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with Her Nephew

2/10/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T's wife Coco posing naked with her infant nephew -- an innocent and adorable picture ... perfect for launching loud and heated debates with your co-workers. Trust us.


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Bob logan    

OMG Ice tea you dog she is out of this world... To think there is anything bad with this picture could only be the result of a pervert in the press there are so many... This is a Goddess with her nephew he is lucky ice tea is lucky and I have to be excused BOING

947 days ago


Gross. Someone arrest that pervert.

946 days ago


Wth were you thinking Coco!! If someone else posted this picture they would be arrested on Child Porn allegations. Bad idea to post this picture. It's not sweet, or nurturing or motherly or loving. Someone should be investigating this one.

946 days ago


i do not see anything wrong except i am sure she didnt want the world to see,, but my grankids n kids have all seen me naked, it is just normal

946 days ago


I love me some Coco. Coco is always naked so this is nothing new to her or her sister either. There is nothing wrong with this picture. The only thing wrong I see is letting stupid people see suck nice tits.

945 days ago


This woman Coco is one sick person.

945 days ago


NO, sorry Coco, this is not normal and NOT ok !! I love my sisters dearly but if any of them were laying naked with my child, they would NEVER be left alone with them again! The ONLY time a breast should be in a babys' face is if they are "feeding" from it ! Weird. Just freakin weird !!

944 days ago


The mother took the picture. Coco commented that the baby woke up in the middle of the night and she was trying to help out and get him back to sleep and the mom came in and took the picture. Lots of people sleep naked. So what?

944 days ago


Pedophile in training. Call the police

943 days ago


Darn what a real boogerwolf looks like she already seduced this poor infant.

943 days ago


I don't see anything wrong with it, if it is your own child (mother and infant). The pictures are taken by a professional.

942 days ago


In most states, this desperate attention seeker would have already been arrested and charged with child pornography. This is not normal and it was obviousily meant to be released to the public. She posted that picture for the purpose of attention. This is a very sick woman who needs some very extensive Psychiatric care. Really what "normal" person does this and would think that it is okay? Let alone release it to the media.

942 days ago


why, why, why?? why on earth would anyone pose naked with a child that is not theirs, or their own kids at that?? this is not normal at nudeity and kids are NOT ok!!! get a grip coco

941 days ago


how is this in any way shape or form dirty, or child porn? first of all have any of you heard of kangaroo care? when my son was in the NICU they told us to disrobe and hold our child to our skin. it has been scientifically proven that infants are more at ease and thrive with such contact. people think this is weird because of her fake boobs or because she isnt the mother however in the NICU they encouraged my brother, my sister in law, my mother to do the same. This was even up to his release. They sent after care stating the same thing home with us. skin to skin helps babies calm down. coco was simply putting the baby to sleep. she shared this because it was beautiful. anyone who thinks differently should perhaps be investigated by CPS. obviously your mind is on some things it shouldnt be. I am happy Coco is free and comfortable with her nephew

940 days ago


Who took the photo first of all and thought hey what a damn good photo opp.. I mean wth...he's a baby a little human whom might see this one day not a toy grow up coco and get a damn normal name and ur husband isn't a drink either hahah slut bucket :-)

940 days ago
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