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"Glam Fairy" Sharie Manon

Most Adorable Tantrum Ever

1/17/2012 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Glam Fairy" star Shari Manon was telling us about a Justin Bieber makeover ... when her adorable little girl exploded into the most precious, yet ear-piercing tantrum you'll ever see. Take that, Suri!


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Ummmm...what's adorable about a child throwing a tantrum?

989 days ago


Wow, another spoiled little brat who's mom is in the biz. Gee, who would have guessed?

989 days ago


Spoiled little brat.

989 days ago


I feel like the people commenting probably don't have kids... thats a normal tantrum, not a spoiled brat. If you have kids you know you've just got to laugh about it! (And then scurry home to get them in bed for a nap)

989 days ago


First of all, she's NOT adorable, she's a brat and needs her *ss fanned.

989 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

I hope she had a nice chat with that spoiled brat in private. My kids NEVER acted out like that! They knew better. The more the child gets the results that her little tantrum was intended to get, the more the tantrums will increase. It's very sad. The little monster is a poster child for birth control and the smiling mom is enabling this dysfunctional behavior by just smiling and brushing it off. SHOW SOME PARENTING SKILLS or keep the monster at home. VERY DISTURBING!!!

989 days ago


Erin, do not speak for others. You obviously tolerate your children behaving badly but good partents don't and correct the problem so that it doesn't occur again. There is nothing cute about a spoiled brat and a tantrum. i come from a family of 8 kids. When we went out, you never knew we were in the room because we were raised properly! That was good parenting and it resulted in well behaved kids! sadly, parenting is not on mst peples agendas today! they are too busy to raise their children properly!

989 days ago


excuse my spelling errors please! just got hand surgery and my fingers are not in working order! ;)

989 days ago


Too funny. She handled the tantrum perfectly. None of that "Mother doesn't like it when you do that" or "What is it I can do for you" crap. Ignore it and don't give her attention for it. She's not a spoiled brat, she's acting like a typical kid who doesn't feel like waiting.

989 days ago


Toasty my children know how to behave. But you are 100% nuts if you think you and your 7 siblings were perfect all the time as children. I have never met a perfect child. And I have never met a child who hasnt thrown a tantrum at some point. I get comments constantly about how well behaved my kids are. And yes they are disciplined. And yes they would be disciplined if they acted like that.... but even disciplined children act up sometimes. In life you must laugh. Why get angry? That little girl is screaming like a tired child.

Also, how do you know she didn't discipline her child? A celebrity knows better then to discipline their child on camera...

989 days ago


how s a spoiled child's tantrum,,,adorable. she needs a little old fashioned parental attention. i threw A tantrum ONCE,, learned real quick not to do another.

989 days ago



989 days ago


Definitely a brat. I have kids. They are not allowed to whine and act out like that, particularly when I'm having a conversation with another adult. Quit trying to be that kids' friend and teach her some manners.

989 days ago


Erin, i never said we were perfect, i said we were well behaved. That is a result of good parenting.

989 days ago


I dunno....she might not be as hairbrained as it seems. She had kind of a "just-WAIT-until-we're-not-in-public!" look on her face, but knew that if she popped that little girl on the butt with camera's rolling, she'd be in deep trouble herself.

989 days ago
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