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Michael Vick

Richest Bankrupt Dude EVER!!!

11/16/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick -- I am rich
Michael Vick
is gonna make you wish YOU were bankrupt, because we found out how much he's making and how much he's spending, and it's just plain sick.

Vick is required to submit financial documents to the bankruptcy court ... documents which TMZ has obtained.  From July - Sept., 2011, Vick earned $11,781,848.68. 

Here's how the big stuff breaks down.  On Sept. 13th, the Philadelphia Eagles sent Vick a check for $5,838,883.57.  On the same day, the Eagles sent him another check for a measly $349,464.54.  On Sept. 20th, Vick got another check from the Eagles for $359,484.99.  And on Sept. 27, the Eagles sent him another $340,012.13. In September alone, the Eagles, sent him around $6.8 million.

But Vick is fueling the American economy as well, because his expenses are humongous.  Between July - Sept., 2011, Vick spent $6,636,805.73.  Of that, $47,500 went to alimony and child support.  And the dreaded lawyers and accountants got $1,372,070 for bankruptcy services.  Vick's living expenses, not including his mortgage, are $73,000. 

Oh yeah, the whole government thing -- $4,873,290.91 in taxes. Tea anyone?


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Eddie Munster    

He is soooooo friggin HOTTTTTT!!

1070 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

guess killing dogs pays off. poor dogs, can't imagine....

1070 days ago


This is extremely sickening... Spending over $6 million in less than 3 months!!?? And allowed to file bankruptcy!? Greed greed and more greed... Very vile.

1070 days ago


The way I read it is Michael is paying $4 million+ in taxes on the $11 million+ income, $1 million+ to the bankruptcy court so he probably filed Chapter 13 and is paying his debtors back and after his bills plus his mortgage are paid he still has about $4-5 million left over. Hope he is using wisely.

He is paying all his bills, his debtors, taxes and staying out of trouble so I can't say nothing.

1070 days ago


tax right offs split the ponies, 1.5 for my lawyers .. the hidden punt goes to the agent and everything is just painted blue chips.. win weh

1070 days ago

The Real JJ    

Don't be mad he has money, THAT'S A B**** MOVE!! Yea he did sick things , but he did his time in prison. He just signed a $100 million dollar contract with the Eagles which he deserved, it's not like he's a Kardashian making money off of fake weddings. What do expect him to do with HIS money? He's paying child support and he's paying his bills, he's working with animal rights groups bringing awareness to dog fighting, so let him breath DAMN!!! Some people will never forgive him which is their choice, but he's moved on. He's had at least 2 concussions and now has 2 broken ribs from being hit, most late cheap shots if it makes you feel any better, if not O WELL.

1070 days ago


And how much for the care of the abused dogs that still need homes? S***bag. I hope chokes on it.

1070 days ago


The most hated man in the NFL. Hope he gets hurt and never can play again. I hate him. Dog Killer. He belongs in jail with Ray Lewis.

1070 days ago

Lucy Mouse Head    

Fools and their money.I can't understand the compulsion to conspicously flaunt wealth that many of these athletes/celebrities seem driven to do.It displays only insecurity or lack of education.

1069 days ago


It must really tear you TMZ as8holes up that Vick makes 100x what you do.

1069 days ago


WOW...you TMZ people are idiots. The only money he spent was the 73K in living expenses. Holy **** go back to school!

1069 days ago


Just one of those $340,000 checks would set me for a long, long time. BTW, that's a crock of crap where he declares bankruptcy and then he turns around and pays the lawyers over a $1.3 million! And I'm positive that Vick didn't pay that much in taxes...some amateur accountant at TMZ is making that crap up...if Vick can pay his lawyers over $1.3 million, then he's definitely getting a professional accountant to get him the most tax deductions!

1069 days ago


I'm glad to see Mr. Vick is spending every dime he receives. Now, maybe the animal abuser is getting the REAL punishment he deserves for all of the cruel deaths he caused. Hope to see you lose everything and end up on the streets. Karma!

1069 days ago


Actually, Donald Trump is the richest bankrupt dude ever. And he did it twice.

1069 days ago


Y'all should be pissed about the government getting almost $5 million of his earnings. They won't spend it any wiser than he does. Tragic.

1069 days ago
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