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Are Celebs More

Screwed Up than Us?

1/28/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With all the celebs in crisis -- the latest of course being Demi Moore and Heather Locklear -- we started to wonder how the life of a celebrity stacks up with yours.  Is it better?  Worse?

So we gotta ask ...


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lol everyone who said they dont want to be famous are lying ****s

u would have no interest in TMZ or anything else celeb related unless u wanted to be like them, thats why you come on here, to see their misshapes to feel better about your ****ty life

975 days ago


I have friends that work in the movie business - everyone is so screwed up. From the talent down to the people in charge of the PAs. The egos involved are just out of control. I think the business itself attracts unhealthy individuals from the get go. The business doesn't screw people up - it just draws bad eggs to begin with. Industry people are pigs. It might be a sweeping generalization but unfortunately most people (90%+) live up to it.

975 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Since there ISN"T 1 decent women that would marry Tiger Woods{ maybe for money ONLY} the best match for him would be KIM Kardashian!!!! A slut who knows she is a Slut as everyone else knows it-- And a MALE WHORE who could;t find a decent gal on the planet to marry him---A Match Made for Hollywood and TV Degenerates!!!

975 days ago


Who is the red haired woman in ther upper right corner in the picture? I don't recognize her.

975 days ago


I imagine it's a lot easier to f_ck up when you have that kind of money at your disposal. I myself can't get into much trouble because my broke ass is stuck at home all the time. If I had a couple million dollars to run around with, I might just end up in jail.

975 days ago


It's simple, they sold their souls to the devil, and the longer they are in this "fame state" of mind the more they forget who they really are....their entire life is acting. They can literally have anything they want.....we non-celebrities don't have everything given to us on a whim...they are spoiled beyond belief. By the time they realize what they have done by selling themselves to the fame, it is too late.
They can not get out and turn to other ways to fulfill their emptiness (soulless) with over spending, drugs,alcohol,sex and then some. Seriously over-indulged state of affairs when there is so many in need in world...the human race as a whole. Too bad this "people pleasing" energy the fame receive all the time is not given to others that really need this sort of thing...... "yes sir...right away sir....Sure we will pick all the green skittles out for you"
Mariah Carey demands that her hotel suite be fitted with gold faucets. A new toilet seat must be installed before her arrival. Her own bed linens are delivered in advance. Only her own videos may be played on the two DVD players she demands for her room. Both Carey and her dog bathe only in French mineral water.
Jennifer Lopez’s suite must be painted and furnished completely in white, with white lilies and white roses, her favorite flowers. White candles prominently placed, preferably with Paris perfume, “Diptyque.” Her sheets must be of Egyptian cotton with a thread count of at least 250. Room temperature set at exactly 25.5 degrees Celsius.”
Sure they are talented....but I ask why such a fuss to please.......we are the ones who make them rich in the first place! If we ignored them, they would be broke!

975 days ago


what a stupid poll Harvey

975 days ago


Celebs should not get married. Thye give marriage a bad taste in your mouth.

975 days ago

Kimmy Ef    

Did you really need to include the photo of Michael Jackson? He is deceased, and yet you people STILL take whatever opportunity you can to continue your disgusting hatred toward him. Have some respect.

975 days ago

Butt Lovin Bear 401    

Because of their celebrity their problems & issues, none of which are any different than anyone elses, get magnified & are put out there for everyone to see. Let's face it, with a few exceptions, if most anyone else had cameras & reporters following them around pretty much 24/7 & reporting on every move they make we would hear many of the same things about them as we hear & see about celebrities.

975 days ago


They are bored and unhappy for being in spotlight. In which Frame, Stress of turns to addiction walk hand and hand in celebrity world. I seen to it often throught my life watching people. It with some people in Hollywood they can handle money and frame of being responsible for themselves.

Thank You Brian H.

975 days ago


guess whos on my 2012 celebrity death list

975 days ago


Replace the word "Celebs" with any other profession and what do you get - a generalization! Different people handle pressure differently. If the lives of doctors or bartenders or cashiers were scrutinized the way a celebrity is, they'd probably seem just as dysfunctional.

975 days ago


hum.... MJ is dead, no ?!!

972 days ago


What is Michael doing in this bunch? He's "dead"...right?

972 days ago
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