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Heather Locklear

The 911 Call

Severe Stomach Pains

1/17/2012 12:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed January 12 by Heather Locklear's sister ... the tape is heavily redacted because of patient confidentiality, but TMZ has learned the nature of the emergency.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Heather's sister told the dispatcher Heather was having intense stomach pains and was in severe distress.  When paramedics arrived they performed some tests and quickly decided her condition was so serious Heather needed to be transported to a hospital and placed in ICU immediately.

TMZ broke the story ... paramedics examined Heather after her sister made the emergency call, and determined Heather needed to be hospitalized after she had taken a dangerous combination of prescription drugs and alcohol.

It's her second drug-related emergency in the last couple years -- Heather was hospitalized back in 2008 for what the 911 operator described as a "suicide attempt" ... after her doctor became concerned Heather may have OD'd on prescription pills. It turned out to be a false alarm.


Tomboy Al on "Step by Step"


Christine Lakin is best known for playing youngest daughter Al on the blended family '90s TV series "Step by Step." Guess what she looks like now!

Dwyane Wade

My $230k Car Can Fly ... Sorta

Dwyane Wades 2012 McLaren MP4-12CDwyane Wade got a SICK $230,000 sports car at his 30th birthday party in Miami this weekend -- but the most impressive part of the gift is how it was AIRLIFTED into the hotel pool without a scratch.

The car is a brand new 2012 McLaren MP4-12C -- given to him for FREE by the owner of a local luxury car dealership. Wade is the brand ambassador for that particular dealership.

The guy wanted the presentation of the car to be super-fancy -- with the McLaren waiting for Wade on a platform in the middle of the hotel pool. Problem is, you can't just drive that thing inside the hotel.

Instead, the car was loaded up onto a crane in the alley next to the pool area ... hoisted above the hotel wall ... and carefully lowered onto the waiting platform, positioned inside the pool.

Props to the crew -- because the whole thing went off without a hitch ... and D-Wade accepted his present in front of famous friends like Usher, Common, T.I., LeBron, and Chris Bosh.

D-Dub even got a shout from Vogue chief Anna Wintour ... who said, "I hope we'll see you back at NY Fashion Week in September, because you're my favorite person to sit next to at the shows."

The rich get richer.


Back in the Day

Celebrity Yearbook Photos


Betty White turns 90-years-old today -- and we've got a look at the "Golden Girl" from her days at Beverly Hills High School!

Check out her yearbook photo above, plus shots of Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, John Stamos and more.

New Casey Anthony Photos

It's a Dog's Life

Casey Anthonys new dog
A new series of Casey Anthony photos -- posted on Twitter by the same person who posted the previous pics -- surfaced online ... featuring the dog Casey said she adopted in an earlier video

Casey still has the same short blonde hair and glasses she was sporting in the other photos.

It's still unclear who's releasing the photos. Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, told Geraldo Rivera he would go after him/her ... but then Baez quit as Casey's attorney just days later. 

Jackman, McDermott & More:

Fit & Over 40!


Just because these guys are over 40 doesn't mean they're over the hill!

Check out which male stars are still flaunting some seriously shredded stomachs -- with a few who look better most 20-somethings out there.

J. Lo to Marc

See a Wedding Ring

On This Hand?!!

Jennifer Lopez got in a classic post-divorce jab on Marc AnthonyJennifer Lopez got in a classic post-divorce jab on Marc Anthony -- flaunting her now wedding-ring-free left hand in her ex's face ... as they sat inches apart.

J.Lo and Marc reunited briefly at a Pasadena news conference to promote their upcoming talent search TV show for Univision. The former couple shared a stage and answered a few questions ... but only about the show.

We know it was probably unintentional, but Marc is definitely checking out that hand.

No apparent hard feelings though -- as they even held hands and hugged for promotional photos. It's not just politics that makes strange bedfellows.


No Avatar


What prescriptions is Heather Locklear taking? I hope she gets well.

1013 days ago


Time hasn't been good to her. Drugs will just speed time up.

1013 days ago


I wish Heather the best...She has been a good friend to me when I needed one. Her life is far more complex than you could ever imagine...So please don't judge her on some things that has happened...I don't know if I would be here today if it was not for her help....God Bless You Heather..

1013 days ago


how is a 911 call entitled to "patient confidentiality"

1013 days ago


I've always liked her in the roles she has played. I wish her the best.

1013 days ago

Too tired    

She is one classy lady I always thought of her as a real movie star she has beauty and brains.

1013 days ago


Oh for God's sake , Heather was a kncok-out beauty and in her own way still is. But the real beauty's in Hollywood can't handle being pushed to the back when they age. They take the cowards way out. Move on there's nothing to see here it's just another pin-up wreck on the hollywood highway.

1013 days ago


Heather Locklear has these "episodes" at least once a year.
No wonder Richie S went running for the hills (and the fact HL wa********* the wall and he could bang hot girls in their 20's)

1013 days ago


I wouldn't open the doors to that car on a busy highway they are worse than then old suicide doors some cars had in the 50's.

1013 days ago


she has chipmunk cheeks now. maybe new cheek implants.

1013 days ago


Heather Locklear is one of those rare women who was born "BEAUTIFUL'. She is a gorgeous, stunning, world-class beauty. I wonder if she knew how many MILLIONS of people care about her?

1013 days ago


Airlifted? Uh no. Try Airdropped.

1013 days ago


she should be ashamed of herself she has a young daughter to care for look honey you have a great career more then most people be happy and age along with the rest of us pay attention to you young daughter and stop being so selfish

1013 days ago

Jo B.    

Can't they find someone who has no money to give a car to? There are a lot of 'other-non-already-rich' people out there who should could use a donation!!

1013 days ago


I get SO sick to death of these celebrity reporting papparazzi agencies. In this article they make a HUGE deal out of finding out "the nature of the emergency". Know what, it's NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!!! To be honest, it's NO ONE'S business. Thank heaven for HIPPA laws otherwise they'd be digging MUCH further. It's shocking the industry that has been created completely out of being nosy about other people's business. One day I couldn't believe my ears when I heard some well known reporter say that the world has a RIGHT to know EVERYTHING about the lives of anyone famous because it's the public that makes them famous by going to see their movies and watch their shows and a bunch of other bull. I could have slapped the person had I been there in person. In their opinion because a celebrity relies on the public for their job, then they have NO right to a private life according to this person. WRONG - I wish the world would wake up and realize that these are people who just do a certain type of job - they act or direct or whatever it is they do that puts them in the public eye and leave it at that. Personally I don't WANT to know all the tiny little details of all these people lives. And know, it doesn't work to say if you don't want to know, don't read it or whatever because it's EVERYWHERE. No matter where ever you turn it's shoved in your face. It's on the morning news, it's in the paper, it's EVERYWHERE! I truly believe our country needs a law that entitled every person in this land to a certain degree of privacy. It's already caused to deaths of some people, how much more blood do they want?

1013 days ago
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