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Screw People's Choice

I'll Be Across the Street

1/12/2012 1:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna front row at the L.A. Clippers game

totally blew off the People's Choice Awards in L.A. last night ... TO GO TO A CLIPPERS GAME ... (bet you didn't think you'd hear that 5 years ago).

And ... to add salt to the wound ... the game was right across the street.

We don't blame her -- the game was incredible ... with the Clips overtaking the Heat in overtime (suck it, LeBron) ... but enough about that ...

Point is, Rihanna actually won the People's Choice Award for "Favorite R&B Artist" -- but did she violate some unspoken code of ethics by skipping out on the show ... just to chill?

No. Because the "People's Choice Awards" are stupid.

Now here's a video of Blake Griffin dunking all over Miami last night.

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Insignificant awards show is insignificant. Go to a good game versus sit through a corny, awkward show for two hours? Easy decision.

925 days ago


Didn't Katy Perry win 4 or 5 of those awards and she blew it off? She could have shown her face, accepted each award with a simple "Thank you." and leave the stage. But no, she's at home crying over a hairy *******. No wonder these 2 are besties.

925 days ago

mike holly    

who cares? her only claim to fame is getting her ass whipped by chris

925 days ago


At least Rihanna's good friend Katy Perry had a good reason not to go to the People's Choice awards since she just got the divorce papers a few weeks ago.

I bet Katy would have gone if she thought she might win FIVE People's Choice awards. I'm sure she's smiling about it today even though she's bummed out about Russell, her parents, etc. Of course, People's Choice doesn't mean nearly as much as a Grammy. But if you are an entertainer you definitely prefer to get nominated and win those People's Choice awards rather than be ignored.

Congratulations Ri Ri on getting your People's Choice awards. She might have gone if Katy was going you know. Both of them will be at the Grammys I'm sure.

925 days ago


I don't blame her the People's Choice Awards sucked big time!

925 days ago


I like Rihanna but to ditch your fans is in really poor taste just for a basketball game. It's sad that celebrities don't respect the people that got them where they are today. There used to be a time when they did. YES, there are too many award shows but this is the one where the fans themselves vote, not like the other useless one's like the MTV Video Awards, when they don't even play videos anymore!!!!
You know, there is a saying: What goes up, must come down. She won't be on top forever and when she is down she will miss these opportunities to interact with her fans. Instead of being conceited and think her s*** don't stink,she needs to humbly apologize to the fans for not showing up.

925 days ago


rihanna has done numerous charities in her hometown barbados and has donated money to different causes, she loves her fans but she just got off a 104 day tour i believe like she needs a break and to unwind so i don't blame her...do you riri those shows are stupid and tasteless its the same cliches every year...#justsaying but whatever

925 days ago


Good choice going to a Clippers game instead of some crappy awards show. Seeing Lebron cry again was even extra special.

925 days ago

stupid american    

did you say, "bet you wouln't hear that 5 months ago."??? try maybe less than a month ago...where were the Clippers before free agency kicked off on december 9th. CP3 the laker killer

925 days ago


Don't blame her a bit. We watched the PCA and it was bad. Just a really bad program. Now we're waiting to see if the Grammys have stepped on their own ... as well!

925 days ago

tabloid queen    

The PCAs are stupid? It's stupid to get an award from ur fans? Well when she have no fans left she will think otherwise. I'm not a fan, I think she's a fad that will eventually fade away thank God. Check out my new blog: tabloiddiva.wordpress.com.

925 days ago

I am Spartacus    

who can blame her, all awards shows are pointless. A bunch of rich people giving each other statues while dressing in fancy clothes to make themselves feel even more important.

925 days ago


the only thing making this pos a celeb is she can take a beating and still put out

925 days ago


I am from Barbados and she has never donated one cent to any charities here.

925 days ago



Seems she got voted woman of the year for no reason. People check your facts please.

925 days ago
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