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Whitney Houston

Fans Greet Golden Hearse in NJ

2/14/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Whitney Houston
's body triggered high emotion from fans as it arrived at a New Jersey funeral home Monday night ... in a golden hearse.

Fans descended on the Whigham Funeral Home ... waiting for the singer's body to arrive.

A few opportunists were selling "In Memory of Whitney Houston" t-shirts for $10 a pop in the parking lot.

Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston, waited outside the home as well.

Cissy Houston, waited outside the home as well
As TMZ previously reported, the family was divided over where to bury Whitney. Cissy and cousin Dionne Warwick wanted the burial to take place in Atlanta -- but were convinced by the rest of the family to bury her in Newark.


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black tacky    

Why is everyone making a big deal over a worthless, druggie, has been who's been nothing but a joke for the last 10 years?
Her voice hasn't been worth a damn for ages.
No big loss and good riddance!!! Her alcoholic daughter is next. Just wait!. I will say it's been a wonderful black history month!

948 days ago

Ratings Needed    

What's wrong with people? Show some respect for the family! What kind of a cheap thrill would you get out of seeing a casket????? GIVE THEM PRIVACY!!!

948 days ago

Gsharon 710    

She has a grown daughter that should be considered first unless she allowed Cissy to take over or unless she was too mentally unstable at this point to make or suggest decisions.

948 days ago


So sad that those low life's are making such a spectacle of her early demise. Real classy people. Wow.

948 days ago


my goodness. is that cissy houston? cripes, her daughter's drug abuse took a seriously hard toll on her, poor woman. may God grant her some peace now.

948 days ago


Mrs.Cissy Houston & Bobbie, May God grant you the strength and peace to get through your tragic loss.I am so ashame to see so many negative comments on this site. I never thought Americans could be so cold hearted and cruel. My Family and I lost our 15yr. old son back in 1993. I know what you are going through and my heart and prayers are with you. Mrs Huston I know that this is the hardest thing you will ever have to do, as it was for me and my wife.This is the last thing you will ever do for your daughter. Don't let the public take that away from you.God speed his love and peace to You,Bobbie and your entire Family.

948 days ago

frnacisco 2010    

oh man¡¡ somebody said when the car was going backward. what did those stupid people were waiting for? the body to be taken out and be shown?

947 days ago


What happened,happened.There's no point judging her for what she did.Besides,we all make mistakes.Nobody knows how she/he will cope with the cir***stances of this world in the future.I think we should respect the famil's feelings,this moment.As for the burial,I feel Cissy and Dione have the right to decide as they have played the important part in her life.All I wanna say is,R.I.P,Whitney

947 days ago


My heart goes out to the family. Here's a fashion tribute to Whitnea. R.i.p

947 days ago


i can truly understand the family holding a private ceremony, WITHOUT a public memorial service.... so sad how people show so little respect for the dead and the family

947 days ago


Bobbi needs to step up to the plate!She is an ADULT.She should be in charge of her mother's affairs,not these other idiots and vultures.

947 days ago

Tracey Johnson    

That is not Cissy! She would not be caught with that coat and those colors on. This is not Cissy

947 days ago


There are some people who believe that they are law abiding citizens and they are fair people. Yet, they are quick to deny a group or individual the right to express their belief. The Constitution gives everyone the right of expression and freedom of religion. We believe that our message comes from God. Those who deny us this right will have to answer to God in this world and on the Judgment Day and they might have to deal with a lawsuit because our attorneys are looking at the responses when people deny us the right to present our belief.

Whitney Houston presents in her life that she was a child of God, yet people who serve God in the Bible never spent their time entertaining the people of the world. They spent their time defending God’s Word because the devil is trying to destroy the truth of God by setting up people in false religions who are saying they are the people of God. All we want to do is to give people an opportunity to see things in a spiritual way.

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947 days ago


Why cant the media just leave them alone and let them mourn. do they ever think for a minute how these people feel? instead of how thick their wallets are gonna get after taking these pics....someone just respect to those in mourn and leave the cameras off...

947 days ago

Agostinho A. de Abreu    

I m a guy and im from Madeira island Portugal .
MISS whitney Houston i olways remember YOU and i like you 4 ever .

921 days ago
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