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Lindsay Lohan

Exit Through the

Coroner's Gift Shop, Please

11/11/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan can do her community service and her holiday shopping down at the coroner's office ... which has it's own gift shop!! Let's just hope inventory doesn't get crossed up over there.

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Lindsay's perhaps in a more tone-down phase. She went out last night to an art gallery wearing a simple black dress, black boots and black hat. FuTMZ or one of his friends may have some inside information.

1053 days ago


Here is a great, fair article about Lindsay, that isn't from a Gossip column, but a well respected site:

1053 days ago

u iz a cutiepie    

Lindsay admits to violating her probation by not attending therapy sessions and by not showing up to, and eventually getting kicked out of the Downtown Women's Center where she was supposed to do community service. The Downtown Women's Center doesn't want her back and neither do other women's groups, they say she's a bad example for the other women.

1053 days ago


Morning Folks.....
New day new Lindsay Lohan sightings......
This is just what I have been talking about....Lindsay at the Art Show. for a LA art named Gomez....was she admiring the artist work....NOOOOOOOOOO she was to busy posing for Patrick or whom ever was her shadow last night so she could sell the photos to the news agency to make her some spending money....the hair was awful as usual, and the outfit was worse..looked like she was channeling Debra Tipton from 1970's 21 Jump Street... or at least I think that was her name...
"Lindsay you are a old looking 25 not a cutsy 15 who can get away with short skirts cut up to your ass...put some pants on ...
Stopping right here not going to go there this morning...except to say....She hasn't learned a dam thing has she....still seeking the spotlight, Until she goes stays away from the cameras and the media, does her time and clears herself with the courts and clears her body of the poisons of drug and alcohol and clears her life of the enablers and leeches that live off of her she will NEVER regain any respect from hollywood or the american public...

1053 days ago

Ellie G    

Did she actually go into this art show or did she just pose outside in that hideous outfit to make people think she did?

1053 days ago



This Avi is just for you......!!!!
Thanks to the nightingales for make a late night pain attack fun...

1053 days ago


TMZ, you hire IDIOTS and MORONS. This is inexcusable!
"... which has IT'S own gift shop!!" It IS NEVER with an apostrophe ALWAYS MEANS IT IS. Does it make sense to say which has IT IS own gift shop. NO, IT DOES NOT. Hire me...I have a B.A. in English. PATHETIC.

1053 days ago


With Thanksgiving upon us, be sure to pick up a Lindsay Lohan-brand Expensive-range Holiday Turkey. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind fowl. Raised not on any corn-based feed, but rather on some undisclosed substance which yields a most unusual bird.

While this turkey is generally underweight for its size, it does feature quite the large cavity, useful for stuffing it full of ... something. Possibly stuffing, but I really don't know - it's one of Linds’ well-kept trade secrets.

One thing more... although not disclosed on the package, this turkey - unlike any I've ever seen - is a little tricky to handle. Even after the beheading, plucking and cleaning, this damn bird just can't seem to sit still. I've not ever experienced a turkey with so much built-up energy. I don't know what she does to them, but it's fascinating. And exclusive, too. Not just anyone can afford to buy one. The price? One million dollars... but worth every nickel.

1053 days ago


Since every body is playing show and tell today ..I'm in and raise ya'll one Hillbilly in the Corner.....a Dragon Granny Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! cough cough cough ....sorry I inhaled some smoke never can get that part right....

1053 days ago

AGENT smith    

Nice pic's, I guess I'll put mine back up.

1053 days ago

Can anyone e mail me & tell me just how I can download my picture on my profile??? I just cant seem to figure this one out! LOL....

1053 days ago


Lindsay enjoyed a quiet night at home with Ali last nigh*****ching Disney reruns, so anyone who says she was falling down drunk at a club is a total liar!

1053 days ago

help this young woman    

“Sources close to Hefner” say he did indeed take all the photos from last time, pee on them and toss them in the grotto. He can’t wait to do it again.

1053 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lindsay and Rogue Warrior are not allowed in the Grotto. It is that little tinkling in the wading pool at the city park thing you know.....

1053 days ago

AGENT smith    

Andy, I have different looks, that was my cop look, here's a smiling picture.

1053 days ago
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