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Suri Cruise

You CAN Always Get What You Want

12/16/2011 2:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Suri Cruise's toy store temper tantrum proved one thing -- that little girl's got a life some people would kill to have ... and unfortunately some of those people are here in our newsroom.

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Suri sure isn't the first 5 year old to get her way by throwing a fit in the store and she won't be the last. LOL It's possible she didn't get what she wanted but maybe settled for somethi8ng else.

1041 days ago


What a beautiful kid this girl is

1041 days ago


Does this little girl ever smile?

1041 days ago


That's when you give the spoiled, snotty bitch really something to cry about. Let's see how she will like sitting in her bedroom all week without any toys, TV, etc. And if that doesn't drive the bitch out of her, then an ass-whupping will. But, the real problem is that her parents are raising her on instant gratification and materialism!

1041 days ago


Sorry but this is just disgraceful, no hiding behind "Oh she's a celebrity" "Oh she's rich" "oh she's spoilt" "Oh her parents are crazy religious cult nutjobs" SHE A 5 YEAR OLD GIRL. You're making fun of a 5 year old girl here. This has got the be the most disgusting excuse for tabloid journalism I've ever seen in my life.

1041 days ago


She looks like her mother. Nothing on her face looks like Tom. just saying

1041 days ago


Why would Katie take the spoiled "got to have whatever I demand" kid into a toy store to begin with? An overly epensive one, so her spoiled kid "give me what I want", can have a public rude meltdown? Did they put a toy in the Toys for Tot's box? It could have been a learning experence for Suri the snot.

1041 days ago


When the parents let a 5 year old kid wear heels and a fur coat, are we REALLY surprised when she throws a hissy fit in public? Is this the Scientologist way of raising kids?

1041 days ago


What a spoiled brat, and still they don't know how to comb and brush her hair.

1041 days ago


"Do what Ron says!", as your fellow Scientologist cult memebers would say. I didn't think tantrums were within the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and the aliens...

1041 days ago


In 15 years that little brat is going to be the next Lindsey Lohan

1041 days ago


This poor little girl needs a sibling. When is Katie going to have another baby. Suri is already five years old. She needs someone to play with. Then all the attention won't be on her.
TMZ - get rid of all this spam on here....please....

1041 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

TMZ you have 27 comments on here and at least 20 of them are spam. PAY ATTENTION! Delete these stupid spammers. If we wanted their fraudulent and garbage products we would find them on google.

1041 days ago


Anyone with kids would be lying if they said their child had not even once behaved badly in public. It happens and it should happen as it's an opportunity for parents to teach and children to learn and from the experience.

I'll agree that Suri may be a bit old to be having a public tantrum, but it wouldn't be a stretch to believe that her social development and maturity has been held back because of the sheltered life she must live. She likely hasn't had as many opportunities to learn from these kinds of experiences as normal kids.

1041 days ago



How long are you going to let the SPAMMERS take over your site comments?

It is nothing but SPAM and so few comments anymore...or haven't you noticed........or are you getting revenue for this crap?

No more of this site for SUCKS!

1041 days ago
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