovers.....join my Twitter army 16 followers

1009 days ago

AGENT smith    

Yesterday's Hollywood quote of the day from a TV set, a crew member says..."that's like when the judge sentences Lindsay Lohan to thirty days and she does four hours" and everyone laughed.

1009 days ago

help this young woman    

Linds and DUIna (and that international superstar AA Ali, too) are going all-out Friday in celebration of Linds' outstanding success in completing one day of community service. They've apparently rented (swindled) the entire Sunset Marquis Hotel and will be hosting the single-most exclusive L.A. celebrities-only party. The Gypsy Grifter Gaggle has so much confidence of Linds’ Linnocence, they're actually going to be "gifting" at their own expense!!

*Please note: “Gifting” may actually be “grifting” - let’s not set ourselves up for disappointment*

All of the gifts will be from Linds' own consumer products line, mainly created by her world-class design center (DUIna). AA Ali helped, too. Do what you have to do to get in there. You'll likely never again have the opportunity to be amidst such a massive collection of pure genius - not to mention money. “Sources close to AA Ali” claim that over one billion dollars worth of Lindsay Lohan-brand swag will be on hand to oogle.

Security will be at its maximum, as the Gypsy Grifter Gaggle simply will not tolerate theft of any kind. "Stealing sounds like something my loser ex-husband would do" rasped DUIna. "We haven't seen each other for 25 years. I have an order of protection".

1009 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

LOL Al, You are funny!

ALFieeeeee alfred
@lindsaylohan @buckhollywood @r7908 @dinalohan Lindsay follow me!!!!

1009 days ago


I will take your one day and raise you one day before this weekend cause she will probably fly out for the holiday week Sunday or Monday...

you know do some shoplifting(I mean shopping)visit old friend (depending on whether his wife has gone back to India) and pose for family outing pics to show the judge shes being a good little daughter.... You know the usual....though there may be a slight stumbling block in her plans .....the new probation officer ..but hell she managed to get around all the others I see this one as no different...."Pretty Please....I promise I will work really really hard when I get back..can I go early...I miss my mommie Please ?"

1009 days ago

AGENT smith    

Jenny McCarthy just tweeted me, I might like this Twitter thing.......

1009 days ago
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