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Church of Satan

Tim Tebow's Delusional


12/12/2011 3:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Peter H. Gilmore -- a high priest in the Church of Satan
God is not helping Tim Tebow ... this according to a rep for The Church of Satan.

But there is a devilish twist ... the rep tells us Tim's faith COULD actually play a significant role in his success on the field.

TMZ spoke with Magus Peter H. Gilmore -- a high priest in the Church -- who tells us it doesn't make sense to say God is helping Tim win games ... because that would mean God's actively making other teams lose ... and why would God do that?

But what does make sense is Tebow's mental state -- Gilmore tells us, "Those who have a winning attitude tend to do better, and whatever fuels such team spirit, be it religious fervor or simply an overwhelming desire to succeed, is the real source for success."

Gilmore adds, "Satanists are atheists, and we would consider any triumph to rely on a combination of skill and luck – most certainly not in any form of supernatural intervention from either Heaven or Hell."


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This dude believes in Satan but not God.... You can't have one and without the other.....

1024 days ago


Knuckle dragging beliefs on both sides.

1024 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Satanists may be atheists, but atheists are not Satanists.


He's right about one thing. Tebow IS a nutcase and making a good case for folks to look at how ridiculous they all behave and call themselves "children of god".


Religeous folks are all mentally ill and slaves to their fear of the unknown. Most can't bear the thought of dying someday and thinking that ALL GLORY will not be waiting for them.

Just close your eyes and it's over.



1024 days ago


All of you are operating with the thought that the universe is logical. Look around man, look at the world and the universe and everything we have found. Take the black hole for example, yeah go ahead and throw logic out the window. Open your eyes, the universe and what what we know is illogical. You just wanna dismiss god because you dont like it, and just because you dont believe in something doesnt make any less real.

1024 days ago


Atheists are not satanists. Atheists do not believe in God or the devil. However, to a satanist I see how they can blur the lines to their advantage, same goal really.

1024 days ago


I without a doubt believe in God and that his son Jesus died for my sins. God doesn't created all of the sin and heartache in the world... MAN DOES! I stand firm and strong in my belief and nothing will ever change that. I'm sure people will attack me or have some kind of snarky thing to say to me but I could really care less. I will always fight for God and stand beside him

1024 days ago

Kosher SAL    

Stick to Lindsey Lohan and leave peoples beliefs alone Harvey

1024 days ago

Ghost Rider    

There is NO religion higher than the truth, and the TRUTH is out there! Do you want to believe?

1024 days ago

Nick Donofrio    

Hmmm. I thought Satan was once one of God's Angels who was thrown out of heaven. So, if you say there is no God then where do you think Satan came from.

1024 days ago

Twiztid Serial Killin Juggalo    

LULZ at all the uneducated masses below me. What Magus Gilmore states is very common knowledge to anyone with half a brain. If you can get over his title of High Priest of the Church of Satan, then i'm sure the majority of you would agree with him on any number of topics. The ignorance I see in these comments are the kind of lame brained banter i'd expect from a bunch of new age atheists who hardly know or understand what Atheism actually is and a bunch of, well frankly retarded, Xtians whose stupidity i'm sure I don't have to explain. Ave and HS! Oh and for the butthurt atheists, we claim that we are basically atheists in the sense that we don't believe in any deities such as god nor satan. We also tend to agree with Science. So get off your high horses and realize that we Satanists are not that different from you except that instead of bitching about our shortcomings, letting our hatred destroy us from the inside out and blaming Xtians, we actually use our talents to make our lives much more enjoyable and interesting than the majority of you s***.

1024 days ago

DW Wood    

Atheists are NOT Satanists dumb-ass devil worshiper. Atheists don't believe in a God or the Devil. Dumb-Ass

1024 days ago

just sayin    

seriouly, satanist are not atheist, they are satanist. being a non religious person, I'm pretty offended that satanist now lump me in with their propaganda. Go slaughter a cat, and leave us people with no religious agenda alone.

1024 days ago


"Satanists are atheists"

as in

a- or an-
Without; not: acellular.

   [thee-iz-uhm] Show IPA
the belief in one God as the creator and ruler of the universe, without rejection of revelation ( distinguished from deism).
belief in the existence o*****od or gods ( opposed to atheism).

Satan (ˈseɪt ə n) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]

— n
the devil, adversary of God, and tempter of mankind: sometimes identified with Lucifer (Luke 4:5--8)

So Satanist spend their time opposing something that they don't believe exists in the first place. Seems like almost as much a waste as believing in the non existent thing in the first place.

1024 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Tim Tebow is winning with GOD on his side because he is not a sinner like the other team. GOD helps those who believe in him and follow the Bible, which may I add was written by GOD. The devil is making the other teams loose because the other players do not follow what GOD wants them too. You must also tithe 10% to GOD or this will hurt you also.

1024 days ago


TMZ, why would you give this idiot a voice? Shame on you.

1024 days ago
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