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Brad and Angelina

Let's Get Intimate ... with TMZ

12/9/2011 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt
and Angelina Jolie ... ACTUALLY TALKED TO US!!!

It all went down after the two had dinner at Boulevard3 in L.A. -- when BOTH superstars approached the photogs and chit-chatted it up.

Brad finally revealed why he refuses to sign autographs in blue ink ... and Angie pulled off one HUGE favor for one super-lucky fan. 

Great up-close-and-personal footage of two of the biggest stars in the world -- check it out.


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you know it    

OMG! what a bunch of kiss asses!

1047 days ago


To the 90% of hateful people on here that are SO mean, I would expect that on a political site, not on an entertainment site!? When I read your comments, I picture an unshowered 430 pound woman eating cheetos for breakfast, while telling her toddlers to shut up and watch t.v. All the while, you type, "Brangelina looks like they stink" with your nasty, greasy cheeto fingers.

1047 days ago


All the people in that video need to calm the **** down. They all sound like a bunch of groveling idiots! Oh Angie you look so beautiful, I love you, I love you! Have a little self-respect.

1047 days ago


its funny how desperate the paps are to get the stars attention....but anyways, brad and angelina seem very sweet

1047 days ago


I say wipe out all these old stars and get a new bunch of talent in Hollywood. Maybe even some people who are creative. You can only watch Angelina, Brad, Julia R,George C, Matt D, and Leonardo in so many movies before you're ready to puke. The same people over and over in every ******* movie. Aren't there any new people they could put in some movies?

1047 days ago


I like Brad and Angelina together they seem like a nice happy family that handles the media/public attention well and does not let fame go to their heads and likes having some privacy and is not pushing the kids to be famous but seems like they would be supportive parents if that is what the kids decide.

1047 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

see...they're just normal happy people collecting trophy kids from every country that they visit!
Paps are not fans. they are ho's that pretend to kiss the stars @ss for a pic they can sell
TMZ.....all commercials - all the time and the TMZ announcer has the most annoying voice on TV
TMZ needs to hire Stuttering John for some juicier questioning to touch the real essence of each "hollyweird star"

1047 days ago


Two biggest stars in the world!!!
Great couple.

also read
Jennifer Aniston get her new boyfriend to the home of Brad Pitt

1047 days ago


They talked to you? Ha, Ha, Ha!

Amazing how desperate they are. AJ's last film tanked in the US, her roles as an actor have dried up and she has been accused of plagiarism.

1047 days ago


Of course they talked to you, they both have big giant FLOP movies they have money tied up in, that they need to promote. Being "nice" & "friendly" only helps them do this, they're not idiots.

1047 days ago


I think these two are much more stable than the past. Life is thought out. Life is taken care of not so much by the nanees but by themselves. A tighter family will bring results to not only thier kids...but to thier careers also as time for reflections brings growth inside through epiphamy and self realization.

1047 days ago


They are just adulterers and homewreckers. I don't buy the 'starving to zen with the poor' crap Angie is doing ... Hey Angie ... eat a freak'n sandwich ...

1047 days ago


They are has beens. She is so desperate she needs to now steal stories and call them her own. Same with all of her men.

1047 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Brad and Angelina have proven that they are using their fame and fortune for the betterment of human kind. They are active philanthropists and in general a collective class act. They put their children first as well. Not sure what all the muck being said about them is about. They are living well and sharing it where it is most needed.

1047 days ago


She did do a great job in "The Changeling". Other than that...phhht. He sucks

1047 days ago
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